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Monday, February 27, 2012

There is just so much diversity here in Cape Town.

Hello family!

Yes, I did get that lovely package! Thank you so much! You guys are the best. I don’t need massive packages like Elder Twitchell to be happy. Man, I wish I could have some kabobs right about now. Yupp I rode a bike back in my first area, East London! It was fun. Shame to hear about petrol (gas) prices. For 1 liter here, it’s like R10 or something like that. I never got a email recently from sister Clark, but I did ask President Wood if he knew her. Sorry I don’t remember that girls name, and no thanks on the Skype. The camera is behaving itself. I guess its just moody sometimes. Of course I remember Rosie and her family. They came to my farewell. I wonder if those elders counted them as an investigators at sacrament meeting! haha. 12 years ago with the Walton’s at park city..dang! Remember daddy Jordan broke his arm at the bottom of that hill. I don’t need anything fancy in my box. Some vitamins would be nice. A tie or 2, never can get enough of those!

We decided to cook for a few people just cuz we love 'em! Yeah some are poorer than others, and we haven’t done it very much. I just feel guilt because certain people always cook for us, and its like just a little way we can say thank you and turn the tables on them. The spaghetti meals have turned out great! Simple and cheap, the perfect combo for missionaries! I wore my sweet apron when I was being the master chef that I am. Haha

Could you do me a favor and get Westviews address for me! I think I know it, but I just wanna be sure. I already wrote coach Delaney. But I might send like a postcard to coach Woodward, McLaughlin and Smith! I miss those guys. Thanks.

This week was pretty good. Bowling last week was fun. Man, I won again! This week we had a nice meal with a new family that moved into the ward. They’re from Ghana! I love people from Ghana, and also the food from Ghana! The language they speak is PTW or something crazy like that! People in Malawi speak Checheywa. There is just so much diversity here in Cape Town. This is the place to be. I learned how to say I love you in French. I say it to like the young men who are from the DRC and they look at me funny, and then laugh.

Remember Craig?! Well he sends his regards. haha he's past 2 Nephi 28 and already read in the gospel principles book to chapter 23. This guy is unreal. He’s never a second late to our appointments. This weekend was stake conference here in Cape Town. I guess we weren’t paying attention when they announced the time, so poor Craig walked and got there at 8:15am, even before us, thinking like us it started at 9am, but it turned out it didn’t start till 10am. oops. He didn’t care at all. I love that guy!

Stake conference was wayy good! the stake only needs like 150 more members to split. on Saturday we drove like 20 minutes to Bellville, where the stake center is, and watched the worldwide leadership training broadcast from the brethren. It was powerful! I took some good notes and recorded some good revelation. Then I wish we could have stayed for the evening session, but we had to get back to our area for an appointment. President Wood spoke at that session we had to miss. Dang. One of the best parts was the drive home! I shounda had my camera. It was just a absolutely stunning view of downtown cape town with Table Mountain, Lions Head and Devils Peak in the background, with the sun setting on a beautiful day in Cape Town! Wow! It was nice.

Sunday’s session was nice. It was broadcast from our chapel from Bellville. The members from the branch in Fish Hoek came and joined us, so our chapel was packed! We had 3 sweet investigators there, so that was good to see a little bit different side of the church. There were some good things said at conference. A lady said "If your husband wants breakfast in bed, don’t tell him to go sleep in the kitchen" haha. That FHE can sometimes be an argument that opens and closes with a prayer haha. It was nice to hear from the stake president as well. Then a family signed up to feed us, but we got there, and I guess they forgot because the wife was sleeping and the poor husband I think didn’t realize his wife signed up to feed us, and thought we were just there to visit! haha it was all good though.
Scheeper family
As you can tell from the picture, we balled it up at the chapel! The awesome Scheeper family had to clean the chapel, and normally they have to do it alone because no one else in their cleaning group ever comes, so we gave them a hand. I ran to the chapel from our boarding and then we shot some hoops for a while. It was fun! and yessie I’m outta shape.

We sprayed for fleas in our boarding, and I haven’t been bit recently, but sometimes I see the little buggers crawling on the wall! haha. As long as they don’t suck my blood, I’m fine with them. Also, I think we might have a little mouse roaming around our boarding, so Elder Twitchell is gonna buy a mouse trap today! Haha

I’ve planned out the transfer for when I’m going on exchanges with everyone in my district. Looks like we're gonna have some fun!

2 scriptures: Moses 1:39
For behold, this is my work and my glory—to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.

2 Nephi 26:24
He doeth not anything save it be for the benefit of the world; for he loveth the world, even that he layeth down his own life that he may draw all men unto him. Wherefore, he commandeth none that they shall not partake of his salvation.

Love you all very much. The days and months are just flying by.
Take care!
Elder Haws

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