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Thursday, September 19, 2013

.....doesn't seem real to me.

Oh my! I cant believe that I’ve been home from the best 2 years of my life for a whole entire year!

That doesn't seem real to me. It seems like yesterday that I was an awkward returned missionary, but I think I’ve adjusted for the most part and can be classified as a normal person now. It’s been crazy to see many of my mission buddies come home after completing their service.

Well, this past summer I stuck with cleaning carpets. The highlight of my summer was when I got to go on a business trip up to the Oakland temple to clean the carpets after it had been renovated and get it all cleaned up for the faithful saints of northern California. What an awesome experience! It ended up taking longer than we expected, but it was a success. Also, I got to clean some of the carpet in the San Diego temple, and I was happy because it desperately needed it. Along with that, every Wednesday I got to serve and work at the temple on the midday shift. I loved it, and really miss it. I was privileged enough to be able to officiate an endowment session….7 times! So cool. And in my ward I was called to be a teaching specialist for the youth, so I bounced around week to week teaching Sunday school and young mens and young womens. I enjoyed it. But other than that, my summer was pretty mundane and boring, but I loved spending time with my family, and making money.

Now im back up where I really belong...LOGAN UTAH! I love this place, and I love it even more when theres not 3 feet of snow on the ground and I can walk outside with shorts on. Im taking 13 credits and all my classes are on Tuesday and Thursday from 9am to 4:15pm with no breaks! I just pound them out! So far its not that bad. And with a schedule like that, it allows me to not have any school on Monday, Wednesday and Friday! So I work for Zerorez cache valley the other days of the week! Cleaning carpets like a boss. A schedule like that sure keeps me busy, but I can handle it.

The young single adult student ward here is pretty great. I got called to serve as the grandpa in the ward. Basically, I am in charge of all the Family Home Evening groups on Monday nights. It’s a fun calling that fits my personality and I always love to serve wherever the Lord needs me to.
And theres one other detail in my life I think is worth mentioning… a cute girl named Holly! I met her earlier this year at school and we kept in touch over the summer (she even came and visited me) and now we’re dating! She is soo amazing, and spoils the heck out of me. She feeds me soo much good food its not even funny. We go on lots of fun dates and have so much fun together! Having is girlfriend is really nice J

I honestly miss being a full time missionary. Life just isn’t the same without the black name tag! I miss all my friends I made so so much, but it has nice to stay somewhat in contact with them via facebook and see the things that are going on in their life. I still have a goal to hopefully one day return to Africa and visit the places I served.  My testimony continues to grow day by day as I continue to practice and live the truths I taught the people of South Africa and Namibia. I am proud to say that I’ve gone to the temple every week since I’ve been home, except like once or twice in extenuating circumstances.

well, as you can tell, my life is pretty awsome! I have nothing to complain about. I have reflected back on my year of being home and can see God’s hand time after time helping me and guiding me and sustaining me through the good times, and the rare rough times. Truly, he watches over all His children, but I’d have to say he is particularly aware of his returned missionaries J
Elder Haws