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Monday, November 28, 2011

I'm thankful for the gospel...

Oh hello family!

Nice email and pics! Man, sounds like you guys had the time of your life this week! I wish I was there, nahh, being a missionary in Cape Town is too much fun! How about next year we'll have a massive feast all together. Deal. Way to go Aggies! Thats what I'm talking about! Oh mommy, you and those snowmobiles haha you guys see that daughter of yours wayyy more than you saw me haha I'm glad. Thanks mommy for the chocolate chip cookie stuff! dang, this is gonna be harder than I thought. I thought I'd just have to buy some flour and some eggs and maybe some butter and call it good. haha. Too bad theres no Fahrenheit here haha. I think Elder Giles and I are gonna have to do a practice run before we make lots and lots for the members here in the Meadowridge ward. Thanks again mommy!
A sweet view of Hout Bay

As for my week, it was awesome! A total turn around from the last week! Our stats were high and we did lots of good work. As you can obviously tell from the pictures, we saw some nice places last p-day! Chapmans Peak! It was very nice. I guess at certain times in the year, you can see lots of whales there, but we only saw some otters or whatever. it was a nice relaxing p-day.

Last week was transfer week, and Elder Giles and I are staying together another transfer! Nice! The only bummer about that was that on the day every one like comes and goes, transfer day, we just had a normal day. We didn't go to the mission home or like the airport. At the mission home on transfer day it is nice to see lots of other missionaries and President and Sister Wood, but we didnt go. Oh well. Theres always, with out fail, lots and lots of food at the mission home! I heard there were lots of pancakes and cookies there. shame man. Actually that morning Elder Giles and I went to work and did a solid 2 hours of service! We didn't have and interruptions in the work, so that was nice.

Thursday was Thanksgiving here in Cape Town! Last year the senior couple in East London invited us over for some food, but this year, we were on our own. We cooked lots of food, and had our feast. It was nothing compared to what I've had in the past, or what I'm going to have next year, but it was still good. then, as tradition, We threw the pig skin around haha lucky we had a football in our boarding. That was nice. but overall, Thanksgiving was very nice. Elder Giles missed his family, I tried to make it a fun day for him. I also reflected over the many many things that im grateful for in my life. I'd have to say the top one might just have to be my amazing mom, dad, and sister!! Of course other sweet family and friends. I'm thankful for the gospel, my good health, and the chance I have to serve the Lord with all my heart, might, mind and strength all day every day for 2 years.

We got a new member of my district...Elder Park! He's in my transfer, from New Mexico. that last time I saw him was in the MTC and in the mission home on the first day on mission. He hasn't changed a bit! haha He's Elder Speeds new companion. Thats a powerful companionship. Our district meeting went very well and look forward to this upcoming transfer! Its gonna be sweet.

I got grandmas package already! That was fast. I peeked in it, but everything is wrapped, so I put it under my bed, and thats where it'll stay until christmas. This week our ward mission leader put on the movie Loin King for us for a few minutes. Not sure why he did it, but it was kinda cool! We're supposed to be like little children, right?! haha I couldnt really remember what happened, so thats a nice date night movie when I get back home! haha

Heres some great news, I got in contact with good 'ole Elder Wolfgramm, and he said that they had 3 baptisms on saturday! AH! those 2 brothers I worked my tail off teaching, and this other girl we found and i started teaching. Elder Wolfgramm said they all asked him to baptize them..good for him! im gonna shoot him and email and demand some pictures! Hey, as long as they get baptized and stay active, thats all that I care about. Sure it woulda been nice to be there and witness it and congratulate them! They know I love them. also, Elder Wolfgramm said that every time Khayakazi (recent convert in Mdantsane that I baptized) sees a picture of me, she like cries a little bit! awwwww! I miss her and her brother!

As for the work here in Meadowridge, things are looking up. Got some new people to teach and follow up with. I remember the holiday season last year, it was kinda tough to find people home because most people leave and go places, or pretty much don't wanna see us! haha We'll still find things to do. Crazy to think that its December already! dang.

Elder Giles and I decided at the end of the day, think back and reflect on the day and identify the miracles that we had that day and the tender mercies to us missionaies. We look for His hand in this work, and see it time and time again. Its amazing.

2 scriptures are:

James 2:10
For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all.

D&C 53:7
And again, I would that ye should learn that he only is saved who endureth unto the end. Even so. Amen

Hope you guys have a wonderful week! I'm thinking about you guys! You think you miss me, but sorry to inform you that I miss you guys MORE! :)
Bye for this week, love ya!


Our district

The Lord gives me strength!

Monday, November 21, 2011

I downed 11 slices.....

HeY family.

Cool picture daddy. I resent some pictures, I'm not sure if you got them last time. First off, to answer your question mommy, haha I'm not taking any medication or what what, so dont worry, your son is a healthy boy and not taking some deadly poison haha.  Yeah, I didnt say anything in that video cuz this random dude was right next to me. Now I remember that other video I forwarded to you of missionaries singing the mission song! That was at like a zone training, and I wasn't there. Thanks for Raleen's address, but she sent me a nice short email, and she gave it to me.

Right now, its almost noon and there was no time change from East London to here in Cape Town. My watch is still good. No, I had to leave the Christmas tree in East London, so I guess those elders are lucky, huh?!

I bet you guys are super excited to go up to Logan this week. Hope you travel safe and eat lots! I'm not sure what meal plans we have on Thursday.
Zone training
As for the week of missionary work, I'll be honest, it was rough. Last p-day at the waterfront wasnt very cool. It was still nice though...theres no place like Cape Town! We visited this family and had a nice meal and FHE with them. I was laughing soo hard that my abs hurt. But then, after that, the rest of the week was challenging. Elder Giles informed me that he needed to go to the doctor and get like and x-ray or something for his visa to possibly go to we had to do that. He only told me on Tuesday, so we kinda had to do it. You know how hospitals can be, so we sat there during our prostelyting time for like almost 2 hours, but we got it all sorted out, so that was good. The next day, we got stuck at this lady's house and she simply would not stop talking, so that was kinda frusturating. The next day the zone leaders informed us that we needed to give them a lift to Bellville to go fetch their car that was in the shop, so that took a chunk of our day to do that, then we got a freakin flat tyre, it rained, etc. Just one of those weeks! I guess you have week like these in order to appreciate and enjoy the good ones, right?! Maybe the Lord was trying our faith, patience and diligence, but we tried to handle it with cheer and an upbeat attitude.

The ward had a movie night, and the 2 people we invited didnt show up, and I guess that was okay because the movie didnt work! haha. Yeah, it was only the Emma Smith movie though.
We still had some bright spots! We had our boarding inspected and the senior couple was very impressed! Normally they bring us like some sweets or something, so this time I thought I'd turn the tables and bake those cookies you sent me mommy, so thats what I did! They were surprised. Which got me thinking, mommy, hook me up with YOUR world famous receipt of Connie Haws's chocolate chip cookies! I was thinking of making them for Christmas to give to the families in our ward. Thanks!

Another "fillin/delicious" part of our week was when we went to this place called Panarottis...for ALL YOU CAN EAT pizza! wow, it was freakin nice. We met up with like 6 other elders, and just chowed! I downed 11 slices, but big bad Elder Giles took the crown and ate a whopping 16 slices! I was proud of my companion, even though he was feeling it the next morning while we were on a morning jog! haha. I think the record for missionaries is 21 slices. It was super gooood!

Another personal bright spot was when we went to the zone leaders boarding and worked out! Oh man, it was nice. They have like a ghetto place with like 2 weights, but it was better than nothing! We benched a little bit, and hit the biceps nice and hard! It felt SO good! What was even nicer was that my awesome family sent me my favorite protein bar and it was just the icing on the cake! I felt so unbelievably sore the next day, and as a matter of fact, I'm still sore, but it feels so good. Thats one thing that I really do miss, that gym.

Yesterday, it just happened that we got fed 3 times! Yeah, I'm full. The food was lekker! (nice)
So either tonight, or most likely tomorrow morning, we get our much anticipated transfer news! Oh man! It like 50-50 if Elder Giles stays or goes. I have no clue. I'll sure miss the guy if he leaves. He is such a good companion and missionary. I love him! We get along and work together well, but we'll see!

The 2 scriptures are 2 Cor 8:12
For if there be first a willing mind, it is accepted according to that a man hath, and not according to that he hath not.

and D&C 24:12
And at all times, and in all places, he shall open his mouth and declare my gospel as with the voice of a trump, both day and night. And I will give unto him strength such as is not known among men.

 :)   Hope you all enjoy Thanksgiving! I heard from a South African that Thanksgiving wasn't started by the was only taken up after the Civil War to try and more unite the country..or something like that! haha. I dont know, but I was impressed this oak who told us knew that! smart smart.
Cape Town laid out
Well, Cape Town is still treating me well. Yeah last week was tough, and our teaching pool is pretty shallow at the moment, but we got some new people to see this week and others to follow up on, so it'll be fun! In my personal study, im reading the old testament and the Book of Mormon. I'm in Helaman 12ish and Exodus 13ish. I love the scriptures! I look forward to studying each and every day with no distractions and to be taught by the spirit. Well, time for Elder Haws to log off. Know that I'm doing great and that I miss and love you all lots and lots!
Elder Dusty Haws

From the top, with Love

Monday, November 14, 2011

Yeahh, thats an eyeball and I ate it!!


How'z it?! Cool pictures. Daddy, I'm disappointed, I thought you were an Aggie fan?! haha thank goodness Kelly filled me in on the BIG news! HORRAY! goo Aggies. Like that picture of the Aggie tattoo haha. I hope you like the pictures and video that I sent! pretty awesome huh?! No Thanksgiving lined up yet. Shame about it getting dark so early. I know you don't like that daddy. In the winter here it got dark round about 6 pm, but now it stays light till round about 8 pm. I like it.

On top! SACTM
This week was nice! As you can see, we actually hiked one of the 7 wonders of the world! It was amazing. I was like a Springbok and had a good pace going, and smoked some of the others in our group of 12 elders that did the hike. I was one of the first to make it to the top! It took me about 1 hour. It was a pretty decent climb, but I think all my training and hiking and backpacking that I did in scouts helped me. The view from the top was breathtaking! Most all the people take the tram to the top, so the top was very crowded. It costs like R100 to take it. From the top you could see forever! But eventually we had to go down, and that was tough. I'll be honest with you, my legs were pretty much shacking. It took like 45 minutes, and my legs were dead after that. It felt soo nice to sit down and rest. I'm also thankful I'm not in a walking area at the moment cuz my legs were sore for a good 4 days after the hike! Serious. it was SO worth it though. I can check it off my list of things to do here in South Africa.

That was a highlight of the week, and so was going on exchanges with Elder Speed in his area of Fish Hoek! We stayed up late chatting about all kinds of things, and then had a nice day the next day, even though we were a little tired. He cooked me a divine meal for lunch! wow, it was Lekker! (nice) he is a powerful missionary who lives in Australia. He knows his stuff. I learned a lot from him and cant wait to go on another exchange probably next transfer with him.

Probably the best thing that happened this week occurred yesterday, the baptism of Teacher and Ian! they were found tracting, which is rare, and are from Zimbabwe. People from Zim are my favorite! Soo humble and loving and sweet. We planned everything out, and things went as planned. but when Teacher was getting baptised by that Darren guy, he almost baptised both of them! I guess Teacher didnt really bend his legs, so Darren struggled a little bit and slipped and almost went all the way under the water haha. It was done properly though. but I loved it the most when they both bore their testimonies after they changed. We practices the night before, and they were both nervous, but they nailed it! Simple, but from the heart! I was soo proud. also we gave them 4 white shirts, and 2 of our ties, so they looked sharp! Elder Giles and I was so happy, and so were they.

One thing that was disturbing this week was when we were driving we saw this black kid who had to only be about 9 years old, smoking. He looked like a thug and probably could beat me up haha.

We're looking for more people to teach, and found that tracting doesnt always work very well, so we've visited some of the members in the ward and asked for referrals. So that has been fun.

Also, this week I clicked 14 months! Can you believe it?! I cant.

Heres a funny thing that has happened quite a few times since I've been a missionary...People in the grocery store always ask me where to find something or other questions. Sometimes I give it my best guess, and other times I look at them and then they realize I'm a missionary, and just walk away haha.

Well, today we're going to the Waterfront. Should be nice. I've never been there, but I'm sure its nice.

The scripture is Helaman 6:37
And it came to pass that the Lamanites did hunt the band of robbers of Gadianton; and they did preach the word of God among the more wicked part of them, insomuch that this band of robbers was utterly destroyed from among the Lamanites.

I'm glad to hear that things are going well back home! I always look forward to hearing from you guys on Monday mornings. It starts out my week on a great note! The missionary work is here is going very well! Have a great week! I think about you often, and keep you in my prayers daily.

LOVE ya!
-Elder Haws

Our district on the top
Yeahh, thats an eyeball and I ate it


They call this place the Wetlands, its unreal
USU over BYU in Basketball!!!
Thats called False Bay

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Are you trying to plump me up?

Hi Family

Table Mountain
Man, Elder Giles is already done, and today for sure we are hiking Table Mountain and have to leave soon, so this email is going to have to be brief. I do have a request though, could I get the Raleen's address! fetch, I never got that wedding invite haha. To answer some of your questions... yeah its most likely the same DVD's, we stay in the yellowish Avendale flats in Diep River. Most every p-day we get to hang out with other elders, its only in some areas that elders only get to see their companion, but not here in Cape Town! The end of the transfer is like 23 Nov. Mommy, you really don't wanna know why the black people have their teeth taken out. It is very inapporpriate. But for the men it is just the "cool" thing to do. Yeah some people are just weird.

YESS I got that amazing package! It was actually opened and examined by customs...I dont know if they took anything out though. Daddy, I already had that Nearer CD, but the other one is sweet. I like new music. All those sweets are gonna make me fat! Are you trying to plump me up so that you can sacrifice me to the ancestors when I get back? haha. The Xhosa's sacrifice cows and sheep to the ancestors.

The FHE last Monday with the Scheeper family went great. We bought all the food and had a good 'ole time!

This week I went on 2 exchanges! the first one was with elder mofammere. He's from Lesotho. I went to his area, Fish Hoek. We had lots and lots of fun. But as I was walking out of a shack, I smashed my head on the short door of the shack, and kinda cut the top of my head haha darn shacks!

Exchanges with Elder Wilson, from England, were sweet as well! he goes home in Feb and pretty much told me his life story, it was awesome. He interviewed out 2 baptisimal dates and they both passed so this Sunday they'll get baptized! Elder Giles is excited, its his first baptisms on mission.

Elder Giles and I are just growning to be a great team. We joke and tease one another all the time. He is sweet! 

The 2 scriptures are...  look 'em up! dont be lazy

2 Nephi 32:5
For behold, again I say unto you that if ye will enter in by the way, and receive the Holy Ghost, it will show unto you all things what ye should do.

D&C 68:31
Now, I, the Lord, am not well pleased with the inhabitants of Zion, for there are idlers among them; and their children are also growing up in wickedness; they also eseek not earnestly the riches of eternity, but their eyes are full of fgreediness.

Like I said, not a cloud in the sky today, and President approved us to hike Table Mountain, so next week I'll send some nice pictures home from that, and also from the baptism!

Sorry for the short email. next week's one will be better!

-Elder Haws

BIG Elder Wilson and me

FHE with the Scheeper family!

Exchanges with Elder Mofammere

Its called the Great Gatsby...only R39! I barley could finish half of it