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Monday, October 31, 2011

No flea bites to complain about.

Hey Haws Family!

Thanks for the nice e-mail. Cool pumpkin daddy! They dont really celebrate Halloween here at all. Just another normal day. Probably cuz its such a dangerous place, especially at night! Yeah I did go to the Waters of Mormon once. I came late for some reason, probably cuz of sports. No I havent gotten the package yet. Nahhh I dont need protein powder. Send me some cool churchy stuff or USU stuff instead. The New Zeland won the Rubgy World Cup. Elder Frost was happy I'm sure. Glad you got my post card! Dang, that was fast! Just another reason I love Cape Town, good postal service. mommy, I'll ask around about that teeth thing. Don't worry, I sometimes brush 3 times a day. Elder Giles often falls asleep (passes out) and doesnt brush. haha. I'd have to say the Scheeper family is my favourite so far. We're going there for FHE and we'll take some pictures. We're cooking for them cuz they always cook for us. We're gonna make spaghetti and meat sauce. and daddy, as for the conflict with the temple night and the rival WV vs MC game...."seek first the kingdom of God" but it is a rival game, so have fun at the game, but FOR SURE go to the temple either before then, or soon after. As long as you go, not necessarily when you go, right?! No flea bites to complain about.

As you saw from the pictures, we decided not to hike Table Mountain. Instead, we hiked Loins Head! Is that not beautiful or what?! We parked at a place called Signals Hill...where President Probst took us on our first day in Cape Town over a year ago! Hadn't been there in a long time. The hike wasn't too hard, just beautiful! The pictures tell it all. Man, soo pretty. I kept thinking how boring and mundane and dull East London was. haha Cape Town, I love you! We drove through downtown and there was lots of traffic. As for the hike, it was nice! Loins Head I guess is where President Kimball stood and dedicated this land for missionary service. Also, in the distance, you cant really see it, but there are 12 peaks, what people call the 12 apostles. Look it up. You cant really see 'em cuz of the clouds, but there're there. Anyways, it was another amazing p-day in Cape Town. We'll probably try and hike Table Mountain some other time. Another thing on our "to do" list is to take a tour of the World Cup stadium...

As for the week of missionary work, the real reason I'm in Cape Town, it was great! Nothing too out of the ordinary to report on. Elder Giles and I are practically brothers. I took him on a longg run one morning, and I don't know why, but I like needed to let some frustration out. Nothing bad happened, but I just think that fact of sitting in a car and in lessons all day every day was boring my body, so I just needed to get the blood pumping!! I showed no mercy to Elder Giles. I was wayyy far ahead of him, he was yelling to slow down, but I just kept going hahaha! It felt great. We had some powerful lessons, and got some solid new investigators to work with. they've come to church, we just need to get them a testimony and committed and have the spirit do the work. I'm excited to teach to their needs and answer their questions and resolve their concerns. We had a nice lesson about the atonement with lady who is in the repentance process. It was powerful.
We also helped a lady move, which was stressful for her. She really needed our help, and that's what we're there for.  The zone leaders joined me and my district for district meeting. It was nice! Everything went as planned and they said that I did a really good job. Afterward we got some delicious and cheap lunch (good combo) and got to spend time with the zone leaders in their nice boarding. This week I'm going on exchanges with them, so that should be a blast. Also im going to Fish Hoek for a day on exchanges. Its kinda fun being a district leader cuz I am the one who decides when we go on exchanges! haha

The weather here has been hectic. Some rain and clouds, and lots of in-between.

A weird thing happened at church. the gospel principles teacher for some reason had both his kids in the class with us, and his son (under a year old) would not stop crying! like it was distracting the lesson. So some of the black sisters in the class were holding him, but that didn't work. So never fear, Elder Haws is here! haha Even though techinically it was against mission rules, I took him outside and eventually made him stop crying! Magic! He was really moody, so I held him the entire lesson outside. I just hope the lesson was good for the investigators that were there.

The scriptures are:

D&C 59:21
And in nothing doth man offend God, or against none is his wrath kindled, save those who confess not his hand in all things, and obey not his commandments.

Mosiah 4:9-10
9 Believe in God; believe that he is, and that he created all things, both in heaven and in earth; believe that he has all wisdom, and all power, both in heaven and in earth; believe that man doth not comprehend all the things which the Lord can comprehend.
10 And again, believe that ye must repent of your sins and forsake them, and humble yourselves before God; and ask in sincerity of heart that he would forgive you; and now, if you believe all these things see that ye do them.

Thats all from here in Cape Town! Days and weeks just fly by and time is going by faster and faster! Its crazy.  Miss you all soo much! Your missionary son here in South Africa love you!

Talk to you next week!
-Elder Haws

The hike

The view from the hike

Part of the hike...poor Elder Giles haha

A view of Devils Peak from the freeway

Bless this lady's heart. she has cancer, but she's in such good spirits

Look at that feast and the veggies

These are like the only Xhosa's in the ward

The crew who hiked Loin's Head! beautiful

Monday, October 24, 2011

Table Mountain is the 8th wonder of the world!

Dear Family,
Thanks for the nice e-mail. We live in an apartment complex in a place called Diep River. Its like 20 minutes from the mission home. and yeah in the future I could go to Namibia. I'm glad to hear that grandma got my letter. I havent gotten her letter, or that package yet. I will probably soon! Sorry, I dont remember sending you a video, my bad? You never answered me about if aunt Julie got my post card I sent a long time ago.... I havent had any flea bites so far.

I just say right now that I have to write this letter quick quick today because, yes, Table Mountain is calling my name! We gonna hike it today! It is kinda cloudy though, so hopefully it'll pass so I can get some good pictures from the top! I've decided that Table Mountain is the 8th wonder of the world!

As you can see from the pictures, we went to Cape Point last Monday! WOW! It was the funnest P-day that I've had on mission! serious! Oh my gosh. my P-days in East London were lame compared to the ones here! We went over to Fish Hoek and drove with those elders along the beautiful coast, over to a place called Simon's Town where the penguines were! It was sweet to see them! Then we made our way to Cape Point! It is a national park, so it cost R80 to go there, but it was SO worth it! Man, I wish I could type a accurate disctiption of what it was like there! I was speechless! So Cape Point isnt the most southern tip in Africa, but it is where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet, and lots of shipwrecks occur. Its the Cape of Good Hope. Man, I wish I coulda stayed there forever! It was soo sweet! It was wayyy windy where we were, up at like a lighthouse. There were also SO many darn tourists. I guess in a way I'm a tourist, but heck I live in Cape Town, I'm a resident haha. That was like a once and a life time experience that I'll remember for a longg time.

The point!!
The week of missionary work was nice. we had a day where we only taught 1 lesson, and had lots of dropped appointments and stuff, so we both were a little down. I feel like the Lord was humbling us and seeing how we would react and respond. because the next day, we taught 5 powerful spirit filled lessons! Elder Giles and I work together well. We teach in unity and have fun while we work! I feel lost when we're driving around because I am so used to East London and Mdantsane streets...but I'm going to start driving this week so hopefully that'll help me learn the area. One thing that I've noticed about Cape Town is that there's a lot of sand, especially in the townships! Another thing about Cape Town is that the weather is very unpredictable. You can experience 4 seasons in a day. Its fine for me though, cuz I'm not walking! ha! Another thing is that heres lots of people here that have like their top front 4 teeth missing...weird! haha

There is an awesome family in this area. The Scheepers! They LOVE the missionaries. They arent dirt poor, but live in a humble home, but fed us 3 meals last week! They want us to come over more often! haha. The meals arent very big, but still, they sacrifice so much for us. I felt bad, so I offered to clean ALL the dishes (yeah, no dish washers) it took like 30 minutes. haha. I love that family.

Church yesterday was nice. We had 5 investigators there. Yeah my talk went well! I wasnt very nervous, and it went exactly as planned. It was only like 5 minutes, but everyone said I did a good job. The gospel principles teacher is freakin hilarious! We were talking about the spirit world, and he said many people die to know where we go when we die, or something like that. I was just dying laughing in the back of the class the whole time. He just has soo much energy when he teaches.

Elder Speed got food posining really bad, so we had to drive the 20 minutes on Friday morning to come to the rescue. He was too sick to go to the chapel for district meeting, so I decided to just have it in their boarding! It went really well! Elder Giles and I found some frozen chicken that expired back in March, and we were hungry, and I gave Elder Giles a hard time about eating it, but it was frozen, so we ate it! We didn't get sick, yet!

The scriptures for the week are:

D&C 112:12-13
12 And pray for thy brethren of the Twelve. Admonish them sharply for my name’s sake, and let them be admonished for all their sins, and be ye faithful before me unto my bname.
13 And after their temptations, and much tribulation, behold, I, the Lord, will feel after them, and if they harden not their hearts, and stiffen not their necks against me, they shall be converted, and I will heal them.

D&C 100: 5-6
5 Therefore, verily I say unto you, lift up your voices unto this people; speak the thoughts that I shall put into your hearts, and you shall not be confounded before men;
6 For it shall be agiven you in the very hour, yea, in the very moment, what ye shall say.

Alright, gotta go! Table Mountain, here I come! Hopefully I'll have some sweet pictures to send home next week!

Love you guys!
Elder Haws

How cute!

Check that out

Cape Point National Park

The district with a beautiful backdrop

Oh Elder Giles how I love you!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

There was much rejoicing!! ...but I am very very sad.


My view of Table Mountain every day..the backside
 Daddy, what the heck?! Oh well. but yeah, I am currently sitting at a NEW computer shop emailing you from beautiful, wonderful, amazing Cape Town. Wait a second, I just turned around and looked outside and saw Table Mountain, Yeah, no big deal! haha Its true that we can clearly see table mountain, but its just the back side of it, but hey its still Table Mountain!

Let me respond to your letter, Then I'll tell you all about my epic week! I didnt get my package quite yet, but I'll get it quicker than ever before cuz I'm right near the mission home and mission office where all the post goes! yeah, No I'm not writing your talk daddy haha and yeah we have to be back by 9 pm, but sometimes we dont take an hour for dinner, so we get back by 8 pm and just count that as our dinner time. Theother day we had a lesson at 8:30 so techininally we didnt get any dinner time! and heck, who needs it when you're doing the Lord's work! Okay, enough with that, let me tell you how my week was!

So I kinda knew I was being transfered, and the call came Tuesday morning. Elder Larrabee, the assistant to the president, phoned me and said I was going to Cape Town! At first, I didnt believe him, but he said it was true! FINALLY!! There was much rejoicing!! So that morning I had to start packing cuz the next day I was getting on a plane. So that day we said our goodbyes and still had like 2 good lessons. I am very very sad. Khayakazi and her brother, the 2 people I baptized and loved soo much, were at school till very late, so I was not able to see them on my final day :( I was, and still am sad. like we baked muffins for them, and like I was going to give Khanisani a tie and stuff, and it never worked out. They just sent an SMS (text) and really apologized and said bye. Oh well. maybe I'll see them again, you never know. Other than that, I was able to visit all the people I wanted to say goodbye to. Then, it was time for me to get on a plane! Elder and Sister Fowers who are the senior couple from San Diego who I was telling you about, picked me up late for my plane! My flight was set for 12, and they came at 11. We made it pleanty of time though. It was sad to say goodbye to Elder Wolfgramm, but I'm sure I'll see him again sometime soon. anyway, when the plane took off, it was a weird feeling. no more east london. I spent 13 months of insipred service there. Lots of great people and memories in that city and Mdantsane that I'll remember the rest of my life!

A view of the southern tip of Africa from the plane
The flight was about 2 hours, and it was beautiful to see Africa out of the window of the plane. Anyway, we landed and went stright to the mission home! Hadnt been there for a year! There were SO many elders there! Lots of food :) it was nice to see lots of my friends who I hadnt seen in a long time. There I saw my new companion...ELDER GILES!! He is epic, to say the least. He is in Elder Wolfgramm's transfer, so he just finished being trained, so has been out about 4 months now. He's from Tooele, Utah! He is a farm boy! Literally, he's a pig farmer! I love it! He like country music and played football and wrestled in high school. but good heck, he is powerful for being so new to mission! We teach in unity and get along great! Sometimes, we just talk at night when we sould be sleeping haha. but this morning, we went on a run, and it was pathetic! haha I thought he was kidding. We ran about 300 yards and he was dieing! haha we got some work to do.

So the place in Cape Town where im serving is called Meadowridge! Cape Town has 2 zones, so theres lots of elders here cuzs it covers a big area. Yes, im in a CAR!!! No more walking for me. about 11 months of walking is good enough for me haha. Our area is massive, and very diverse. We have shacks, town, middle class houses, The richest of the richest in all of cape town! Those houses I saw yesterday were HUGE. but the ward is very good. I'll be honest, I've already been fed more than I have my entire time in Mdantsane! hahaha. the ward loves the missionaries. The only thing im going to have to get used to is not speaking Xhosa to every black person I see. There are SO many different types of people here. We're teaching lots of people from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and they speak french! So thats cool. but our area has lots of colored people. They look mexican, but they're mixed. they speak Afrikkans and have a distnict accent. Look it up on youtube! Its sweet. The ward and area has lots of white people. So there's just a little of everything here. Elders say that in Cape Town if theres one place to serve, its Meadowridge!

Ummm, I'm the district leader. but the ward only has 2 elders, so the other elders are working in a place called Fish Hoek!! Yeah, supposed to be like the most beautiful place in all of \Cape Town! Right on the coast! I'll go there on exchanges, so I'll send pictures. The elders there are Elder Speed from Australia and Elder Mofammare from Lesetho. They both are sweet. Elder Mofammare is in my transfer, and Elder Speed has been out about 9 months. The only "bad" thing about all of Cape Town is FLEAS!! All the boardings have 'em. so far, I haven't had any problems with them, but I know they'll come. We have spray that keeps them away, but I'm sure they'll bite me haha.

Yeah, so general conference was amazing! powerful huh?! I loved all of the talks, and loved the prophets talk and all of the apostles, but the one by Ian S. Ardern and J. Devn Cornish were some of my favorites! applied to me as a missionary! Booyahh, the music was outsanding! wow.

On friday we had interviews with President Wood! i love that man! we talked about a lots of things, but then towards the end, we talked about sports! haha serious! He loves the Celtics, and also told me the details about the USU vs BYU game a few weeks back! He is such a cool guy.

We had to drive about 45 minutes to the training/place where the interviews were going to be held, and that drive was right along the coast! it was breathtalking!

Hey, gotta go! today we're going to Fish Hoek and going to a place called Cape Point! I AM SO EXCITED!! I'll for sure take some pictures. Elder Giles said theres penguines there! But guess what we might do next p-day.....yeah, CLIMB the one and only TABLE MOUNTAIN!!! That would be funnnnn. This week I think I'm going to have to do an baptisimal interview, and then this Sunday I was asked to give a talk in sacrament meeting, so that'll be nice.

Well, I am SO happy to be here in cape town!! I think you could tell from the email. We got lots of appointments this week, I cant wait! gotta teach and testify to the multitudes!

Taddy, you're birthday is coming up soon! Any big plans?!

The scriptures this week D&C 29:6 and 1 Nephi 1:15

Take care! I'll just be over here working hard and having fun this week!!!

-Elder Haws

Yeah, that literally is a sea of shacks

Elder Giles and Me
The new district

the last time at the Nyandoro's

these boys are gonna get baptized soon!

Monday, October 10, 2011

I'm going on a plane!

Greetings Family!
What an epic email! Thank you! Dang it daddy, you told me my transfer news!!!! haha I dont know if I should thank you, or what! haha I'm not going to tell anyone, cuz I'm not supposed to know. Its not a bad thing that you told me. We used to get our transfer news before our emails, but it's changed so now we'll either get it tonight or for sure tomorrow morning! Yay, I'm going on a plane! I was anticipating leaving this place. Like lining up goodbyes and stuff. and heck, why not! I've been over on this side for long enough. (We got a letter from the mission President asking for some information to process Dusty's visa for a transfer to Namibia)

Thanks for sending me a package! I cant wait to get it. but you guys are making me feel guilty! I neeed to send you guys a package, but you guys just keep sending me them! If I never get around to it, I will promise to come home with a suitcase of stuff for YOU!

Dont kill missionaries! haha and gooood, go Chargers! kobe = loser.  That made me smile about your squash daddy! haha! and glad to hear about your new job and your cool experiences.

To answer your question about doctors...I've never been, cuz the Lord has blessed me with such amazing health and I've tried to take care of myself, but basically what happens is that you call the mission mom (sister Wood) and explain the situation and she will give you an authorization code for our insurance, cuz us elders are insured by like the best company in the world or something like that. I think we just pay a small co-payment (remember those mommy! all the times you took me for my darn foot or shots/things before my mission! haha) and thats about it. Thats about it for the doctor. The times I have felt a little under the weather, I just used the things my awesome super mommy gave me before I left. I even shared with Elder Nilsson and Wolfgramm when they were feeling a little blue.

Daddy, I use that scripture every time I teach people about the plan of salvation. Thanks for sharing that with me! Such a blessing to have that knowledge from the Book of Mormon! Thats why we need to share it with everyone! right?!

Alma 40:11-12
11  Now, concerning the state of the soul between death and the resurrection—Behold, it has been made known unto me by an angel, that the spirits of all men, as soon as they are departed from this mortal body, yea, the spirits of all men, whether they be good or evil, are taken home to that God who gave them life.
12 And then shall it come to pass, that the spirits of those who are righteous are received into a state of happiness, which is called paradise, a state of rest, a state of peace, where they shall rest from all their troubles and from all care, and sorrow.
This week was just alright. We had 2 really tough days. Not much teaching cuz of dropped appointments! We had them all lined up, SMS (texted) them to remind them, and then they either arent home, or are just too busy and dont want to see us. it wasnt very fun. To add on top of that, it was like 28 degrees!! Yeah it sounds weird, but they use Celsius here, so that is almost 100 degrees Fahrenheit. I think to convert it, you just double it, and add 30.
As you saw from the picture, we had a flat tyre. I felt lazy just standing there, but Elder Nilsson and Oyiembo got down and dirty and changed it pretty fast. Another thing, it popped in like the perfect it was in the ideal location. Not on the main busy road to mdantsane, but not in the middle of the township. Just another tender mercy from the Lord. Happens all the time!

A highlight of the week I'd say would have to be sacrament meeting. Khayakazi, who I baptized on 28 August had to give a talk! On the Atonement! ...and guess what, she did a fantastic job! I was soo proud of her. She pretty much wrote the entire thing herself, and was nervous, but got up there and just did an absolutely outstanding job. I smiled at her when the bishop announced who was speaking that day, and she looked at me during the talk, and then after she finished and sat down, we made eye contact and both had big smiles on our faces! That is a special girl, and her brother! I might be very sad tomorrow when I have to say goodbye to them :( aww.  We were teasing her brother, because guess what, I'm sure his time to give a talk is soon! Ronald, the guy I baptized in June, has to give a talk in 2 weeks! haha He'll do great.

After she save her talk, Brother Mayta had to give a talk. Guess who wrote his entire talk...yeah, Elder Haws! Serious. The guy is soo incredibly humble and loving, but the topic was on the Atonement, and he had no clue what it was. yeah, this is the same family that I wrote talks for the wife and then one of their boys! man! haha. They are such a great family, and bishop's goal is to have them go to the temple next year, but its just that they're still somewhat new in the church, and struggle big time with English, so I just had to help them out. We went over to their house to help him out with his talk, and he got a pad of paper and pen and set it in front of me and then sat down. I was like ohhh man. I started it then, but decided to just take it home and finish it when I had more time. I did just that, and stayed up till 11pm writing it! haha  I think it turned out very nice, and I even threw my name in it! When he said it in his talk, he was smiling, and so was I! haha. He did great, and I just basically love that family. They fed us a small meal during the week to thank us for helping them out, but then invited us over after church to "celebrate" Tata's talk being over. In the Xhosa culture, the just dish up the food for us, and then leave while you eat. They very rarley eat with you. With most all the meals that I've had on mission, they are at an incredible sacrifice on the behalf of the members. It makes you feel a little bit guilty when you're eating. but yesterday, we got fed at 4pm from someone in the ward, as usual, and we stuffed our faces! This lady is well off, and always cooks a lot of food for us missionaries. After eating that delicious meal, we got dropped of at the Mayta's home, and yeah, just ate that lovely meal that I just explained. Elder Wolfgramm and I were both pretty stuffed, to say the least. Its not very often that missionaries get back to back DA's. We dont even get any DA's during the week, and then to get one within 30 minutes of one another was pretty cool haha

Well, with te news about Namibia that you told me, and just being in one place for so long, some goodbyes are coming up! Those are not very fun. Cuz its true what all missionaries say, you truly start to love and care about those you are teaching, and then when it is time to say goodbye, it can be hard. Oh well, its just part of life as a missionary in God's army! and Namibia is supposed to be like unbelievably hottt, and its just going into summer...niceeeee. bring it.

I dry cleaned my suit this week. Only cost R76 soo a little over 10 bucks. Now it smells nice, and just feels better on me.

This week we watched the Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration movie twice! Both times it was amazing! All I can say is Praise To The Man!  I counted all the temples that i either have been in or seen in my life, and I think it added up to be 14! wow, I'm too blessed. and just think all the ones I'm going to go to as soon as I get back...look out!

Heres a fun fact...Elder Oyiembo is from the tribe of Judah and Elder Wolfgramm is from Manasseh. cool huh?! You dont see that very often

Question, did Aunt Julie ever get that post card I sent her a longg time ago?! Let me know please. cuz if not, I'm sending another one because she is such a great aunt and I love her so much.

The 2 scriptures are Alma 37:44 and D&C 17:6

I would encourage you to get a copy of this months Liahona! It is amazing. Its a special edition on the Book of Mormon! sooo sweet! I haven't even had time to read the entire thing yet, but the part that I have read is really good. so read it!

Well, thats all for today from here in beautiful East London, South Africa! I love you guys very much and think about you very often. Never forget that!

Talk to you next week, I guess from Namibia!

Elder Haws
The FHE we recently had!

I absolutly LOVE that mamma!

At a braai (bbq) for this girls birthday

Monday, October 3, 2011

So next week we'll get our transfer news!

Hi family,

A sick license plate I got
Aw man, its sad to hear that uncle Kirk passed away. I told my mission president last week about what was going on, and he wrote back (which NEVER happens) and said "The plan of salvation is our greatest comfort when loved ones teeter between mortality and the spirit world. The Holy Ghost will comfort your father and family as you continue to be obedient and diligent and pray for that blessing. President Wood" pretty cool that he responded to me. I dont really know what else to say. I'm just glad I got to say goodbye to him before I left.  I know the Lord is taking care of my family and that he'll provide for your needs. I'm not worrying at all about you 2 old people, and Kelly. You're in good hands. Daddy, don't forget to hit up that ab machine at 24 hour fitness ;) hahaha

Thats exciting to hear that Durban is gonna get a temple, and also the DRC. yahoo! I know temples will dot this beautiful land. We get to watch conference on the 15 &16 of this month, I think. I might not be here in East London by then ;) haha I've been procrastinating the package to you, sorry, my fault. Yes I have money for food and in the next package some vitamins and CD's would be much appreciated, some picutres of the SD, Logan, and other temples! Missionaries like spiritual stuff too! Any cool gadgets or other cool things. I dont know! I'm gonna love the package no matter whats in it! Mommy, I havent seen a dryer here in SA. I dont need anything special for halloween. Yeah grandma Strang is a pretty faithful writer! Her letters are nice, but I'd rather get them from cute girls! hahaha jk jk. Its nice to hear whats going on in her life. sooo exciting and action packed! haha and of course Kelly sends me wonderful emails each and every week! They're awesome and I love her and them very very much.
As for my week, it was very nice and busy. I went on 2 exchanges. The first was with Elder Nilsson. He is very obedient, but we stayed up till like midnight talking about all kinds of stuff. He has been in contact with President Wood about some things, but he said I helped him out more than the things that President Wood was doing! ha! I felt proud of myself, but more just happy that I could help out a member of my district. He cooked me some nice food, and in the morning we went on a run! woooow, I am out of shape! It felt good to run, I miss it! We both were sore the next day. It was nice to teach and learn from him and just get to know the guy. He's amazing.

I also went on exchanges with Elder Andianantenaina from Madagascar! They all have lonnnggg names. he is our zone leader, so he was just seeing how myself and my district and my area was doing, and he reports back to president Wood. Both him and the other zone leader, who Elder Wolfgramm went with for the day, came to my district meeting! I made sure I was prepared and that it was going to be a good district meeting, and it was! I was happy that things went as planned. After the meeting, they had like a post DM review and they said I did a really good job. It was a nice confidence boost and it made me feel good. Elder Andianantenaina is a powerful missionary! It was super nice to teach with someone who knows what he's talking about and has mastered the teaching skills. We taught 3 powerful lessons, and had a blast together!
We got some nice stats this week. Its not all about the stats, but I was proud of myself and Elder Wolfgamm and it shows how hard we actually are working. this week is looking pretty busy busy, so weeks like that normally just breeze by. Its starting to heat up here in South Africa, so we've had some long hot days, but then out of nowhere, yesterday, it rained the entire afternoon! My feet and pretty much whole body was soaked! I had a rain coat, but it was no match for mother nature! But like D&C 139 says....when you work in the rain, your wife gets hotter! I could use some wife points! haha

This week the entire mission switched phone providers. We went from MTN to VodaCom. it was a little hectic, but im just glad our phones work
I was doing Elder Nilsson's wash and I found these!!
I surprised Elder Nilsson and washed all of his clothes, then folded and ironed them for him. He was very grateful and happy. I washed Oyiembos.and this morning Elder Wolfgramm and I cleaned out the fridge! Man, why did I wait till like my last week to do it! haha oh well, at least now it's clean.
I was looking at the crest (shows where and who all the elders in the mission are serving with) and I am one of only a few elders in my transfer that are district leaders. only 6 out of the 21 in our transfer are DL's. I feel like other missionaries could do a better job than me, little 'ole Elder Haws, but I just do my best.

Scriptures are D&C 82:8-9 and Alma 57:21
How in the heck is the pool doing?! and my pad squad?! and Westview football?!

The rugby world cup is going on, and USA got murdered/destroyed/wiped out/thrashed by Australia 60-5 haha South Africa won it last time, and are gonna win it again!

This is the last full week of the next week we'll get our transfer news! No worries, I've already received revelation that I'm going to cape town or Namibia! haha jk jk, we'll see though!

Onward, ever onward!!
-Elder Haws
Dumb and dummer "throw salt over your shoulder" and "pretty bird"
Elders from my transfer at zone conference
I LOVE this picture! look at Elder Oyiembo
Ohhh noooo, we gonna crash