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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Home @ SD

Wow, my mission is over! It feels weird to be home. I thought I would just conclude my journey with one last entry. It was hard to say the final goodbyes to all of my friends in Windhoek and pack everything up. I gave pretty much everything away. I had extra space in my suitcase coming home. I don’t know what happened to my body that morning I was flying to Cape Town… maybe I was nervous or something, but I threw up before I left for the airport and didn’t feel all that well that whole day. It still was fun and good to see all my fellow transfer mates in the Mission Home at the end of our missions. We had a nice steak dinner with President and Sister Wood and they gave us some training and wise counsel before we were to go home. It was awesome. Then we all bore our testimonies and sang the SACTM song one last time, with all our heart and soul! The next day we just hung out in Cape Town and waited for our evening flight home. It was relaxing. I went to Green Market Square to get some final souvenirs, and soon enough it was time to load up and head to the airport. It felt weird. In the airport we gave a power “Hurrah For Israel” as went through security and waved goodbye to President and the AP’s.
The flight was good. It was a double decker plane. Us elders didn’t sit near each other. I slept most of the way, and before I knew it, we landed in London! First time on European soil for me. Elder Felshaw, Elder Neilson and I had the later flight, so we say bye to the other elders and decided to go out on the town! We bought the subway ticket and eventually made our way through the busy London transit system to Big Ben! It was amazing. We walked around and also saw a debate in the House of Commons which was cool. We actually saw a total of 6 members who came up to us and said hello! That was cool. One guy even gave us 20 pounds haha.
We made it back and I got on the plane taking me to San Diego…aka HOME! I was shocked at how full the plane was! I got lucky and no one sat right next to me, and I had a window seat. We flew over Ireland, and I got to see the tip of Greenland! After 11 long hours, and flight attendant said “Welcome to San Diego” I got out and went through the long customs line and they gave me no trouble with the things I brought home. I went to get my luggage and through the sliding doors saw my family (mostly my sister) there with signs and making lots of noise! It was actually happening! I was home! The rest was just a dream! I remember hugging my mommy first, and just lots of hugs and happiness! The Winters were there, Pam and Randy, Grandma Haws, Daddy and Diane and even Bailey! What a welcoming committee! Bishop recorded the whole thing, which was awesome.
I got in the car and that’s when it hit me. It was finished. Kelly was driving and blasted the radio and we went to Rubios and had some delicious fish tacos! Yum. I got released by President Elsworth, and just came home and crashed. It felt weird, but refreshing.  Went to the temple and did a session on Saturday and spoke on Sunday in sacrament meeting. It was great to see lots of old friends in the ward, and even some new faces.
HOME SWEET HOME! So fast forward a few weeks and I have a car, a job at Zerorez carpet cleaning, a gym membership, and finally got a phone after 2 weeks. But the highlight has been being called as a temple worker in the San Diego Temple! That has been great.  Also working at the Bishops Store House has been fun too.
Well, it truly was the best 2 years, and I wouldn’t trade the experiences I had and the things I learned for the world