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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Something that I really wanna do that night...

Dear Family

Man, I only have to do this a few more times. I’m going to miss it! Wow sounds like you're having the time of your life there in Logan! I wish I coulda been there. Glad you made it safe and sound. Shame about the windshield and heck yeah I remember that cool game with the blocks and the grass, down at 1st dam!

As for that random email, that place is about as far away from Windhoek as you can get. It’s the little strip in the top right of the country, if you look on a map. Not much we can do. Sorry.

To answer your question mommy, there are no more visas that got approved yet, there’s still a little glimmer of hope, but the government is just being dumb. The public relations people from Joburg recently to talk to them, the smiths here are always trying, but things will work out hopefully. So if no visas get approved, Elder Farley might have to be with a branch missionary for a time, but it might not work out with the branch missionaries. Who knows what is going to happen!

But this week was pretty good and busy and fun. We had a fun FHE with the branch president last week and just busy days the rest of the week. Couple dropped appointments here and there, but we quickly found something else to do or just went to find someone who wanted us to see them, or just needed a little love from the missionaries! We got capana twice this week..which is just braaied meat! There people braai on the side of the road, and you drive up, give them money, and take your meat wrapped in newspaper. Yummm. Oh yeah remember my second companion elder Larrabee...well, he just got married!! That fetcher haha. He sent me a wedding invite. Good for him. I love that guy.

Elder & Sister Cook and me today
The assistants and President Wood came up Friday night, and so the assistants stayed with us, which was fun. Our boarding was busy though. We went on exchanges on Saturday, which went very well. Sunday morning, Elder Cook flew in from Durban! On Saturday night he had a speaking assignment there, and flew in to NAM the next morning. He spoke in both sacraments. That night he had a fireside which also was powerful. I’d say the theme of his talks were about marriage and family. niceee. He and his wife are funny and soo spiritual. I took some good notes and learned lots. But it gets better. This morning, we met together and had zone conference. It was powerful. I was asked to conduct. Yeah no big deal, a general authority there haha. President Wood and his wife gave a nice discourse on tithing. Man, it blew my mind. I cannot wait to pay my tithing when I go home. Elder Cook and his wife talked lots about all kinds of things. I could sit here all day and tell you. It was amazing. We were lucky that there were so few of us and so we just sat like in a circle like a family would and had a nice discussion. They spoke with such soft voices, man! So spiritual and motivating and inspiring and uplifting. I loved every second of it. Since this was my last zone conference, I had to say my farewell testimony. The final one! It was nice. Then, after the meeting, the smiths and cooks loaded up in the car and we did too with the AP's and raced off to the airport. They are on a tight schedule! They’re off to Cape Town, and doing a mission tour the entire week. That’s a lot of traveling and meetings. I have a lot of respect for those men.

So I was thinking about when I get home and something that I really wanna do that night, and that is, to go to the TEMPLE!! I miss that place soooo much. But I wanted to go there and have a PPI with the Lord just to finish the deal. I really was hoping I could do that.

Well, can’t think of anything else to write.  Still working hard! Miss you. seeee you soon.

Elder Haws


Mission Home Letter

Monday, August 20, 2012

Dearest Family,

I’m glad you liked the pictures from last week. But don’t worry, I have some cooool ones for when I get home that I haven’t sent to you. That’s way cool that you're towing Kelly’s car up to Logan! Good, now she can drive me around when I get up there eventually haha. That’s awesome the PQ2 ward is doing a fast like that. I am so excited I’ll get to participate in it! …But let’s for sure do it a few days or so after I’m home...cuz I am dying for some Connie Haws cooking!! ahhhh! I’m sick of peanut butter sandwiches and noodles. No thanks. Never eating those for the rest of my life!! Haha. Daddy, you must get that motorcycle! My companion, Elder Farley, loves motorcycles, especially Harleys! He said you should get it. Don’t worry about Diane’s doll.
What the heck is that?
I’ve discovered that I’m the kind of guy that enjoys the elements and weather and stuff, and to be honest, I’m sick of all this perfect weather I’ve had haha its might sound crazy, but when I was serving in Cape Town, I was blessed with beautifully amazing weather...but now there its cold and miserable. I come up to Namibia, right after the blazing summer that they always have, only to have had like 4 months now of perfect weather. Logan, here I come! Shake things up a little bit haha.

Mormon helping Hands
Not too many things to report on here this past week. Just busy doing missionary work as usual. Let’s see, what can I tell you about this week. I guess the first thing that comes to mind is the Mormon Helping Hands we did on Saturday morning! I think it was on the same day all throughout Africa...cuz by the sounds of things you weren’t doing service recently. We all met up at the Sam Nojuma stadium right across from the cemetery where we were asked by the city to paint its walls. Both branches were there, lots and lots of people. The mayor of Katutura was there and said some words and then we went to work! We didn’t paint the entire fence/wall, because that would have taken days, but the part we did looks real good. It was fun to be out serving with the saints. It was awesome! But mommy, I didn’t wear sunscreen, so I got burnt. my poor neck! It’s used to being covered up by the collar of my white shirt. I learned a trick from a member in Cape Town...take an ice-cube and just rub the sunburn. It works! Haha

Another thing that comes to my mind was our recent convert Fran├žois’s talk at church. This is the guy who is the head of the music department at UNAM and lectures from 8am to 5pm at the university. He did such a good job on his talk about perseverance. He seemed like such a natural up there. His nonmember wife was there as well. I love that man. Always happy and willing to do whatever is asked of him.
Nightly planning meeting
We had 10 investigators at church, but most of them were younger and not the kingdom builders that we're looking for, but it was still good nonetheless. We stayed for the mission prep class that is held after church. Those 5 or so members that stay are such champs. I just feel so lucky and privileged that my mission prep teacher up in Logan was a former mission president! The teacher here is just a humble returned missionary who still does a great job. I’ve noticed, here in a YSA branch you need to have refreshments if you want people to show up to stuff haha. It works though.

Good news, Elder Farley and I ran this morning! Almost died because I was so out of shape, but it felt spectacular! My body was so happy. I’m not one of those elders that just before he goes home works out like crazy and attempts to get in shape. I told the lord I’d focus all my time, talents and efforts on serving him for a full 2 years, so I’ll just lift when I go home. It was funny, on Friday night after we finished planning and ate in our boarding, we both just started studying. We said to each other when in the next couple years of our life are we going to be studying the gospel on a Friday night! Might as well live it up and enjoy it now while it lasts!

But guess who is coming in less than a week...the one and only President Wood and ELDER CARL B COOK!!!! Its finally going to happen! The Smiths and we have been advertising/publicizing it like crazy. It’s a big event. He is flying in that morning...then he is speaking in both branches sacrament meetings, then holding a fireside that night! But it gets better. The next day, he is having zone conference with us elders!! Then he fly’s to Cape Town the next day and has zone conference, etc. he's doing a mission tour. I’m soooo lucky to have been able to say I got to meet 3 general authorities.

Since he is coming, it means I might not email on Monday next week? I don’t know. I just got the agenda and I am the one conducting the meeting! AH! Haha bring it on. I aint scared. But it means I also have to give my departing testimony! Oh boy. It’s going to be a spiritual weekend that’s for sure!

I was laughing when Elder Morris would tell me that he was dreaming of home and the airport...but once and a while it happens to me! Haha. I don’t talk about home as much as he did, but I guess it’s just a natural thing that happens! Ha it won’t faze me though, I’m still here to work, work and work some more until president tells me its time to go home to all of you!

It was weird to think that about half of the elders that were in my transfer went home for school! Elder Morris included! That fetcher is with his mommy at some beach house right about now haha. nahh good for him. We were giving them a hard time about going home 3 weeks early but then came the clever response "We did all that the Lord needed us to do in the 23 months we were here. It only took us that long." haha its just weird cuz I was with all of them in the MTC oh so long ago and now they're home. And now, I guess that makes me one of the oldest elders in the mission!

Sorry I forgot the scriptures last week. I remembered later on in the day. I’m getting forgetful in my old age haha.

2 Nephi 28:28
28 And in fine, wo unto all those who tremble, and are angry because of the truth of God! For behold, he that is built upon the rock receiveth it with gladness; and he that is built upon a sandy foundation trembleth lest he shall fall.

D&C 112:14
14 Now, I say unto you, and what I say unto you, I say unto all the Twelve: Arise and gird up your loins, take up your cross, follow me, and feed my sheep.

LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH! see you super soon!
-Elder Haws


South Africa Cape Town Mission <>

Dear Brother and Sister Haws,

We love your amazing son and will be sad to see him return home—but very happy for you.  You must be the best of parents to have raised such a fine young man who is MR.  SERVICE non stop!

Would you be so kind as to send us the email address of your Stake President so that we can send to him Elder Haws release letter.

Kind regards,
Sister Oldham

South Africa Cape Town Mission
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Observatory 7935
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Monday, August 13, 2012

So thank you...

Dear family!

Nice email again. I am so lucky to have such wonderful parents and a sister, and also friends that email me, without fail, every single week. Most African elders never get emails. So thank you.

Thanks for all of the updates. Happy to hear Diane Fice came to church! That’s awesome. And the thing that happened during the sacrament honestly sounds like something that would happen here in Africa! Haha

As for the mission extension, it was more of a thought than something that might actually happen. I chatted with president wood and he said we'll hope and pray that the visas go through, and if not, the second option would be having a branch missionary be Elder Farley’s companion. They did that earlier this year when a missionary needed a companion. There are like 2 candidates that would most likely be able to do it and take over for me when the time comes. Don’t worry, it probably not gonna happen. Plus, I just miss you guy’s wayyyyyy toooooo muchhhh!!

The Khomasdal chapel!!
Anyway, this week was sweet as usual. I forgot to tell you about the plane ride last Sunday to Cape Town. We just happened to be on the plane with DRUNK PEOPLE!! Oh my goodness, it was bad. And what made it worse; we were smack dab in the middle of where they were sitting. They all were drinking in the airport before the flight. And then on the plane they give out free wine. Bad combination. They were really funny, but not haha. They like were planning to all go to a club when they landed in Cape Town. They made like a video on the phone. Singing welcome to Cape Town when we landed, etc. and there’s little elder Farley and I. innocent missionaries. Afterward they apologized for their behavior and felt bad. Oh well. I think one of them was filming something in Namibia for the food network or something.

One thing that president focused on was the driving in the mission. We all got a standard missionary DVD that is the same throughout the church that we watched. It got me thinking about how I drive. I’ve repented of my wicked ways. We drive better now, which is good. Not saying we drove crazy before though!

The former NAM CLAN

We had a busy past few days. The focus in the church is real growth, and that’s something president wood wants up here in Namibia. There’s a saying in PMG that you should leave the area better than when you got there, and the way you can tell is by the sacrament meeting attendance. So through baptisms and less actives returning. Going through the branch list and visiting those on the list that haven’t seen elders or anyone from the church in years. Lots of them have moved. I sat down with the branch president’s wife who had been going through the list of members getting their details and I typed it into the church system. It took like over 2 hours! But it was so worth it. Actually it was kinda fun, but also very beneficial to the branch!

Oh it was funny, in gospel principles class we were talking about talents and we were supposed to share the person's next to us's talent...and I told the oak mine, like sports or whatever, but then when he told the rest of the class, he said mine was dancing!! What the?! Everyone laughed.

We were driving one of our fellow shippers around and she said she loved country music! i was like whatttt. So we chatted about our favorite songs haha.

Elder Farley is still doing sweet being my companion! So humble and loving and kind. I love that man! We had a few extra minutes last night and decided to drive out like 5 minutes where there’s no light and look up at the stars! Stargazing in the Namibian sky!!! ahhhh. Powerful. I really wish you coulda seen what I saw. No joke. It was stunning. I’m pretty sure that was the Milky Way I was looking at. Gorgeous!

Man, I love this country and love the work. Lots of things on the to-do list this week. Bring it on!

I’ve noticed my wonderful former companions seem to bring up/talk about home more than i do! I did click 23 months though. I’m getting old on mission. Don’t worry; my mind is still centered on why I’m here. I signed up for 24 months, and that’s what I intend to and accomplish!

Miss you all very very much!


Elder Dusty Haws

PS new Herrero culture/traditions I learned...don’t sweep out your house at night...because you are sweeping out all the good luck. And, don’t wear red when it attracts the lighting! Haha

the blazing Namibian sun setting over Windhoek

view of Cape Town from above

elder Smith..the king of juice!

zone leader council

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Yes, my dream is going to come true soo soon!

Hello family!

Sorry for the lateness of this email. Zone leader council was just too fun! At first that picture looked like you cut and paste that patio into the picture haha and those look like 2 studs of elders right there. I knew an elder that had that same shirt.  Good, put 'em to work.  Yeah we need elders here, but Elder Morris is about to go home, so he had to go down, and president didn't want an odd number of elders or something.  You may think I'm crazy, but the thought came that I should extend my mission. The lord needs an elder up here serving. I have a visa, know the area, and have a desire to serve God, but we'll see what happens!

This week was hectic and crazy, as I feel like the rest of the weeks of mission will be. Elder Farley and I have been absolutly booked, and now that we've been away from the area in Cape Town for the past few days, the rest of the week we are packed! Like you wouldnt believe it. We have sooo much work to do its not even funny. Theres no finer missionary to be serving with! I have no time to think about home cuz my mind is constantly trying to figure out how we're going to see all these people.
Cape Town was sweet. I missed that place, felt like I was coming home, it was so green, but cold! Dang. We went on a cool hike that I had been wanting to do, so that was fun. I got to hang out with lots of other missionaries I hadn't seen in a while, which was sweet. We got some good training from president. He is the best.

Well, I got up super early, at 4:45am (Nam time) but 5:45am Cape Town time, to help Sister Wood cook breakfast. Then, we helped clean up the mission home, which was tiring and then as soon as we landed here in Windhoek tonight, we didnt have time to shop, just dashed off and taught 2 lessons, then came here to the awesome Smiths and typed this short email. Its 10pm, I'm tired, and tomorrow we have like 8 lessons planned, the first one at 12pm, and the last one starting at 7:30pm. Wish me luck! haha

I'll send some pictures home next week!
Tell Coach Delaney to just shoot me an email, and Yes, my dream is going to come true soo soon! Cant wait!!!

-Dusty Haws

NO email this Cape Town


I'm in Cape Town at zone leader council and wont be emailing today!