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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Something that I really wanna do that night...

Dear Family

Man, I only have to do this a few more times. I’m going to miss it! Wow sounds like you're having the time of your life there in Logan! I wish I coulda been there. Glad you made it safe and sound. Shame about the windshield and heck yeah I remember that cool game with the blocks and the grass, down at 1st dam!

As for that random email, that place is about as far away from Windhoek as you can get. It’s the little strip in the top right of the country, if you look on a map. Not much we can do. Sorry.

To answer your question mommy, there are no more visas that got approved yet, there’s still a little glimmer of hope, but the government is just being dumb. The public relations people from Joburg recently to talk to them, the smiths here are always trying, but things will work out hopefully. So if no visas get approved, Elder Farley might have to be with a branch missionary for a time, but it might not work out with the branch missionaries. Who knows what is going to happen!

But this week was pretty good and busy and fun. We had a fun FHE with the branch president last week and just busy days the rest of the week. Couple dropped appointments here and there, but we quickly found something else to do or just went to find someone who wanted us to see them, or just needed a little love from the missionaries! We got capana twice this week..which is just braaied meat! There people braai on the side of the road, and you drive up, give them money, and take your meat wrapped in newspaper. Yummm. Oh yeah remember my second companion elder Larrabee...well, he just got married!! That fetcher haha. He sent me a wedding invite. Good for him. I love that guy.

Elder & Sister Cook and me today
The assistants and President Wood came up Friday night, and so the assistants stayed with us, which was fun. Our boarding was busy though. We went on exchanges on Saturday, which went very well. Sunday morning, Elder Cook flew in from Durban! On Saturday night he had a speaking assignment there, and flew in to NAM the next morning. He spoke in both sacraments. That night he had a fireside which also was powerful. I’d say the theme of his talks were about marriage and family. niceee. He and his wife are funny and soo spiritual. I took some good notes and learned lots. But it gets better. This morning, we met together and had zone conference. It was powerful. I was asked to conduct. Yeah no big deal, a general authority there haha. President Wood and his wife gave a nice discourse on tithing. Man, it blew my mind. I cannot wait to pay my tithing when I go home. Elder Cook and his wife talked lots about all kinds of things. I could sit here all day and tell you. It was amazing. We were lucky that there were so few of us and so we just sat like in a circle like a family would and had a nice discussion. They spoke with such soft voices, man! So spiritual and motivating and inspiring and uplifting. I loved every second of it. Since this was my last zone conference, I had to say my farewell testimony. The final one! It was nice. Then, after the meeting, the smiths and cooks loaded up in the car and we did too with the AP's and raced off to the airport. They are on a tight schedule! They’re off to Cape Town, and doing a mission tour the entire week. That’s a lot of traveling and meetings. I have a lot of respect for those men.

So I was thinking about when I get home and something that I really wanna do that night, and that is, to go to the TEMPLE!! I miss that place soooo much. But I wanted to go there and have a PPI with the Lord just to finish the deal. I really was hoping I could do that.

Well, can’t think of anything else to write.  Still working hard! Miss you. seeee you soon.

Elder Haws


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