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Monday, February 28, 2011

Time fly's when you're having fun, right!?

Hi Family

This week was just another week here in East London...not many exciting things happen here I've noticed. Most of the crazy stories elders tell happen when they're serving in townships, but I sure do see my fair share of unique things each and every day. Every day is different and we face new people and different challenges and situations. I'm pretty positive I'm gonna be transferred in the middle of March.  Haven't got the card...yet! maybe this Friday

Right now I'm in this portal emailing (obviously) and for some reason there's lots of hooting (honking) going on outside haha. and the kid working here is playing some "good" music hahah! oops..oh well, I cant help it. I guess at the moment it's the Cricket world cup. Yessie that game is confusing! God bless America, and baseball haha. It's fun to watch cricket, and SA is pretty good. I think its some rugby tournament going on too! sports sports sports.

I'm the only one in my district from the states. They sometimes think it's fun to give me a hard time, like jokingly. Its dumb. I'm from the promised land baby!  Lets see, I'm trying to reflect on this past week. Lots of things happen, but its hard to explain everything and make this email good! I just try my best.

Our stats weren't good as last week, but we still worked hard. One thing that I hate is when appointments fall through. We remind the person we're coming, normally walk a long way to see them, then they're not there! and when we call them, they don't pick up! and then we have an hour to nothing! We normally just end up making a plan and checking up on people, or tracting...but that's not always effective. The solid investigators come through referrals from members. 

This week I did go on exchanges with Elder Olivier. honestly, he's a nerd that loves to read and has never kissed a girl...but he's cool! we had fun together. I really liked it cuz it was a hot day, and I got to sit in an air conditioning car! 

We had an awesome braai (bry) which is a BBQ, with bishop! that guy is freakin awesome! soo cool. good food too. bless this meat, lets eat! haha

Elder Frost is still awesome. I've picked up on some of his New Zealand far out, I cant be bothered, ha-ha (harbor) hahaha  he gave me a new Zealand shirt, and I have 2 others, and I was thinking I would eventually send them home so I didn't have to carry them around my entire mission. I know, I know, you guys want some stuff from down here...I promise I'll send some stuff..anything specific?  Church yesterday was good. We had 6 investigators there. We did our home teaching last night, and literally walked forever to see this one guy, and we were tired, and about to give up, but then we just "happened" to find his house and he was a less active member of the ward. We had a powerful lesson and watched the talk by President Monson, 3 R's of choice...and it was perfect cuz this guy has a problem with working on Sunday. Jobs in Africa are hard to get, so once you get one, you pretty much gotta work when they tell you. But this guy was sweet, and has a strong desire to come to church and stuff. heck, he even wanted the general conference CD! haha. We'll go back and visit him this week again and get him active. and that cool guy named Daz was like out of town all week, and I LOVE going and teaching him, so that was a bummer, but he's back in town to we're going there this week! yes!

I'm starting to get more confidence during lessons, and becoming more familiar with the gospel and being able to address the needs of our investigators and to teach from the heart by the spirit. It takes a lot of practice and hard work, and I got a long way to go, but I'm getting there! I better be getting there cuz soon I'm gonna be the senior companion! haha

Can you believe its March! crazy. Time fly's when you're having fun, right!?

Miss you!  BYE!
-Elder Haws

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We had a MONSTER week of stats!

Hi Family

Glad you guys are enjoying Logan! Why didnt you ever come up and take me to Beaver..thats what I wanna know!!  Elder Frost my companion is still complaints!

Elder Larrabee and I next to a sign in  East London baby!
I sleep like a baby all night, every night! our new mission president will be President Wood  and DAD, can you do me a favor...send me the talk/article "patience- a heavenly virtue" by President Monson, Ensign November 1995..thanks!

One of the elders told this story that happened somewhere in the world. missionaries taught this family then assigned them to read out of the Book of Mormon...BUT instead of leaving 1 Nephi 3:7 they left 3 Nephi 3:7-8 look up that scripture. basically it talks about if they dont join us, we well come and destroy them! haha so the family packed up their stuff and left the next day! haha

This week went pretty well. I went on exchanges with Elder Hastings. We had a pretty good day. We did a total of 4 hours of service...some major gardening one day, and then some major painting the next! It was fun, and both people fed us lunch, so that was nice! no peanut butter sandwiches for me! haha. recently we've been eating omelets...and not just plain omelets...Im talking bacon, peppers, cheese, ham, feta cheese, etc! they're nice!

We had our district training and interviews with the one and only president prosbt and his wife! man, that man is absolutely amazing! anyway, my interview was pretty sweet, just talked about stuff.

We had a MONSTER week of stats! the zone leaders even called us this morning and said thanks for working so hard and that our numbers were the highest in the zone! we had 9 people at church...Daz even came! man, that guy is awesome! He is progressing very well, and is just sweet. you have to meet him to see what i mean. he's pretty much a kingdom builder! I honestly look forward to teaching him cuz he asks amazing questions and his understanding is very good. I get excited on the days that we teach him!

One of the reasons our stats were high was cuz we got a new fellowshipper...his name is Luyanda Rwaxa (and the x is a click) but we just call him frost! dude, this guy is unbelievable! he like beggs to come out with us! its incerdible. and the funny thing is, he was only confirmed last week! he's powerful and just an all around good guy. he's 19, and will go on mission!

Soo we had a missionary fireside last night! it went really well! Seth, our ward mission leader, did most of the "work". at the end of it, us 4 elders and him sang armies of helaman!! like, in front of everyone! It actually sounded good! and the ward joined in on the last verse!

Well, things over here are going great! I've loving what I'm doing and am really enjoying mission! no complaints! 100%

Hope everything is going good back home! miss you lots!
Love, Elder Haws

Yeah, thats a monkey on my neck!

The crazy farm lady's house!

Thats Elder Frost in the gray and orange shirt
 Didnt know Elder Hastings took a picture of me posing
Elder Larrabee and I walking off into the sunset!

That thing was gonna attack me, take cover behind the garbage can!

Monday, February 14, 2011

I've been on mission for 5 months now! crazy huh?!

Dear Family -

Yeah our food at our DA's have been pretty complaints! THANK YOU for those amazing pictures! they're awesome! perfect, just what I wanted. Will you send a USB drive for my pictures?? hellooo haha you never answered that question. and I would like some daily vitamins please.

Can you tell the McMullins thanks for the nice family Christmas card they sent me!  Can you also ask Nancy, Sandy, Julie, and Sue if they got the letters I sent them! I wrote them a long time ago, but it looks like they didnt get them. I'll write them again, it is just a bummer if they dont get them!

I was thinking, hey daddy, if I have to be a missionary for 2 years, I think it's time for you to be a missionary! I was thinking, get a copy of the Book of Mormon from one of the elders and then pray about someone who you could give it to...then write your testimony in the front of it (neatly haha) then give it to them! will you do that?!

This week was just another week in the mission field. kinda rough, to be honest. One night we were planning for the next day, and our planner was blank! sooo we decided to go tracting, fun! haha. We went over a rich Afrikkaner place..called Bunkers Hill (doesn't that just sound like a rich area) we didnt do much, actually kinda got lost. its not a very productive area.

We did some intense service in the blistering heat of South Africa! yessie it was hot. then we RAN home. that shower sure did feel good.

I went on exchanges with the one and only Elder Turner! Man, that guy is something else! haha he's from Jo-burg, and goes home at the end of April. He is what we called "dead" haha like ready to go home. also, he is sorta "apostate" meaning he isnt the most obedient elder. He struggles with the mission music policy. we're only supposed to listen to hymns. buttt not him. he has a boat load of normal CD's that he listens to! haha totally against the rules. and sadly, he forced me to listen to some of his music!  Some of it is like metal, so it for sure doesnt invite the spirit...but then during the lessons he's powerful and a great teacher! and then that night we were waiting for the other elders for like 20 minutes, and the radio in the car just 'happened" to turn on, and he played me some of his music. I know its wrong to listen to music, but I have to admit, he had goood music! anyway... haha

We got post on friday...and I got 10 wonderful letters! thats gotta like be a record or something! I loved each one of them. and I could just feel the outpouring of love that all my loved ones and friends have for me. I'm not sure what I did to deserve all this love and support, but it honestly lifts me and keeps me going! its great and something I really enjoy.

I've been on mission for 5 months now! crazy huh?! I can honestly say that I've learned more in these 5 short months than i have in my entire life (gospel wise) I've had many many great and exciting days, and of course, the days that seem to go on forever and things have been rough. but overall, the time has flown by and I've been blessed in being in such a great ward and having great companions.

Well, bring on another week! We have interviews with President Probst this week! yahoo! that guy is the man!

Travel safe to Logan! You lucky guys! Live it up for me!
Miss you lots. 19 more months! :)

Elder Haws

Monday, February 7, 2011

What a beautiful part of the world to be called to serve...

Holy Cow!! where does the time go. I only got 15 minutes left on this computer. Well, thanks for the email church is in english and yes we stay for all 3 hours, we do have a cell phone for the area..each companionship has a cell phone

I cant believe yesterday was super bowl sunday! I honestly woke up at like 4am last night and I KNEW the super bowl was going on..and I like couldnt go back to sleep for the longest time! haha go pack go! I'm glad they won. wow dad, the final score was 31-25 or something like that! hahahah

sooooo....y'all ready for transfer news?! im STAYING in East London 3rd ward!!! it's gonna be 6 months in my greenie area! to be honest, I thought I was going.... but nope, I told you that you never know with president Probst! well, elder Larrabee is NAMIBIA!! man, I miss that guy, a lot. my new companion is Elder Frost....from NEW ZEALAND!! he's pretty cool. He's a big rugby fan! and the rugby teams....Springbok (South Africans) and all blacks (New Zealanders) are BIG rivals! haha. he's been out almost 9 months and is a very obedient missionary..but honestly not as humble as the one and only elder Larrabee! He does have a freakin sweeet music set up..which I love!  We BUMP mo tab all day every day! I really like that. We get along good, so this will be a good transfer... but pretty much for sure I'll be going somewhere else next like march 13th.

So as far as missionary work, things are still good. Im kinda in charge cuz elder frost is new. Our fast and testimony meeting was super good yesterday, then afterwards I was like a busy little bee talking to our fellowshippers about when they can come out with us and making sure our DA's are good for this week. we get fed every single night! That is unheard of in this mission! lucky me! well, Another 6 weeks of sister Peggy, walking the streets of Southernwood, living in the same boarding, etc.

I'm so grateful to be serving here in East London. What a beautiful part of the world to be called to serve.

Love and miss you!
Talk to you next week!

Elder Haws