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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We had a MONSTER week of stats!

Hi Family

Glad you guys are enjoying Logan! Why didnt you ever come up and take me to Beaver..thats what I wanna know!!  Elder Frost my companion is still complaints!

Elder Larrabee and I next to a sign in  East London baby!
I sleep like a baby all night, every night! our new mission president will be President Wood  and DAD, can you do me a favor...send me the talk/article "patience- a heavenly virtue" by President Monson, Ensign November 1995..thanks!

One of the elders told this story that happened somewhere in the world. missionaries taught this family then assigned them to read out of the Book of Mormon...BUT instead of leaving 1 Nephi 3:7 they left 3 Nephi 3:7-8 look up that scripture. basically it talks about if they dont join us, we well come and destroy them! haha so the family packed up their stuff and left the next day! haha

This week went pretty well. I went on exchanges with Elder Hastings. We had a pretty good day. We did a total of 4 hours of service...some major gardening one day, and then some major painting the next! It was fun, and both people fed us lunch, so that was nice! no peanut butter sandwiches for me! haha. recently we've been eating omelets...and not just plain omelets...Im talking bacon, peppers, cheese, ham, feta cheese, etc! they're nice!

We had our district training and interviews with the one and only president prosbt and his wife! man, that man is absolutely amazing! anyway, my interview was pretty sweet, just talked about stuff.

We had a MONSTER week of stats! the zone leaders even called us this morning and said thanks for working so hard and that our numbers were the highest in the zone! we had 9 people at church...Daz even came! man, that guy is awesome! He is progressing very well, and is just sweet. you have to meet him to see what i mean. he's pretty much a kingdom builder! I honestly look forward to teaching him cuz he asks amazing questions and his understanding is very good. I get excited on the days that we teach him!

One of the reasons our stats were high was cuz we got a new fellowshipper...his name is Luyanda Rwaxa (and the x is a click) but we just call him frost! dude, this guy is unbelievable! he like beggs to come out with us! its incerdible. and the funny thing is, he was only confirmed last week! he's powerful and just an all around good guy. he's 19, and will go on mission!

Soo we had a missionary fireside last night! it went really well! Seth, our ward mission leader, did most of the "work". at the end of it, us 4 elders and him sang armies of helaman!! like, in front of everyone! It actually sounded good! and the ward joined in on the last verse!

Well, things over here are going great! I've loving what I'm doing and am really enjoying mission! no complaints! 100%

Hope everything is going good back home! miss you lots!
Love, Elder Haws

Yeah, thats a monkey on my neck!

The crazy farm lady's house!

Thats Elder Frost in the gray and orange shirt
 Didnt know Elder Hastings took a picture of me posing
Elder Larrabee and I walking off into the sunset!

That thing was gonna attack me, take cover behind the garbage can!

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  1. Those were some great pictures! Ostriches running around free? That's freaky! He sounds very happy and he sounds like a great missionary! LOVE the letters!