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Monday, February 7, 2011

What a beautiful part of the world to be called to serve...

Holy Cow!! where does the time go. I only got 15 minutes left on this computer. Well, thanks for the email church is in english and yes we stay for all 3 hours, we do have a cell phone for the area..each companionship has a cell phone

I cant believe yesterday was super bowl sunday! I honestly woke up at like 4am last night and I KNEW the super bowl was going on..and I like couldnt go back to sleep for the longest time! haha go pack go! I'm glad they won. wow dad, the final score was 31-25 or something like that! hahahah

sooooo....y'all ready for transfer news?! im STAYING in East London 3rd ward!!! it's gonna be 6 months in my greenie area! to be honest, I thought I was going.... but nope, I told you that you never know with president Probst! well, elder Larrabee is NAMIBIA!! man, I miss that guy, a lot. my new companion is Elder Frost....from NEW ZEALAND!! he's pretty cool. He's a big rugby fan! and the rugby teams....Springbok (South Africans) and all blacks (New Zealanders) are BIG rivals! haha. he's been out almost 9 months and is a very obedient missionary..but honestly not as humble as the one and only elder Larrabee! He does have a freakin sweeet music set up..which I love!  We BUMP mo tab all day every day! I really like that. We get along good, so this will be a good transfer... but pretty much for sure I'll be going somewhere else next like march 13th.

So as far as missionary work, things are still good. Im kinda in charge cuz elder frost is new. Our fast and testimony meeting was super good yesterday, then afterwards I was like a busy little bee talking to our fellowshippers about when they can come out with us and making sure our DA's are good for this week. we get fed every single night! That is unheard of in this mission! lucky me! well, Another 6 weeks of sister Peggy, walking the streets of Southernwood, living in the same boarding, etc.

I'm so grateful to be serving here in East London. What a beautiful part of the world to be called to serve.

Love and miss you!
Talk to you next week!

Elder Haws

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