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Monday, January 31, 2011

This week we had a total of 16 new investigators!

Me commanding the sea! haha
  Hey family

This week was super!! Went by quick, as most weeks do. I've noticed people here say commandments as "commAndments" like commONDments haha and the major word that is different is water. They say it as 2 WO-TA haha. Elder Ruzai complains that all our words are the same. For example....except, accept, expect. hahah! he's right!  I havent found a barber...the past 2 times I've just borrowed other missionaries clippers.  I would love some Cafe Rio right about NOW!!  or Carls Jr bbq grilled chicken sandwich.  I got the 2 packages from family...they were sweeeet!! My shoes are fantastic!!

Elder Ruzai and I on exchanges!
 We sang hymn #250..such a good hymn..especially the 3rd verse. We also like singing #41

This week we had a total of 16 new investigators! Thats gotta be like a record or something! We were teaching these 3 dudes, then 1 of their friends came in, and then that day alone we had 5 new investigators...pretty much the total of all of the past week. We also tracted into this cool guy...Daz. he is super smart, intelligent, wise, etc. We were so happy/excited as we taught him the doctrine of Christ and then lesson 1. This week I went on exchanges in Elder Ruzai's that means I DROVE all day!! He pretty much took me into the craziest part of town! Like downtown! It was insane, but secretly fun at the same time! I have to admit, that day was nice cuz I didn't walk at all! haha. Cars are nice. 

East London from 14th story of skyview! (Got a haircut that night!)
We had an incident this week. its a long story, and I dont have much time to go into the details, but basically the other elders "lied" about what bishop said, and of course bishop found out about it! ahhh, wasnt good. bishop phoned the mission president and said he wants Elder Hastings and Ruzai gone! It all was just a miscommunication, but it wasnt good. It had to do with someone getting baptized. like, bishop didn't think he was ready, but the other elders were pushing for him to get baptized and said that bishop told them he could get baptized. anyway, things are fine now, and the guy ended up not getting baptized. I'm just glad I didnt do anything wrong. Well, my transfer prediction is that I'm going somewhere else..but you never know with President Probst! Transfer day is Wednesday..I'm excited! We'll see.
Elder Larrabee & I, some single adults...sister Peggy next to me!
Thanks for all the love, support and prayers.
Miss you all

Elder Haws

"Hey Mechaelar, the camera is over here!" haha. The other girl is Pia, she's awesome!
unexpected rain storm! shop shop
Short-cut through the bush! shop shop

Just our district and 2 cool ward members

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  1. 16 investigators?!!! That's awesome. Great pictures!