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Monday, January 24, 2011

Did you know that they dont have chocolate chips over here?!

Hey my Family -

This week was pretty great. Did you know that they dont have chocolate chips over here?! We made brownies and remember how mom always puts chocolate chips in them! and South Africa is the 7th fastest growing nation in the world.

Heres another fun fact...Elder Larrabee carries a camel back when he walks, and has the blue tube that he drinks water through, and you'd be surprised how many people are fascinated by it! haha. another thing we were joking about is how when we walk past people, we normally say hello...but what if we talked like Stich, from lilo and saying "hello" in an alien voice! hahahahah.

We had a CRAZY night on Saturday. sooo President Probst had just flown in from Jo-burg to give us our district training, and elder Hastings and Ruzai needed to get their PMG's from their boarding, and had to rush cuz president was on his way. so we were on a side street, and elder Hastings was driving and doing fast, and was going to bypass a slower car, but the car signaled late and turned...right as we were passing we CRASHED!!! oh my gosh! It was scary! My first car accident! No one was hurt, and our car didn't have too much damage, but the car we hit had its front bumper fall off and the 3 African dudes weren't too happy haha. but remember, President Probst was on his way! haha. ah! so he came and we were talking to him in his car on the side of the road, and then this white car for some reason sped up and literally came INCHES away from hitting us!!! it was the scariest thing ever!! I don't know if he was drunk or whatever, but we nearly were hit! and we weren't really even in the road! haha oh well. anyway, I got to sit in the car with elder Ruzai and president and sister Probst for like 20 minutes while Elder Larrabee and Hastings went to the police station. it was amazing to sit and chat with the mission president and his wife! We talked about all kinds of things! ...peanut butter sandwiches, the area, etc. but Elder Larrabee said at the police station the 2 people there taking the report were drunk! No wonder the police force here isn't very good. haha. Anyway, our training was an hour short...but it still was good! president is an amazing guy! he makes everything seem soo easy!

Also this week we were doing service and the lawn mower broke, so were were fiddling with the wires and stuff, and long story short, Elder Larrabee got SHOCKED!! big time. Like he screamed and fell down and was motionless for a few seconds. He was alright and was just a little dazed and sore. he's tough as nails.

This is the last full week of the transfer! The days seem long sometimes. not discouraging, just exhausting! I liked this scripture...D&C 6:7 in my scripture reading im already in Alma!! I love the Book of Mormon.

Well, times up. everything is great over here!

Love you all,
Elder Haws

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