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Monday, January 31, 2011

This week we had a total of 16 new investigators!

Me commanding the sea! haha
  Hey family

This week was super!! Went by quick, as most weeks do. I've noticed people here say commandments as "commAndments" like commONDments haha and the major word that is different is water. They say it as 2 WO-TA haha. Elder Ruzai complains that all our words are the same. For example....except, accept, expect. hahah! he's right!  I havent found a barber...the past 2 times I've just borrowed other missionaries clippers.  I would love some Cafe Rio right about NOW!!  or Carls Jr bbq grilled chicken sandwich.  I got the 2 packages from family...they were sweeeet!! My shoes are fantastic!!

Elder Ruzai and I on exchanges!
 We sang hymn #250..such a good hymn..especially the 3rd verse. We also like singing #41

This week we had a total of 16 new investigators! Thats gotta be like a record or something! We were teaching these 3 dudes, then 1 of their friends came in, and then that day alone we had 5 new investigators...pretty much the total of all of the past week. We also tracted into this cool guy...Daz. he is super smart, intelligent, wise, etc. We were so happy/excited as we taught him the doctrine of Christ and then lesson 1. This week I went on exchanges in Elder Ruzai's that means I DROVE all day!! He pretty much took me into the craziest part of town! Like downtown! It was insane, but secretly fun at the same time! I have to admit, that day was nice cuz I didn't walk at all! haha. Cars are nice. 

East London from 14th story of skyview! (Got a haircut that night!)
We had an incident this week. its a long story, and I dont have much time to go into the details, but basically the other elders "lied" about what bishop said, and of course bishop found out about it! ahhh, wasnt good. bishop phoned the mission president and said he wants Elder Hastings and Ruzai gone! It all was just a miscommunication, but it wasnt good. It had to do with someone getting baptized. like, bishop didn't think he was ready, but the other elders were pushing for him to get baptized and said that bishop told them he could get baptized. anyway, things are fine now, and the guy ended up not getting baptized. I'm just glad I didnt do anything wrong. Well, my transfer prediction is that I'm going somewhere else..but you never know with President Probst! Transfer day is Wednesday..I'm excited! We'll see.
Elder Larrabee & I, some single adults...sister Peggy next to me!
Thanks for all the love, support and prayers.
Miss you all

Elder Haws

"Hey Mechaelar, the camera is over here!" haha. The other girl is Pia, she's awesome!
unexpected rain storm! shop shop
Short-cut through the bush! shop shop

Just our district and 2 cool ward members

Monday, January 24, 2011

Did you know that they dont have chocolate chips over here?!

Hey my Family -

This week was pretty great. Did you know that they dont have chocolate chips over here?! We made brownies and remember how mom always puts chocolate chips in them! and South Africa is the 7th fastest growing nation in the world.

Heres another fun fact...Elder Larrabee carries a camel back when he walks, and has the blue tube that he drinks water through, and you'd be surprised how many people are fascinated by it! haha. another thing we were joking about is how when we walk past people, we normally say hello...but what if we talked like Stich, from lilo and saying "hello" in an alien voice! hahahahah.

We had a CRAZY night on Saturday. sooo President Probst had just flown in from Jo-burg to give us our district training, and elder Hastings and Ruzai needed to get their PMG's from their boarding, and had to rush cuz president was on his way. so we were on a side street, and elder Hastings was driving and doing fast, and was going to bypass a slower car, but the car signaled late and turned...right as we were passing we CRASHED!!! oh my gosh! It was scary! My first car accident! No one was hurt, and our car didn't have too much damage, but the car we hit had its front bumper fall off and the 3 African dudes weren't too happy haha. but remember, President Probst was on his way! haha. ah! so he came and we were talking to him in his car on the side of the road, and then this white car for some reason sped up and literally came INCHES away from hitting us!!! it was the scariest thing ever!! I don't know if he was drunk or whatever, but we nearly were hit! and we weren't really even in the road! haha oh well. anyway, I got to sit in the car with elder Ruzai and president and sister Probst for like 20 minutes while Elder Larrabee and Hastings went to the police station. it was amazing to sit and chat with the mission president and his wife! We talked about all kinds of things! ...peanut butter sandwiches, the area, etc. but Elder Larrabee said at the police station the 2 people there taking the report were drunk! No wonder the police force here isn't very good. haha. Anyway, our training was an hour short...but it still was good! president is an amazing guy! he makes everything seem soo easy!

Also this week we were doing service and the lawn mower broke, so were were fiddling with the wires and stuff, and long story short, Elder Larrabee got SHOCKED!! big time. Like he screamed and fell down and was motionless for a few seconds. He was alright and was just a little dazed and sore. he's tough as nails.

This is the last full week of the transfer! The days seem long sometimes. not discouraging, just exhausting! I liked this scripture...D&C 6:7 in my scripture reading im already in Alma!! I love the Book of Mormon.

Well, times up. everything is great over here!

Love you all,
Elder Haws

Monday, January 17, 2011

When you think of me, I'm most likely doing 1 of 5 things.....STUDYING, PRAYING, TEACHING, WALKING OR SLEEPING!

Dear Family

How'z is?! Sorry I havent taken any pictures recently.  Transfers are at the end of this month/first week in Feb.  I sent sister Monson a letter, so make sure she gets it before she leaves for Vegas bayybayyy  No new songs I'm singing  yet.

The main sports here are obviously soccer, but the 2 other HUGE sports are RUGBY and CRICKET!  This week went by super quick!  We watched part of the COLLEGE FOOTBALL NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!! Oregon vs. Auburn! We went to a DA with a member of the bishopric, and he flipped on the game and wanted us to explain how in the heck you play football. So Elder Larrabee and I explained all the rules and stuff. It was fun! haha. The game obviously wasnt live, and they cut out some parts and they cut out half time. We left about half way through the 3rd quarter. man, it was a good game huh?! haha. I was getting fired up! haha. It honestly it showed me why we dont watch/follow sports cuz in that hour that we were there, our minds were totally off missionary work. I know it was bad, but it showed me how important it is to not worry about sports or whatever and just focus on the work that I've been called here to do. I'm positive all those sports will be there when I get back.

I went on 2 exchanges this week. they both were sweeet! Elder Hastings came to my area and we had fun together, but then on friday we went on exchanges with the zone leaders! So Elder Turner came to my area and I went to their area! I was with Elder Oleole...from HAWAII!! he goes home in less than 3 weeks! lucky punk. haha. We stayed up till past midnight just talking about all kinds of stuff! I was pickin his brain. we had fun together, and I liked driving in a car..cuz they have a driving area! Elder Oleole teaches/talks really slow when he teaches, and I guess thats something I can improve on. some people dont understand english very well, so its important to teach clearly and so that they understand!

Elder Larrabee and I had a BIG day this week. We had a fellowshipper and taught some really good lessons and that day we found like 5 new investigators. nothing happens in missionary work until you find people to teach!  This week president Probst is coming to our district meeting, so it will be me and my comp, and Elder Hasting and Elder Ruzai, and then President and sister Probst! haha poor Elder Larrabee...he has to teach for 30 minutes! HA!

On saturday we did some fun service...we were helping this family put a roof on their was hard work, but fun.   We literally ran out of food this week..... haha we need to do some major shopping! Im my missionary bank account, I have over 1,000 rands...only cuz we get fed pretty much every single night! most all other areas arent like that.

Well, the work is starting to pick up again in the area! holidays are over and most schools start tomorrow! Elder Larrabee and I are gonna take this area to new heights! I love that guy, he is awesome! I got lucky to be "stuck" with him for this 3 months!

Nice picture of the JoBurg Temple a friend took....
My testimony has grown alot and I'm starting to really understand the gospel more than I every have before, and I'm gonna keep learning and growing throughout my entire mission!
Well, thanks again for all the love and support and prayers that you "send" me! I feel it. yeah I still got a ways till I come home, but it's gonna just fly by! when you think of me, Im most likely doing 1 of 5 things.....STUDYING, PRAYING, TEACHING, WALKING OR SLEEPING! haha or eating.

Miss you lots!
Love your missionary son,
Elder Haws

Monday, January 10, 2011

I've fallen in love...with hymn #19!!

HEY family!

Glad you guys had FUN skydiving! how much did it cost? haha

I got that awesome package from Aunt Julie, and Aunt Sue sent me some SWEEEET 'em!  We normally do a few hours of service each week, but last week it was just a lot. I have been driving a little bit. I'm kinda getting used to it. Going back to the states and driving is gonna be strange

The end of this month is the end of this transfer. I like East London, but it would be cool to serve somewhere else hahaha I'll be happy if I stay though.  It's been HOT here recently. we do a TON of walking. The workout band isn't heavy duty at all.

We had zone training this week with president Probst. I learned a lot, and also learned I got many things that I can do to improve on! haha. We talked about the spirit and how we can better teach using the spirit. president said "The Spirit will lead you to amazing places" so true.

Sister Peggy CUSTOM tailored 2 of my shirts! WOW! I love that lady. no offense mommy, but they fit alot better than the way you did it. like now there's 2 lines down the back where she took off the "baggyness" of the shirt? if that makes sense. after she fixed them up, she washed them and ironed them for me! I LOVE that sweet little old lady, so much!

So I'm just blazin' through the BOM. I'm already in 2 Nephi. I really enjoyed 2 Nephi 2 and 2 Nephi 3. such good chapters. Lehi was a great prophet. and in Jesus the Christ, it talks about some of the details of their journey to the promised land, like how they landed somewhere in South America, and like how the Jaradites landed a few years earlier on the Baja Mexico area! so cool.

I've fallen in love...with hymn #19 "We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet"!! Elder Larrabee and I sing it while we walk!! but the best is the MoTab version during the Saturday AM session of conference...can you say POWERFUL! haha

Bad news, Yolanda hasn't come to church the past 3 weeks, and she's moving to PE soon for school, so hopefully she'll get her act together.  Yesterday we attended ward counsel...dang! it was neat to see how a ward is run!

Hope y'all have a good week

Elder Haws

Monday, January 3, 2011

Everything here is sweet, starting the new year 2011 right!

Hi family!

Thanks for the sweet email, and pictures...thumbs up bru! I love everything you said in the email, its awesome!  but yeah I took out 100 Rand the other day...thank you sooo much for letting me know there's a 5 dollar ATM fee..good to know!!

Daddy, you keep those grades up young man, is that understood?! hahaha way to go! A's! gotta love HW.  There was no post this week, so no boxes, but I did get that random but nice letter mom sent.hope you like the pictures!
So this week was pretty good. We did a total of 13 hours of service! we painted the less actives wall in front of her house...2 coats! She didn't live too far away from out we painted, then RAN home! It felt good to run and get the blood pumpin! We did that twice, and then the other day we helped this single sister in the ward clean. and I mean clean. Im telling you this house hadn't ever been cleaned before. It was super dirty and we just did it in our shirt and tie! It was hot and this lady was kinda strange...she didnt want her furniture to be straight? and she was kinda bossy too! haha it was all good.

Hey check out in the conference edition of the Liahona, in the middle where they show all the general authorities..flip to the next page and you see a couple of different pictures, well, look closely at the smallest picture of all those missionaries! they are all the zone leaders and president and Sister Probst! ah, those lucky little punks! you can see Elder Moorcroft on the far right! haha.

Well, we had an interesting day on Thursday. We went to this housing complex, and knocked on this door, and the people living in the apartment next door had their door open, and I just casually peered in, and this black dude started CUSSING at me!!! then Elder Larrabee said something, and he started CUSSING at him! the guy got up out of his chair and started walking towards us. He used the S word quite a bit and dropped the F BOMB multiple times! I guess the guy was just having a bad day or something and decided to take it out on us. It kinda got me down a little bit, but Elder Larrabee, being the stud that he is, didn't let it phase him a bit, so we just decided to keep on working and not let it bother us, and that's what we did! It's amazing to see how the Lord works sometimes, cuz right after that we found 3 solid new investigators, and then taught a great lesson to a father led family!! It was awesome. Then, that night for our DA, we had LIVER! It didn't taste too bad, but it wasn't super good either.

We had a "wet" day on Wednesday, it looked like it was gonna be a normal day, but a storm decided to roll in, and really put a damper on our day, cuz we were unprepared for it. We just took shelter from the rain for like an hour, but eventually we had to go to an appointment, and Elder Larrabee said, "The rain is gonna let up" and I thought he was crazy, but sure enough, as soon as we started walking, the rain pretty much stopped! It was a miracle.

Our new years was alright. we stopped working at 6 pm on New Years Eve, and went to bed at 10pm. We were tired. dude, EVERYONE here gets absolutely wasted on new years! Its unbelievable, and sad. like 3 of every 4 drivers are drunk. on Saturday, we just hung out at the chapel with some of the other missionaries in our zone, and just relaxed.

Well, this new year I started reading the BOM from the beginning. someone did the math and if you read 17 pages per day, you can read the BOM 11 times...for 2011! I don't think I could do that.

Everything here is sweeet! have a great week! Miss you!
LOVE,Elder Haws

Elder Larrabee and I were pretending to hitch hike! notice the "no hiking" sign in the background

That was our Chrsitmas feast! in that picture is the Elders Quorum president and Relief Society president


 The Van Skeltmer family. talk about some BIGG Afrikkaners! that guy makes me look like a shrimp!

He got a shirt that said San Diego!

Isn't that baby just the cutest thing ever!