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Monday, January 10, 2011

I've fallen in love...with hymn #19!!

HEY family!

Glad you guys had FUN skydiving! how much did it cost? haha

I got that awesome package from Aunt Julie, and Aunt Sue sent me some SWEEEET 'em!  We normally do a few hours of service each week, but last week it was just a lot. I have been driving a little bit. I'm kinda getting used to it. Going back to the states and driving is gonna be strange

The end of this month is the end of this transfer. I like East London, but it would be cool to serve somewhere else hahaha I'll be happy if I stay though.  It's been HOT here recently. we do a TON of walking. The workout band isn't heavy duty at all.

We had zone training this week with president Probst. I learned a lot, and also learned I got many things that I can do to improve on! haha. We talked about the spirit and how we can better teach using the spirit. president said "The Spirit will lead you to amazing places" so true.

Sister Peggy CUSTOM tailored 2 of my shirts! WOW! I love that lady. no offense mommy, but they fit alot better than the way you did it. like now there's 2 lines down the back where she took off the "baggyness" of the shirt? if that makes sense. after she fixed them up, she washed them and ironed them for me! I LOVE that sweet little old lady, so much!

So I'm just blazin' through the BOM. I'm already in 2 Nephi. I really enjoyed 2 Nephi 2 and 2 Nephi 3. such good chapters. Lehi was a great prophet. and in Jesus the Christ, it talks about some of the details of their journey to the promised land, like how they landed somewhere in South America, and like how the Jaradites landed a few years earlier on the Baja Mexico area! so cool.

I've fallen in love...with hymn #19 "We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet"!! Elder Larrabee and I sing it while we walk!! but the best is the MoTab version during the Saturday AM session of conference...can you say POWERFUL! haha

Bad news, Yolanda hasn't come to church the past 3 weeks, and she's moving to PE soon for school, so hopefully she'll get her act together.  Yesterday we attended ward counsel...dang! it was neat to see how a ward is run!

Hope y'all have a good week

Elder Haws

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