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Monday, January 17, 2011

When you think of me, I'm most likely doing 1 of 5 things.....STUDYING, PRAYING, TEACHING, WALKING OR SLEEPING!

Dear Family

How'z is?! Sorry I havent taken any pictures recently.  Transfers are at the end of this month/first week in Feb.  I sent sister Monson a letter, so make sure she gets it before she leaves for Vegas bayybayyy  No new songs I'm singing  yet.

The main sports here are obviously soccer, but the 2 other HUGE sports are RUGBY and CRICKET!  This week went by super quick!  We watched part of the COLLEGE FOOTBALL NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!! Oregon vs. Auburn! We went to a DA with a member of the bishopric, and he flipped on the game and wanted us to explain how in the heck you play football. So Elder Larrabee and I explained all the rules and stuff. It was fun! haha. The game obviously wasnt live, and they cut out some parts and they cut out half time. We left about half way through the 3rd quarter. man, it was a good game huh?! haha. I was getting fired up! haha. It honestly it showed me why we dont watch/follow sports cuz in that hour that we were there, our minds were totally off missionary work. I know it was bad, but it showed me how important it is to not worry about sports or whatever and just focus on the work that I've been called here to do. I'm positive all those sports will be there when I get back.

I went on 2 exchanges this week. they both were sweeet! Elder Hastings came to my area and we had fun together, but then on friday we went on exchanges with the zone leaders! So Elder Turner came to my area and I went to their area! I was with Elder Oleole...from HAWAII!! he goes home in less than 3 weeks! lucky punk. haha. We stayed up till past midnight just talking about all kinds of stuff! I was pickin his brain. we had fun together, and I liked driving in a car..cuz they have a driving area! Elder Oleole teaches/talks really slow when he teaches, and I guess thats something I can improve on. some people dont understand english very well, so its important to teach clearly and so that they understand!

Elder Larrabee and I had a BIG day this week. We had a fellowshipper and taught some really good lessons and that day we found like 5 new investigators. nothing happens in missionary work until you find people to teach!  This week president Probst is coming to our district meeting, so it will be me and my comp, and Elder Hasting and Elder Ruzai, and then President and sister Probst! haha poor Elder Larrabee...he has to teach for 30 minutes! HA!

On saturday we did some fun service...we were helping this family put a roof on their was hard work, but fun.   We literally ran out of food this week..... haha we need to do some major shopping! Im my missionary bank account, I have over 1,000 rands...only cuz we get fed pretty much every single night! most all other areas arent like that.

Well, the work is starting to pick up again in the area! holidays are over and most schools start tomorrow! Elder Larrabee and I are gonna take this area to new heights! I love that guy, he is awesome! I got lucky to be "stuck" with him for this 3 months!

Nice picture of the JoBurg Temple a friend took....
My testimony has grown alot and I'm starting to really understand the gospel more than I every have before, and I'm gonna keep learning and growing throughout my entire mission!
Well, thanks again for all the love and support and prayers that you "send" me! I feel it. yeah I still got a ways till I come home, but it's gonna just fly by! when you think of me, Im most likely doing 1 of 5 things.....STUDYING, PRAYING, TEACHING, WALKING OR SLEEPING! haha or eating.

Miss you lots!
Love your missionary son,
Elder Haws

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  1. Every week I think "This is my favorite letter!" But this week I think it really is! He is growing and learning so much! Not only does he love missionary work, I can tell he loves the Lord and wants to do whatever He wants him to do. And the Lord will bless him and your family for it! Love you guys!