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Monday, February 28, 2011

Time fly's when you're having fun, right!?

Hi Family

This week was just another week here in East London...not many exciting things happen here I've noticed. Most of the crazy stories elders tell happen when they're serving in townships, but I sure do see my fair share of unique things each and every day. Every day is different and we face new people and different challenges and situations. I'm pretty positive I'm gonna be transferred in the middle of March.  Haven't got the card...yet! maybe this Friday

Right now I'm in this portal emailing (obviously) and for some reason there's lots of hooting (honking) going on outside haha. and the kid working here is playing some "good" music hahah! oops..oh well, I cant help it. I guess at the moment it's the Cricket world cup. Yessie that game is confusing! God bless America, and baseball haha. It's fun to watch cricket, and SA is pretty good. I think its some rugby tournament going on too! sports sports sports.

I'm the only one in my district from the states. They sometimes think it's fun to give me a hard time, like jokingly. Its dumb. I'm from the promised land baby!  Lets see, I'm trying to reflect on this past week. Lots of things happen, but its hard to explain everything and make this email good! I just try my best.

Our stats weren't good as last week, but we still worked hard. One thing that I hate is when appointments fall through. We remind the person we're coming, normally walk a long way to see them, then they're not there! and when we call them, they don't pick up! and then we have an hour to nothing! We normally just end up making a plan and checking up on people, or tracting...but that's not always effective. The solid investigators come through referrals from members. 

This week I did go on exchanges with Elder Olivier. honestly, he's a nerd that loves to read and has never kissed a girl...but he's cool! we had fun together. I really liked it cuz it was a hot day, and I got to sit in an air conditioning car! 

We had an awesome braai (bry) which is a BBQ, with bishop! that guy is freakin awesome! soo cool. good food too. bless this meat, lets eat! haha

Elder Frost is still awesome. I've picked up on some of his New Zealand far out, I cant be bothered, ha-ha (harbor) hahaha  he gave me a new Zealand shirt, and I have 2 others, and I was thinking I would eventually send them home so I didn't have to carry them around my entire mission. I know, I know, you guys want some stuff from down here...I promise I'll send some stuff..anything specific?  Church yesterday was good. We had 6 investigators there. We did our home teaching last night, and literally walked forever to see this one guy, and we were tired, and about to give up, but then we just "happened" to find his house and he was a less active member of the ward. We had a powerful lesson and watched the talk by President Monson, 3 R's of choice...and it was perfect cuz this guy has a problem with working on Sunday. Jobs in Africa are hard to get, so once you get one, you pretty much gotta work when they tell you. But this guy was sweet, and has a strong desire to come to church and stuff. heck, he even wanted the general conference CD! haha. We'll go back and visit him this week again and get him active. and that cool guy named Daz was like out of town all week, and I LOVE going and teaching him, so that was a bummer, but he's back in town to we're going there this week! yes!

I'm starting to get more confidence during lessons, and becoming more familiar with the gospel and being able to address the needs of our investigators and to teach from the heart by the spirit. It takes a lot of practice and hard work, and I got a long way to go, but I'm getting there! I better be getting there cuz soon I'm gonna be the senior companion! haha

Can you believe its March! crazy. Time fly's when you're having fun, right!?

Miss you!  BYE!
-Elder Haws

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