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Monday, March 7, 2011

You're not gonna believe what we found in the toilet...a FROG!!

Hello, thanks for the email.

Thats cool that Kelly gave my missionary moment in church!

This week was super! One of the busiest on mission so far! We had some booked days and some amazing appointments. Yessie I'm tired! One lesson that stood out to me was when we taught Daz. We watched the general conference by president Monson...the 3 R's of choice. We left him the temple Ensign and he loved it! that guy is a stud

Dad, you're gonna be jealous/proud....I played SQUASH this morning! it actually was a blast! It was a good workout.

This Sunday was stake conference! super good meeting. I had to stand at the door and greet everyone cuz the other 3 elders were in choir and were practicing, and the other elders in the stake didn't feel like greeting people, so I shook a lot of hands...but it was fun! our ward mission leader spoke about how a belief becomes a knowledge (I've seen that on mission) President and sister Probst were there! Have I mentioned how amazing president Probst is?! He gave an incredible talk. one thing he said really stood out to me...take care of the Lords business and he'll take care of yours. so true! then, Elder Hill of the area presidency addressed us. he gave a great talk, and mentioned about his trip to the sacred grove. he said that he found out the weather reports during the spring of 1820 and said there were only 2 sunny days that spring, March 27 & 28..and one of those days was a Sunday, so it was probably on that day that "it" happened. he also said that the owner of the grove isn't a member, but said that 6 trees that were around in 1820 are still there, and they're called the witness trees! it made me think about how we saw Alvin's tree when we were there.

Mommy, its a good thing that you don't watch me throughout the day and know some of the crazy things I do, sometimes. here in SA there's no such thing as J walking...sooo we cross crazy streets and cars zoom right past us, like we just stand in the middle of the Oxford..the busiest street. it's kinda scary, but fun at the same time!

The other night we came home and you're not gonna believe what we found in the toilet...a FROG!! Only in Africa!! haha We tired to flush him down, but that little guy hung on for dear life, so I scooped him up and set him free haha

I found like my 2 new favorite hymns. both from the most recent general conference. hymn #9 and #269!  I finished the Book of Mormon..only took me 2 months! I love that book! Now, on to the New Testament! I love my hour of personal study each and every morning.

Well, this is probably my last full week in East London. I'm gonna make the most of it and live it up and enjoy it!

Talk to you next week!

Love ya!
Elder Haws


  1. Love that kid! I need to write him. I'm wondering why you didn't put "frog in the toilet" as the heading, haha :)