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Monday, March 28, 2011

MDANTSANE baby! its sweet! you pronounce it "don-son-E"

Hey family!

I got both of the emails this time..heck I just spent the last 15 minutes reading haha. To answer some of your questions in the other email...theres no earthquakes here, haven't played squash since, I don't need any CD's, and there's not many massive spiders like that here that I've seen...but sometimes during lessons I see cockroaches and other bugs crawling around the peoples houses! Gross.

Did Aunt Sue get my letter??  Thanks for the updates on things!  yeahhhh, MDANTSANE baby! Its sweet! you pronounce it don-son-E the M is pretty much silent.

Haven't gotten any package yet..but thanks for sending one! Cant wait to get it. Elder McD got one and it cost 60 bucks to send it to him. to be honest, I haven't driven yet, but I know I should practice! Its gonna take some time to get used to it. Its normal to drive on the wrong side of the road now...its gonna be super weird to drive "normal" again when I get home.

I think its super cute when small kids call me mlungu! I dont think its offensive. The thing is, they NEVER see white people! the entire township is Xhosa!

This week was hectic and wayy busy! It went by fast. One day we taught 7 lessons! yeah, thats a lot. man, I thought my stats a few weeks ago in my old area were monster..ha! We are pullin BIG numbers here in MD! believe it. sooo, I've kinda tried to find something "cool" every day while in are the things I saw/witnessed..saw a kid passed out sleeping on his bed with his hands in his pants haha, saw a fast food place called "Hungry Lion' and they bumped House music inside, met a guy who wanted us to help him start a crusade, saw a dunk guy literally laying in the middle of the street! Like it was dangerous. I got a pic, I'll send some next week. In MD people just burn their trash on the side of the road, so it makes alot of smoke....and it stinks! haha its trash! We were in a store called Pick-N-Pay (similar to Vons) and this sandwich fell on the dirty floor, and we picked it up and gave it to the person that worked there, and she literally looked at it, put it back in the little plastic container it was in, and placed it back on the shelf! Yeah, only in Africa! haha.

This week I had some more Mgqushu, but also had this popular Xhosa food called Mphokogqo (Q is a click) it was, ummm, interesting. Its like pop (similar to rice) with rotten sour milk on-top..YUM!!

Umngqusho (Mngqusho) is a favorite traditional dish of the Xhosa people in South Africa made of samp and cowpeas. Samp (or stampmielies, stamp) is very similar to American hominy or posole: both are de-hulled dried corn (maize). In the case of samp, however, the corn kernels are crushed or broken into pieces which are easier to cook and eat. If you cannot find samp, buy dry hominy and use a rolling pin or a mortar and pestle to crush or break the kernels, being careful not to grind them into flour. Cowpeas are a variety of the American black-eyed pea (use whichever is obtainable). In South Africa, dried samp and beans are sold already mixed and ready to use. Samp is sometimes served with fried onions, or as a side dish with any main course that has its own gravy.

So check this out, the other night, like during the middle of the night, I woke up...wait wait wait, I forgot to tell you we put the beds together to make a bunk bed..okay, soo I woke up and like the top bunk was like falling down on me, and it was heavy! Like I was not all there cuz I was like half asleep so I wasn't too sure what was going on, but eventually Elder McD came down from the top bunk and like we put the bed back together and went back to sleep, but it was weird! haha. When my district leader took my report/interviewed me, he asked what the worst part of the week was....and it was SO GREAT that the only bummer the entire week was when I didn't get any post :( shame haha

Can you find the 7 visions of Lehi?  Here are some cool scriptures I came across this week.
1 Thessalonians 5:16-23, Hebrews 12:1, and D&C 42:61

HEY! tell me something that made you smile this past week! I wanna hear it :)

I was just looking in my planner at this upcomming week, and it's honestly pretty booked already! For sure wasn't like that in my last area! Our appointments here rarely fall through! Its great! We get to teach a lot! This week is Zone Conference with President Probst. AND we got some baptisms coming up soon!

Life is goood! Talk to y'all next week! Love ya!

Elder Haws

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