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Monday, March 14, 2011

This week I clicked 6 months!

.... our email did not get through to Dusty this week!

WOOOW!!! thats cool, my family doesnt love me :(   haha   what the heck, no email this week?!

Anyway, I've had a good week. it was most likely my last week here in East London, cuz this week is transfer week! we get our news on Tuesday morning, and get on a bus or plane on Wednesday! im not 100% positive that I'll be going, but not many missionaries stay in their greenie area for more than 6 months. so mentally I've kinda been preparing myself to go. I'm kinda sad though, cuz we got like 3 solid baptisms coming up in the month of april, and I probley wont be here! shame. we've worked hard to prepare them, and i wont be able to be there with them on their special day. but, thats just how missionary work is. Im really gonna miss Daz, and he said he'll miss me! haha. (I was just thinking, if I dont get transferred, this email is gonna be weird haha) bad news, Yolanda is pregnant! dumb. like she has been pregnant for a few months now, so thats why she hasnt been coming to church.

On Tuesday we had our zone training with President and Sister Probst! it was great. All the missionaries from the zone, like the ones from Port Alfred and Gramstown came. It was nice to see them. the food at zone conference was wayy good. in the morning we got like trained and practiced stuff by like doing role plays, then had lunch, but then in the afternoon, we watched a movie. "Facing The Giants" wow, what a great movie! I think you've seen it before, but you should watch it again. its about this high school coach who faces all these challenges, but in the end, everything is good and they win the final game and stuff. president applied it to our work here on mission. it was sweet. but it was about high school football, and it brought back some goood memories...back in the glory days of high school football! haha.

Bad news, we kinda made a surprise visit to Daz, and he answered the door with his shirt off, and was drunk! what the heck! haha. it was weird to see him like that, and we'll address the problem, and probley push his baptismal date back a week or so. He'll be alright. it was funny, I said the closing prayer, and he had a big delay when I said amen. haha. and then he gave me and Elder Frost kinda like a awkward long hug when we were leaving haha.

Yesterday was bitter sweet. probley the last sunday in the East London 3rd ward! sad. soo like saturday night and a few night previous to that, I couldnt really sleep cuz I was just pumped to bear my testimony. BUT, the 3rd ward is amazing, and as soon as the bishop sat down, there was a flocking of people to go up and bear their testimonies! like, half of the ward went up. my hopes were crushed. I mean, I wanted to go up, and I guess I shoulda, but it was their time. oh well. my favorite testimony was that of one of the less active girls in the ward. I met her back in october, and she just didnt seem happy with life and hadn't come to church in a longg time. but, with our hard work and her desire to fix her life, good things happened. She hasn't missed a Sunday of church for like almost 3 months now! She now dressed modestly and honestly is just SO much more happy, all of the time! that's the only way I can explain it. She is well on her way to going to the temple when the ward goes in October for their yearly temple trip.  Shes the only member in her family, and has to walk like 15 minutes to church. anyway, she got up and bore an amazing testimony. It was great!

After church, that crazy farm lady came up to me and was tearing up a little bit, cuz it was probley my last Sunday. it was kinda weird to see a tough and tough lady like her get emotional, but it was cool.

Yessie I was freakin starving yesterday! I love fast Sunday, but walking in the blazing heat in the afternoon, feeling tired and dehydrated was rough. but I survived, and mama fazeka fed us an AMAZING meal, so it was all good. I was soo full!

I'm starting to kinda understand cricket, just a little bit! it's interesting to watch. A big tournament is going on, but USA doesn't have a team!

This week I clicked 6 months! 1/4th of the way done! crazy aye?!  Well, maybe next week I'll be emailing you from a different part of South Africa, and have a new companion!

Miss you guys! talk to y'all next week


just a shortcut to one of our appointments

thats just right outside our boarding

check out that MASSIVE spider..ya, only in Africa

love that sign

we cleared out that entire garden...

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