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Monday, March 21, 2011

New area will be in MDANTSANE serving with ELDER MCDONALD

WOW, where do I begin!!!

Thanks for the email, as usual. the pictures were sweet. but actually I think I just got last weeks, and not this weeks? oh well.  Alright, I got lots to say, and not much time to do it.

SOOOO, as you know, this week was transfer week. normally, we are called by the AP's (assistant to the president) on tuesday morning between 7 am and 10 am and we are told our transfer news. So on Tuesday morning, as soon as I got out of the shower, like the second I turned off the water, Elder Frost banged on the door and said "hurry up, presidnet is on the phone" I was like ahhh. So I threw a towel on, still wet, and stood there and Elder Frost got his news then handed the phone over to me. now, President Probst's voice is one of a kind. I can still hear and remember what he said. "Good morning Elder Haws, how are ya?" "I'm good presidnet, just standing here in my towel" he laughed! hahah. Then he was like "Well, are you ready for some tranfer news?" "Yes president" "Good. well, we thank you for all the hard work you've done in East London, etc etc,"Then he was scaring me by saying "Are you ready for some more responsibility?" haha  then he said you're new area will be in MDANTSANE serving with ELDER MCDONALD!!!!!!!!!!!!

We met Elder McDonald and family in St George before Dusty left on his mission...

Soo then all day on Tuesday Elder Frost and I went around and visited lots of people and got some goodbye pictures with some people. It was kinda sad! I got to see most everyone that I wanted to, so that was nice. and we finished off the night with a nice DA with bishop! Elder Hastings and Olivier are staying the same, and the new elder in the area replacing me is Elder Kyvie or something like that. He's from Kenya and is one of the skinniest person I've ever seen! He also is very shy and new in the gospel. Elder Frost will be doing most of the talking, thats for sure! He's a cool kid. I'm not sure why president put him in a waking area, but they do gets lots of DA's. I wish them the best of luck!

So, that night we stayed up till like midnight signing journals and I started packing up and finished in the morning.

If you look on a map, Mdantsane is very close to East London. so I actually stay in East London, like 10 minutes away from where I used to stay! Its a nice place, no complaints about my new boarding!

Elder McDonald said he like screamed on the phone at president cuz he was so happy to serve with me! haha. weird huh! I've been in his living room, and now we're serving together! He's been in MD (mdantsane) all of his mission, but has been in this part of MD for over 3 months now, so he knows the area really well. This area is a driving area, so that's kinda nice. The car is a MANUAL!! I'll go into more detail next time about more stuff.

MD is a township!! Oh man, it is WAYY different than East London, town.

Alright, so I made this list of things I experienced/saw after only 5 days in MD........we had a drunk guy running after our car and shouting, another drunk guy came in during one of our lessons and just sat down and wouldnt leave, then started talking to himself, I saw a big mamma squat down and start peeing for the world to see, I saw an old guy just walking a goat on a leash down the street, I saw a kid with no pants on just chillin on the side of the road, I've seen many drunk people stumbling in the middle of the street and others just passed out on the side of the road..just wasted, I've had the famous Mgqushu (Q is a click) it tastes good, but very fatening haha, we met this one lady and she said a CRAZY prayer and was like shouting in Xhosa, I've taught a lesson in a shack, and taught a guy who pretty much didn't understand a word we were saying, I've been called MLUNGU (white boy) many many times, and see people just burning their trash in certain places. now remember, its been only 5 days here! there's even more things to say, but I'll stop there.

When I met a member of the bishopric, I didnt know what he looked like, but when we got to his house, a guy was just WASTED!! BUT it was actually him! he was just pretending! dude, he had me going. he was like stumbling around and stuff, but then just was normal and we all started laughing.

Church on Sunday was...umm..different!! thats for dang sure! This ward has more less actives than active members. in church yesterday, me. Elder McDonald, and one other elder were the only white people in the entire place! It was weird. During church, the mostly speak in Xhosa...which they aren't supposed to!

Listen to this...sooo this area is on FIRE!!! Seriously. The work here is bumpin! So this past week they had 8 baptisms, so this week they needed to be confirmed. during sacrament meeting, they called me and Elder McDonald up, plus one other companionship up, along with the bishop to confirm them. I quickly realized that I was going to be confirming someone!! AHHH!! I was scared! hahaha defiantly wasn't expecting to do that! but the bishop looked at me and said "You're turn" haha! lucky, the guy didn't have any clicks in his name! haha I was a neat experience for sure!

Well, I could type a lot more, but time is up! Serving in township is gonna be a fun experience! Talk to you guys next week!

Miss ya!
Elder Haws


  1. I LOVED this letter! It's nice he gets to have some new experiences, but this is a little crazy! I'm especially glad the work is on fire! Which is perfect because Dusty is on fire!! Love that kid!

  2. That is so cool he gets to serve with Elder McDonald and how they met before the missions!