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Monday, October 3, 2011

So next week we'll get our transfer news!

Hi family,

A sick license plate I got
Aw man, its sad to hear that uncle Kirk passed away. I told my mission president last week about what was going on, and he wrote back (which NEVER happens) and said "The plan of salvation is our greatest comfort when loved ones teeter between mortality and the spirit world. The Holy Ghost will comfort your father and family as you continue to be obedient and diligent and pray for that blessing. President Wood" pretty cool that he responded to me. I dont really know what else to say. I'm just glad I got to say goodbye to him before I left.  I know the Lord is taking care of my family and that he'll provide for your needs. I'm not worrying at all about you 2 old people, and Kelly. You're in good hands. Daddy, don't forget to hit up that ab machine at 24 hour fitness ;) hahaha

Thats exciting to hear that Durban is gonna get a temple, and also the DRC. yahoo! I know temples will dot this beautiful land. We get to watch conference on the 15 &16 of this month, I think. I might not be here in East London by then ;) haha I've been procrastinating the package to you, sorry, my fault. Yes I have money for food and in the next package some vitamins and CD's would be much appreciated, some picutres of the SD, Logan, and other temples! Missionaries like spiritual stuff too! Any cool gadgets or other cool things. I dont know! I'm gonna love the package no matter whats in it! Mommy, I havent seen a dryer here in SA. I dont need anything special for halloween. Yeah grandma Strang is a pretty faithful writer! Her letters are nice, but I'd rather get them from cute girls! hahaha jk jk. Its nice to hear whats going on in her life. sooo exciting and action packed! haha and of course Kelly sends me wonderful emails each and every week! They're awesome and I love her and them very very much.
As for my week, it was very nice and busy. I went on 2 exchanges. The first was with Elder Nilsson. He is very obedient, but we stayed up till like midnight talking about all kinds of stuff. He has been in contact with President Wood about some things, but he said I helped him out more than the things that President Wood was doing! ha! I felt proud of myself, but more just happy that I could help out a member of my district. He cooked me some nice food, and in the morning we went on a run! woooow, I am out of shape! It felt good to run, I miss it! We both were sore the next day. It was nice to teach and learn from him and just get to know the guy. He's amazing.

I also went on exchanges with Elder Andianantenaina from Madagascar! They all have lonnnggg names. he is our zone leader, so he was just seeing how myself and my district and my area was doing, and he reports back to president Wood. Both him and the other zone leader, who Elder Wolfgramm went with for the day, came to my district meeting! I made sure I was prepared and that it was going to be a good district meeting, and it was! I was happy that things went as planned. After the meeting, they had like a post DM review and they said I did a really good job. It was a nice confidence boost and it made me feel good. Elder Andianantenaina is a powerful missionary! It was super nice to teach with someone who knows what he's talking about and has mastered the teaching skills. We taught 3 powerful lessons, and had a blast together!
We got some nice stats this week. Its not all about the stats, but I was proud of myself and Elder Wolfgamm and it shows how hard we actually are working. this week is looking pretty busy busy, so weeks like that normally just breeze by. Its starting to heat up here in South Africa, so we've had some long hot days, but then out of nowhere, yesterday, it rained the entire afternoon! My feet and pretty much whole body was soaked! I had a rain coat, but it was no match for mother nature! But like D&C 139 says....when you work in the rain, your wife gets hotter! I could use some wife points! haha

This week the entire mission switched phone providers. We went from MTN to VodaCom. it was a little hectic, but im just glad our phones work
I was doing Elder Nilsson's wash and I found these!!
I surprised Elder Nilsson and washed all of his clothes, then folded and ironed them for him. He was very grateful and happy. I washed Oyiembos.and this morning Elder Wolfgramm and I cleaned out the fridge! Man, why did I wait till like my last week to do it! haha oh well, at least now it's clean.
I was looking at the crest (shows where and who all the elders in the mission are serving with) and I am one of only a few elders in my transfer that are district leaders. only 6 out of the 21 in our transfer are DL's. I feel like other missionaries could do a better job than me, little 'ole Elder Haws, but I just do my best.

Scriptures are D&C 82:8-9 and Alma 57:21
How in the heck is the pool doing?! and my pad squad?! and Westview football?!

The rugby world cup is going on, and USA got murdered/destroyed/wiped out/thrashed by Australia 60-5 haha South Africa won it last time, and are gonna win it again!

This is the last full week of the next week we'll get our transfer news! No worries, I've already received revelation that I'm going to cape town or Namibia! haha jk jk, we'll see though!

Onward, ever onward!!
-Elder Haws
Dumb and dummer "throw salt over your shoulder" and "pretty bird"
Elders from my transfer at zone conference
I LOVE this picture! look at Elder Oyiembo
Ohhh noooo, we gonna crash

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  1. It will be interesting if he gets transferred. Alex is anticipating a transfer as well. I shared Dusty's blog about Fred's cousin & her hubby with his Aunt who just happened to be there visiting because of General Conference? His cousin. Ruth was actually there when Aunt Nola opened it so that was fun for the two of them to see. I also sent it to Ruth's sister and she enjoyed reading how the missionaries perceive her sister & brother-in-law.