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Monday, September 26, 2011

Its nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice!

Hello Family,

Family visit Kirk in Wisconsin.
That is sad news. I hope things are going well. Everyone looks wayyy good in the pictures! I will no doubt keep him in my prayers and my fast. You better tell him hi for me and that I'm thinking a lot about him and the entire Haws family and that they will be in my many many many missionary prayers. "The only way to take the sting out of death, is to take love out of life."

That must have been exciting and cool to be in Packer country! ... and I guess its a good thing that they won! haha

As for my week, it was pretty good. nothing too out of the ordinary to report on. the weather is heating up a little bit, so that is nice. and also on the 30th of this month will mark 1 entire year in East London. niceeee.

I went on exchanges with Elder Oyiembo. We had a blast, as usual. He's such a stud! It was nice to drive around all day, while Elder Wolfgramm suffers! haha jk.

I discovered that Elder Wolfgramm gets very nervous and scared during first lessons with people. I'm sure I was the same way too, back when I was still new on mission. We role play in our companion studies and I feel like that is really helping him out a lot. We stop frequently and talk about what he can say or how he can improve. Not to boast, but I know how to teach the restoration and the doctrine of Christ...but probable should be able to cuz I've been out over a year and am a district leader trainer senior companion.

Mommy, one thing that Elder Wolfgramm does is that he grinds his teeth at night! Not good, right?!

2 of the days when we were in the area, we were only able to teach 1 lesson, each of the days. not good! haha but we still worked hard, even if we didn't get to do much actual teaching

A highlight of the week was when we got our washing machine!! There was much rejoicing!! haha it is SOOOOO nice to have "clean" clothes. There is such a huge difference! its such a luxury. I guess the old saying is don't know what you got till its gone.

A neat part of the week happened on Saturday. The other elders had 2 people ready to be baptized (the 2 I interviewed) and every thing was planned out. The ward mission leader takes care of like the program and everything. but, Friday night we got an text from him saying that he wouldn't be able to make it, so it was up to us to run the baptism. and me, being the district leader, had to conduct the baptism! haha. I wasn't nervous, it actually was kinda fun! It was a cool experience.

Yesterday was Elder Wolfgramm's 20th birthday! Last Monday when we were buying food, I secretly bought pancake mix and a chocolate bar for him, so yesterday morning he got up, and while he was in the shower, I made his bed and put a happy birthday paper on his bed along with the chocolate, and then I made him some delicious pancakes straight from the celestial kingdom! haha It reminded me of when you, mommy, always made pancakes for Kelly and daddy, and NEVER for me, you're first born child and only son! haha jk. He was very very happy and surprised and grateful for what I did for him. I'm just glad he had some food to eat cuz he cant really control himself too well when it comes to food and normally eats all of it in the beginning of the week so when the weekend rolls around, he's out! haha I share with him, but heck, I kinda sometimes have the same problem too!

Some members of the ward left today to go to the temple! I am SO jealous! lucky little punks.

The scriptures for the week are Isaiah 52:7 and Mosiah 4:27
I read this somewhere "Its nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice" :)

Elder Nilson shared something with me from a book he read. He said that there are 5 ways to love: gifts, service, words of affirmation, quality time, and physical touch. There are many different languages of love. To show people more often that you love them! You can never be too loving!

Hope you travel safe and that things with Kirk go well. He'll be okay, he's tough as nails!


-Elder Haws

A helping hand

After doing some service...
South African sunset
The wonderful loving Sister Mtana and us

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