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Monday, September 19, 2011

I've discovered a hidden talent..

and it came to pass that Elder Haws said to his family...

How'z it?! Man, what a powerful week here in South Africa. Thats cool President Wood sent you an letter. Yeah most elders get to train and be district leaders, but I am one of only a few that are currently doing it right now. More than half of my transfer are serving as just senior companions or even some are still junior companions. Not many have trained are only a handful are district leaders right now. I'll just serve where and be whatever the Lord and President Wood want me to be/do.

Mommy I dont know what paper work projects you're talking about...but the small amount of administrative work that I do is normally done during the evening. and yes, dont worry my mommy, I'm nice and warm all of the time. Check you out, maybe working at a grocery store?! which one?! haha

Our boarding is in the background
Zone Conference was absolutely amazing! We live soo close to the chapel that it was being held at, so we just walked, and as we were walking, President Wood and Renlund and their wives in their car pulled up along side us and asked where the chapel was (it was right in front of us) Elder Wolfgramm jokingly pointed the opposite direction! haha it was funny. Then I got to say HI to all of the other missionaries and then it was time for the pre-meeting with President Renlund and Wood with all the district leaders, zone leaders, and AP's. Walking into that room was like walking into the Holy of Holies! haha We all sat down and one by one introduced ourself and said where we were from. Elder Renlund said some words then asked that we one by one share one thing that was going well in our district or zone. Then after we had all done that, we all were asked to mention one thing that our district or zone could improve on! I was kinda scared, but it was exciting. after that meeting, we took that picture that I sent you and went into the chapel for the conference. It was amazing, Elder Renlund has an incredible memory, especially with our names. he said mine like 5 times! haha

President Renlund and his wife
The conference itself was freakin awesome! Soo many great insights and revelation and just spirit packed stuff! I took lots of notes and learned a ton. Elder Renlund talked about his experience of speaking in general conference! Watch his talk! Oct 2009 Sun PM session! He said that the first presidency sent him a letter like 2 months before conference saying "we would be pleased if you spoke at conference" haha and like all the talks during conference, they are not assigned a topic. Elder Renlund explained how he just sat down and he knew exactly what he should put into this talk. he said how sometimes he would wake up in the middle of the night and know exactly what part of his talk he needed to change. Then, he had to submit his talk to the first presidency to have it approved. then, here's something he swore us to secrecy, but that they wear makeup!! yeah, its true. He said he went into a room and one of the other apostles were there and this lady put makeup on him! Like on his bald head so the light wouldnt reflect too much. He said he was nervous. and when the person speaking before him said a certain line in his talk, that was Elder Renland's que to so get in the on-deck circle! He said there are 4 places where his talk is shown. He could only see like the first 4 rows of people and the rest is just black darkness haha. He said how he hopes that he wont be asked to speak again haha
Anyways, that was probley the highlight of the week. but another bright spot was when I had to do 2 baptismal interviews!! True, one was only 9 years old, and the other one was only 11 years old, but still, an interview is an interview! It was a neat experience. It was cool to get to know them and see if they were ready to get baptized, and they sure were! One of them was wayy nervous, but I tried my best to make him feel comfortable, and he lightened up. they are both excited to bet baptized, and I'm happy for them!

This week, one of our recent converts, who is 12 years old was assigned to give a talk on repentance. This poor guy struggles big time with English and to be honest, doesnt even know what repentance is! haha. so we went over to his house and I wrote the entire talk for him! then, yesterday, he got up there and nailed it! he did a fantastic job! I was soo happy. The bishop was smiling the whole time. I even put our names into his talk! haha

While I was taking reports this week, Elder Nilsson said he was having a hard time and asked for some advice from me. I was kinda caught off guard. I quickly offered up a silent prayer asking for some inspiration and the Lord helped me, as He always does, and I was able to help Elder Nilsson! Just another one of the tender mercies of the Lord. I see 'em each and every day without fail.

This morning, before we came to email, we went to the new senior couple's boarding in East London. the last time I went to their NICE boarding it was for a thanksgiving dinner! yeah, I've been in East London too long! haha but they fed us an AMAZING brunch with the other elders from the zone! It truly was a taste from home...wanna know why?! The senior couple, Elder and Sister Fowers, and from Bonita!! They're from San Diego! They are freakin epic!! They are the best ever. They have been to the black mountain building before a few times and I mentioned like a few names from the ward and he said Brad Hatch sounded familiar from scouts! They like me a lot and even passed by and dropped off some chocolate chip cookies and said they would look into getting us a washing machine that worked! haha ahh I love them!

The weather here is slowly starting to heat up! Its getting hot. heres a fun fact for you, I've discovered a hidden talent..Im good at memorizing things! weird, I know, but I've come to realize that I'm sometimes good at it.

The weekly scriptures are Psalms 119:2 and D&C 64 :32-34

Hope you guys have a great week!  I think about you guys and pray for you each and every day, without fail! I miss you, but this time apart is just showing me how much I truly do love my great family!

Elder Dusty Haws

Walkin along the road

Yes, that is a cows head

Big transfer

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  1. Brent & Connie, I can't help but think that all the sports our boys played helped them to become great missionaries & leaders. We have known a lot of mission presidents and being a trainer is the most important call a missionary can have. I'm so proud of Dusty and how hard he works. He's a great example to the missionaries he works with. Also, you may be interested in knowing that Elder Dale Renlund's wife is Fred's first cousin. Her name is Ruth. Small world eh? You'll have to tell Dusty :)