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Monday, November 28, 2011

I'm thankful for the gospel...

Oh hello family!

Nice email and pics! Man, sounds like you guys had the time of your life this week! I wish I was there, nahh, being a missionary in Cape Town is too much fun! How about next year we'll have a massive feast all together. Deal. Way to go Aggies! Thats what I'm talking about! Oh mommy, you and those snowmobiles haha you guys see that daughter of yours wayyy more than you saw me haha I'm glad. Thanks mommy for the chocolate chip cookie stuff! dang, this is gonna be harder than I thought. I thought I'd just have to buy some flour and some eggs and maybe some butter and call it good. haha. Too bad theres no Fahrenheit here haha. I think Elder Giles and I are gonna have to do a practice run before we make lots and lots for the members here in the Meadowridge ward. Thanks again mommy!
A sweet view of Hout Bay

As for my week, it was awesome! A total turn around from the last week! Our stats were high and we did lots of good work. As you can obviously tell from the pictures, we saw some nice places last p-day! Chapmans Peak! It was very nice. I guess at certain times in the year, you can see lots of whales there, but we only saw some otters or whatever. it was a nice relaxing p-day.

Last week was transfer week, and Elder Giles and I are staying together another transfer! Nice! The only bummer about that was that on the day every one like comes and goes, transfer day, we just had a normal day. We didn't go to the mission home or like the airport. At the mission home on transfer day it is nice to see lots of other missionaries and President and Sister Wood, but we didnt go. Oh well. Theres always, with out fail, lots and lots of food at the mission home! I heard there were lots of pancakes and cookies there. shame man. Actually that morning Elder Giles and I went to work and did a solid 2 hours of service! We didn't have and interruptions in the work, so that was nice.

Thursday was Thanksgiving here in Cape Town! Last year the senior couple in East London invited us over for some food, but this year, we were on our own. We cooked lots of food, and had our feast. It was nothing compared to what I've had in the past, or what I'm going to have next year, but it was still good. then, as tradition, We threw the pig skin around haha lucky we had a football in our boarding. That was nice. but overall, Thanksgiving was very nice. Elder Giles missed his family, I tried to make it a fun day for him. I also reflected over the many many things that im grateful for in my life. I'd have to say the top one might just have to be my amazing mom, dad, and sister!! Of course other sweet family and friends. I'm thankful for the gospel, my good health, and the chance I have to serve the Lord with all my heart, might, mind and strength all day every day for 2 years.

We got a new member of my district...Elder Park! He's in my transfer, from New Mexico. that last time I saw him was in the MTC and in the mission home on the first day on mission. He hasn't changed a bit! haha He's Elder Speeds new companion. Thats a powerful companionship. Our district meeting went very well and look forward to this upcoming transfer! Its gonna be sweet.

I got grandmas package already! That was fast. I peeked in it, but everything is wrapped, so I put it under my bed, and thats where it'll stay until christmas. This week our ward mission leader put on the movie Loin King for us for a few minutes. Not sure why he did it, but it was kinda cool! We're supposed to be like little children, right?! haha I couldnt really remember what happened, so thats a nice date night movie when I get back home! haha

Heres some great news, I got in contact with good 'ole Elder Wolfgramm, and he said that they had 3 baptisms on saturday! AH! those 2 brothers I worked my tail off teaching, and this other girl we found and i started teaching. Elder Wolfgramm said they all asked him to baptize them..good for him! im gonna shoot him and email and demand some pictures! Hey, as long as they get baptized and stay active, thats all that I care about. Sure it woulda been nice to be there and witness it and congratulate them! They know I love them. also, Elder Wolfgramm said that every time Khayakazi (recent convert in Mdantsane that I baptized) sees a picture of me, she like cries a little bit! awwwww! I miss her and her brother!

As for the work here in Meadowridge, things are looking up. Got some new people to teach and follow up with. I remember the holiday season last year, it was kinda tough to find people home because most people leave and go places, or pretty much don't wanna see us! haha We'll still find things to do. Crazy to think that its December already! dang.

Elder Giles and I decided at the end of the day, think back and reflect on the day and identify the miracles that we had that day and the tender mercies to us missionaies. We look for His hand in this work, and see it time and time again. Its amazing.

2 scriptures are:

James 2:10
For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all.

D&C 53:7
And again, I would that ye should learn that he only is saved who endureth unto the end. Even so. Amen

Hope you guys have a wonderful week! I'm thinking about you guys! You think you miss me, but sorry to inform you that I miss you guys MORE! :)
Bye for this week, love ya!


Our district

The Lord gives me strength!

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