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Monday, November 29, 2010

Just lovin' my mission!!

Moloweni Family!!!

Thanks for the shortest email EVER!!! haha jk. man, I WISH I coulda been there in Logan for Thanksgiving!! I for sure was thinking about you guys!!   I FINALLY attached some pictures

On my left the COOLEST MOST AWESOME bishop ever!!
Well, another good week here in East London, doin' missionary work!! we had interviews with the one and only PRESIDENT PROBST!! that man is absolutely unbelievable. I’m not sure how one man can be so smart and knowledgeable of the gospel and teach with so much power. Wow. Our interview was great. he answered all my questions and I could tell he really cared about me, and like he does with every missionary at the end of an interview or a meeting, he says in his low powerful voice, "well, we love you and we pray for you, keep doin' what you're doing." haha every time he says that!

Thanksgiving Feast!!
This week I went on exchanges with the infamous Elder Moorcroft!! He is awesome, and we had an absolute BLAST together! He taught me lots and lots of things.
On Thursday it was Thanksgiving!! We all went over to the senior couples house and had a small "feast". Defiantly wasn’t close to a real Thanksgiving feast!! I was kinda missin' home a lot that day, but i was alright!! Elder Larrabee and i had a feast that night, pasta with meat and some cool drink and pudding!!
Sister Peggy, the like 90 year old STUD, who has had missionaries over for 56 years, has cancer :( she coulda gone in for surgery last Friday, but postponed it for this Wednesday, so that she could feed us on Monday and play Phase 10 with us. She is an amazing lady. She is in amazing shape, and knows she'll be just fine after the surgery. We went over and helped put up her mini Christmas tree and hung out with her. She made us South African pancakes. It’s like watered down pancake mix..So the pancakes are thin, then you put brown sugar on them, then butter on the inside and roll them into what looks like a burrito, then add some more brown sugar..sooooo unhealthy, but soooo GOOD!! Haha

On Friday, we had district meeting and then afterwards we're supposed to get post, but i guess they sent our post to the wrong place...Namibia!!! Shame! We got some of their mail. so no post this week :( well, i guess that means that this Friday is gonna be great! haha. After district meeting, we all went out to eat and then Elder Larrabee and i went tracting and no one was home. then we walked all the way across town to our appointment and they weren’t there. then we decided to check some people, and they weren’t home, and to add on top of that, it decided to rain, and I mean African rain! Haha, but we survived!!

Big group of all our fellow shippers!!!
We visited some less actives this week. this one lady hadn’t been to church for a long time cuz she got offended and wasn’t married and had some other concerns, but after talking with her for awhile, she put her head in her pillow and said "I miss my church." we planned to visit her again this week with the relief society president, and we're doing some service for her. We also had 2 other less actives come to church yesterday! AND a investigator that I really hoped would come, came to church! Yes!

Volanda, the lady getting baptized on the 12th of December, got interviewed by bishop and afterwards he had a BIG smile and gave us thumbs up! I love teaching her, but yohhhh,t he kid is CRAZY! haha sooo distracting during the lessons.

The weather here is pretty warm. Especially in the morning, but then sometimes it rains in the evening! One night there was a lighting storm that was pretty cool.
Just lovin' my mission!!  Miss you all!

ek is lief vir jou (afrikans) 
ndiya ku thanda (Xhosa)

Elder Haws

My monkey friends

My 1st comp, Elder Aires

Elder Larrabee and I

Our boarding was getting painted, so everything was a messsss. HECKTIC!!!
Elder Moorcroft in my bed!


  1. These are super fun pictures! It really gives me a taste of his experiences. He looks like the tallest one of the group, too! Again, I am so impressed with his missionary zeal!

  2. What great pictures! The pancakes sound just like something Fred had on his mission. We make them here every once in awhile and we too use brown sugar, sometimes icing sugar, or nutella & bananas. They are yummy!