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Monday, December 6, 2010

I have that cute little Christmas tree up in our boarding!!

Heyyyy Family!!
Thanks for the email, as usual!  The Bishop emailed me!  I GOT YOUR PACKAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom, I wasn't planning on opening it until Christmas, but its a good thing that I did cuz now I have that cute little Christmas tree up in our boarding!! Thanks!! I'll be honest, I did kinda peek at some of the things in there ;) haha I got Grandma Strang's package as well! It was sweet.

Only one house in all of East London has Christmas lights on it, and that's Bishop house!!! and he lives right above us, so that's nice.  There's only 1 zone in like 14-16 elders or something like that.  President Probst goes home in July, so we'll get a new president. They serve for 3 years.  I got a picture of the snow last week, and I LOVE that pic of my plaque!! awesome! looks gooood! question, umm what picture is that from? I cant tell, is it the one I sent to SLC with my papers?

Alright, I only have 13 minutes left on this computer.  I spent too much time emailing my favorite sister!! oops. This week was just another week. I'm starting to get used to the missionary routine and I know my way around East London really well!! The missionary work is kinda slowing down a little bit. We are trying to get our teaching pool up, but lots of people are going to the rural areas for the holidays and other investigators seem like they're never home or just aren't interested. It's all good. Elder Larrabee and I still work hard all day every day. Tomorrow is Zone Conference. It happens every 3 months. We have 3 zones meeting that's a lot of missionaries!! We'll have 2 elders sleeping over tonight and tomorrow night! Elder Watson, the same guy who came to the stake conference a few weeks ago, the same Elder Watson who served as the secretary for the prophet for 38 years, is coming to zone conference! this morning I read a conference talk that he gave in May 2009. The next day is our Christmas activity!! I'm not sure what exactly we'll do, but I'm sure it'll be fun!

Sister Peggy is doing AMAZING after her surgery. Shes such a stud!!  Yolanda, the person who is getting baptized next Sunday, has to meet with President Probst to make sure she'll be able to get baptized. The info is confidential, but there's a problem with question most likely about having an abortion or committing a crime. President just has to make sure everything is cooool. but she'll almost certainly pass! :) and since she doesn't really know anyone in the ward, it'll probably be ME who will baptize her!! If she wants, that would be a COOL experience. We'll see!

Well, gotta go. hope all is well!! Don't worry, your son is safe and having a BLAST! talk to you soon.


Elder Haws


  1. the title for this letter should have been "I spent too much time emailing my favorite sister!! oops."

  2. Cute Kelly :) That is great that he got your package - hooray! It sounded like Alex got his from his email but he never really confirmed it. I'm surprised his is there already as I'm sure you are surprised Dusty's is. Another great email.

  3. Oops! I didn't realize Sarah had changed the account to hers. That's my comment above not hers :)

  4. Sounds like he's doing great! I miss his energy around here! So glad the mission has him, though :).