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Sunday, December 26, 2010

First phone call home...

After a half hour of trying to get an open line, got to talk to Dusty for 45 minutes and get caught up an all the news.  Great to hear his voice, maybe Skype on Mothers day....

Hi Family

It was sweet to talk to you on the phone! I'm sure glad it worked, for a minute I thought it wasn't. Man, it took me like over an hour to go to sleep after I called, even though I was exhausted. I guess I was just SOO happy that I got to talk to my parents and sister!! I'd rather not skype next time, just a phone call is good for me.

I think I forgot to tell you what we did on Christmas day! We baked cookies and then went around to members and SANG them Christmas songs! Can you imagine me singing?! It was kinda fun actually!

I tried to attach some sweet pictures, but it is going way slow for some reason..sorry! but the one is of elder Larrabee and I tracting in the afternoon when NO BODY is home! haha we just thought we'd have some fun. The other picture is of me waiting to call home!

SHARP!!!!! (pronounced SHOP)

Elder Haws
Nobody home.... again...

Waiting to call home...


  1. LOVE IT! Oh man, I loved hearing about the phone call and I loved the pictures! Best Christmas present, huh? Love you guys!

  2. The BEST Christmas gift ever - a phone call from your missionary. So happy for all of you!