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Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm staying in East London!!!! for Christmas.

Hey Family!!

I'm good, glad Kelly made it home safe and sound! Sounds like that was a late night! dumb planes! We have some investigators that are more promising than others, but none that are really super solid at the moment.

I'm staying in East London!!!! With Elder Larrabee! there werent many changes in the mission.  I dont know what other Chrsitmas tree you're talking about haha.  I havent gotten any mail, but Im sure i'll get it soon.   hope you like the pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soo about this phone call.....ummm how about I'll call you, then you call me back on that number?! OKAY?! good. I will call at around 9pm South African time!!! sooo whatever that is back home!! I can talk for about 45 minutes! Have lots of questions and stuff to talk about! I CANT WAIT!
Soo this week was pretty great! We worked hard and found some cool investigators! but on thursday was our ward christmas was pretty much the highlight of the week! We got there are like 2pm and didnt leave till like 7pm. It was lots of fun. All the auxiliaries made their own "porkies." basically it was like a stew put into a dutch oven type of thing! we put veggies, potatoes, bananas, meat, peppers, etc. It was lekka! (nice) they of course had a cute Christmas program, but nothing like the PQ2 ward! haha.

On Saturday we did like 4 hours of service, that was fun. we went out to that crazy lady's farm and helped them out there. she was naughty and put on josh groban's Noel was awesome! made it seem a little like Christmas...minus the burning african heat and being 10,000 miles away from home haha

There was a pretty sweet lighting storm the other night, and I mean a South African lighting storm!

Yeah, it wasnt a very eventful week. just getting ready for christmas!! Our district of 4 elders are planning on getting together on Chrsitmas Eve and make cookies and stuff. then, on Chrsitmas day we'll go out and visit members and sing for them! HA. We also have 2 DA's that day, so we'll be fed!

Sorry for the short letter, looking forward to talking to you guys!!!!

Elder Haws

I'm on the left, on the row just below the top!! Elder Watson is in the gray suit in the middle, those other old people are the senior couples.  That is a pic of 3 zones! and there are a total of 8 zones in the mission!!

Yolanda's baptism!!

A few Christmas decorations in town...

A nice part of town....


Looks like home in San Diego,....  Nice

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  1. Great pictures! It really does look like San Diego in some of them. I'm glad he's getting to stay in his area. Alex doesn't :( but on the upside he'll be getting a different companion :)