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Monday, November 22, 2010

Serving a mission is FUN!!


Man, I really look forward to 2 moments during the week, Fridays when we get mail, and Mondays when I can email my FAMILY!!  Yeahh, Xhosa has the clicking. I’ve been practicing and learning a few of the simple greetings...there are other areas in the mission where they speak Xhosa more, so I’ll learn it more when I go there.

If the Taylors sent a package a month ago, and I haven’t got it yet, do you think I’ve gotten yours yet?! haha nope, haven’t got it. and yeah I told you I got a haircut.and my shoes are fantastic!! Working great! and I think the phone call is 30-40 minutes. sorry I forgot my sim card today :( no pictures. good question about Adam, I dont know who baptized him.

This week was pretty good. Our numbers weren’t very good, like teaching lessons with a member present and finding new investigators, but overall it was good. Most of our fellow shippers are writing exams, so they couldn’t come with us. We have been doing a TON of walking. Dang. We have been focusing on checking/visiting less active members. You gotta be careful with them, cuz normally there's a reason why they stopped coming to church, so you gotta be careful with them find out why. We played dodge ball last P-Day, that was fun. It was cool to have Sonwabile come out fellowshipping with us, cuz he recently was baptized. I really like teaching recent converts, cuz they're so excited about the gospel, and I LOVE teaching about the temple, eternal marriage, the priesthood, etc. it’s fun!!

We have a baptism coming up on the 12th of December. I really like my companion. I guess you could say Elder Aires and I didn’t have that much in common. Elder Larrabee and I talk about all kinds of things, mostly sports and music. The other night we stayed up kinda late just singing some of our favorite songs from back home. When we walk around the area, we tell each other stories about high school and girls and stuff! haha we for sure have a good time, but also we discuss how we can be better missionaries and how to help our investigators. One thing that I’ve realized on mission is that we do a lot of PLANNING, but it’s good.

Alright, so on Friday night, we planned to just meet the other elders, who we share the car with, at our DA. But we get a phone call and they locked the keys of the car in the boot!!! They work like 20 minutes away from us, and it was night time. So they had to call the zone leaders and they came to get them, and came to get us after we ate dinner. So to make a long story short, ALL 7 of us missionaries plus a fellow shipper had to CRAM into a car only made for 5. Elder Moorcroft is such a goof ball, I can’t explain it, but anyways, he pulled me aside while everyone was getting in the car to distract that I HAD TO SIT ON HIS LAP!!!!!!! Oh my gosh...longest car ride EVER!!!! hahaha everyone was making jokes and stuff..ha, FUN times!

We were at a KFC drive through, and he was totally messing with the people working there!! Haha  The other night the zone leaders drove us home and Elder Moorcroft drove past these 3 people standing on the side of the road, then sped off...then turned the car around, leaned his seat wayyyy back, put sunglasses on, then drove BACK by the same people, going slow, then sped off!!!!! hahahah oh my goodness, we were all DIEING laughing!! hahah oh man, you had to be there!! See, missionary work can be hard and stressful and we have many disappointments, but its times like those that keep us going! Serving a mission is FUN!!

Well, I am really enjoying my time here in South Africa. My testimony has grown a lot and my knowledge of the gospel has grown, and will continue to grow! I look forward every morning to just dive into the scriptures for a whole entire hour, then study with my companion for another hour. The church is true, and the book is blue. I have an interview with President Probst tomorrow!!! I’m excited, but nervous at the same time! haha

I love you and miss you guys!! Hope you have a super week. Thanks for all your love and support. TALK to you kinda soon.

Lots of LOVE,
Elder Haws

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