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Monday, November 15, 2010

This is a baptizing mission!


Hope you all had a good week! Thanks for sending me a package!! I can’t wait to get it! I’ll let you know. Send me a picture of the JAZZ uniforms! I live in Baysville, near Greggs 13 Tiddy Cres Court or something like that. We work in Southernwood, near Skyview. The church stays in Belgravia...take Oxford Street to St Luke’s, and it’s at the end of that road, you maybe you can see it on Google. My MSF has covered all my costs so far...but eventually I'll buy some cool things from AFRICA. Sorry, I’m not sending a package home :( next year for sure. I'll just send you my love! And I guess the best present you'll get on Christmas is hearing my beautiful voice! and thanks for paying for the call ;) hahaha I don’t have any clue how its gonna work.  Sometime in the future, could you send a 2G memory card for me? The one for the camera right now is only 1G... we're gonna take some cool pictures this week, so NEXT week I'll send a lot!

Well, ready for the transfer news.....I’m staying in East London!! Elder Aires is outta here...went to Cape Town! the way the transfers go is one of the AP's (assistant to president) calls the companionship in the morning and delivers the news! My new companion is Elder Larrabee, from Kaysville UT. He's been out almost 8 months and just came from Sada, where they mostly speak Xhosa. He can speak it pretty well. So far, we get along great!! We talk sports and about all kinds of things. So now that Elder Aires is gone, I’m the only one who knows the ward/area/investigators in the area..So it makes me feel smart / important! haha I’m pretty much in charge! I’m the BOSS. haha…. But I do feel more responsibility, but that’s alright. When we go to appointments, I do most of the talking, cuz obviously I know the investigator and stuff...its kinda fun! cuz normally Elder Aires did that, but now it’s me! I’m in charge of the phone now too.

Oh my goodness, last week before transfers, I took my driving test with the ZL's! WOW! I was super nervous. I was driving with 3 other elders. (the ZL's and my comp) the ZL's are SO funny and like to mess with new missionaries. So they like recorded me on camera when I started and like my face got all red and they were giving me such a hard time about EVERY little thing! hahahahah I was waiting at a stop light, and they put the car in neutral when I wasn’t looking, and I was just sitting there revving the engine until I realized what they did. While I was driving, one of the AP's called them and Elder Moorcroft was telling him how mad of a driver I was and stuff. They said that would be the last day I would ever drive on mission! hahaha. oh my gosh, I wish I could explain all the funny stuff they said, man, you shoulda been there!!! My cheeks hurt from smiling too much!! hahah. It was an automatic, but still, driving with the steering wheel on the right side of the car and then driving on the left side of the road, in freakin South Africa where there are crazy taxi drivers, people running in the street, etc; let’s just say it was kinda FUN!! It actually wasn’t as bad as I thought!

I have to admit, I think I’m starting to get in missionary mode. Elder Aires said the other night while I was sleeping, I got on my knees and started praying and invited him to join me! hahaha some missionaries have taught entire lessons in their sleep! ha!

Last week in the Cape Town mission, we had 34 baptisms and 21 confirmations! whoot whoot! haha. This is a baptizing mission!

Good luck and work hard Daddy!! Mommy, how is work going?! cleanin' those teeth! Don’t worry, I brush super good morning and night, and occasionally floss!

Well, I’m outta time! Love you LOTS!! Miss you!!!    Have a fantastic weeek!

Elder Haws


  1. He sounds fantastic!! I can just see that whole car scene, couldn't you?! Elder Haws is just seriously takin it on!! I think he's gonna do great being the one in charge! Can't wait for next week's letter! And hopefully some pictures :). I particularly liked the comment about how he occasionally flosses, I laughed out loud :). Thanks for sharing!

  2. Another great letter. Funny how both he and Alex are both on their second companion and are the ones who stayed and know the area and people :) I liked the floss comment also. That I know Alex is not even doing occasionally :)