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Monday, November 8, 2010

Thanks for your love and support.

SUP family!!

We don’t have daylight savings here. I still haven’t gotten my hair cut yet...but I will today!! It needs it, bad! It’s out of control haha. I just use a bar of normal hand/body soap to wash my face, it works alright. no complaints. Too bad Westview is struggling. I don’t need shorts; I got some from a dude in the MTC. Hope you guys had a good week! I was thinking about how the missionary moment went........ I’m sure it was good!

I think I've lost some weight, but our scale isn’t exactly accurate. Most mornings I normally stretch and work out a little bit, but when you walk all day every day, you get tired, so I normally don’t work out a ton, push-ups and sit-ups, etc. That’s cool about the priesthood line of authority. Sure I’d love a copy of it. I'll send some pictures next week, probably. This week wasn’t very exciting at all, but it still was a good week in here. We taught a good amount of lessons and did some tracting and found some new investigators. No cool stories to share or anything, sorry.

This Sunday Sonwabile got baptized!! He was so ready, also Khayakazi and Zinzie got confirmed, and us missionaries got to participate in that, so that was awesome.

This is the end of my 1st transfer!! so on Thursday I’ll either say here with Elder Aires and things will stay the same, OR I’ll get transferred somewhere else and get trained by another elder for a transfer. You are in training for your first 2 transfers. Another possibility is for Elder Aires to move to a different area and I’d get a new comp. That would be kinda stressful on me, cuz I don't know the area and our investigators and stuff, but I’m up for the challenge! All the other elders have said that President Probst is always you never know what will happen. but we'll find out soon and I’ll of course let you know what happens.

My click day is tomorrow...2 months on mission!!! it’s weird to think that missionaries who learn another language would still be in the MTC for another month...and I’ve already been out for an entire transfer.

I see so much poverty in this area, and I wish I could help them out somehow. People digging in trash cans, going and teaching people in super small houses where I don’t know how they can live in something like that, going to DA's where the mom and kids (no father) sit and watch you eat and probably know that they have saved up money and sacrificed a lot to feed us. but I like this quote, "You can’t do everything for everyone everywhere, but you can do something for someone somewhere."

Missionary work can be hard at times and days can seem like they last forever and that you work so hard all day and have no success, but you just can’t get discouraged. That can be hard sometimes, but so far I’ve kept my spirits up and trying to make the work FUN!! :)

Miss you!! Have a fantastic week! Thanks for your love and support.

Elder Haws

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  1. Another awesome email :) Isn't it interesting that Alex & Dusty are having very similar experiences even though they are in different countries? Poverty, small homes,people saving their money to feed the missionaries, etc. They are both learning some valuable lessons and they are both wonderful young men!