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Monday, November 1, 2010

Molo from East London! (Molo means hello)

I totally forgot it was Halloween! I was trying not to think about how much fun everyone was having at the Howl! Things are going well. You guys looked good for the trunk or treat! and when I meant pictures, I meant send me pictures please, I cant print them out. the other books in the set are true to the faith (I have that) and our heritage, and another one I think. its the missionary those are the only books we're allowed to read.
Grandma said she was sending me a letter every Friday...but I haven't gotten any. I don't mind, I just hope shes not sending them all to the MTC still.  and make sure that you tell aunt Julie I'm getting her letters, and that I LOVE them, I just haven't had time to write her (or anyone) back...but I will!!

Ohh my goodness, tell the Laurels THANK YOU!!! I LOVED that awesome package they sent! totally made my day! and tell sister Hatch about my blog cuz she was asking me some questions...

You wont believe this...I haven't cut my hair in 5 weeks!!!!! it is sooo long, but not really.

Lets see, what happened this week.....well, I went on exchanges with Elder Fozard, he's from England. he's super cool. we had some other elders over till like midnight and then me and him stayed up till 3AM!! don't tell president! we talked about all kinds of stuff! it was fun. I thought we weren't gonna have a productive day, but it was the total opposite! it was pretty much the best day on mission! he was fun to work with and we taught 6 lessons, that's a full day. this one guy we talked to for like almost 2 hours. you could totally tell that he was prepared by the Lord for us. he survived 2 car crashes and knew that God spared his life for a reason. he said he was looking for a church, and that 19 years ago he met with missionaries and was about to get baptized, but he didn't. he didn't remember anything they taught, so we taught the restoration and the Book of Mormon and gave him a baptismal date and stuff, it was great. we also ran into a lady that Elder Fozard taught a few months ago and she wants to get baptized, but just needs to know that its true. then we went and visited the 2 girls that were getting baptized and taught them. and our DA that night was delicious.

The next day it was back with Elder Aires and we just went and hit the pavement, knocking doors and teaching people the Doctrine of Christ. we found some great investigators and have appointments with them this week, hopefully they keep their commitments!

The rest of the week went well. but this weekend was General Conference!! wow, soo powerful!! I loved each and every talk so much, and cant wait to get the Liahona and study each talk in detail! I thought it was cool when during the priesthood session Elder Nelson asked all the missionaries to stand up! ha. and I actually saw a person I knew who was singing in the MTC choir during the session.

This weekend we also had 2 baptisms! Zinzie and Khayakazi! those girls are awesome. the spirit defiantly was there and it was for sure a special day for them. it was sad, cuz Zinzie didn't have any family there, and Khayakazi only had her mom and sister. seeing those girls faces after they came up out of the water was priceless. then they got changed and bore their testimonies. wow. it was great. that's what missionary work is all about. all the hard work, planning, walking in the rain to see them for our appointments was worth it. and it gets better, Sonwabile gets baptized this week! he really wanted me to baptize him, but we are instructed to have one of the members of the ward baptize them, cuz us missionaries leave after a few weeks, but the person from the ward most likely will stay in the ward with them and watch them learn and progress.

I saw something sad this week. we were walking down the street and I looked over to the other side of the street and there was a fight. these kids had to be like 10 years old. this big Afrikaner was punching this smaller African, and some friends were standing around them. the big white boy won, and just walked away while the other guy just sat there on the ground and started crying and wiping the blood from his face. it was sad. but that's just how it is here. you gotta be tough.

One of our fellow-shippers that comes out with us recently got a job at the cinema. he gets paid 14 Rand an hour...that's just a little bit under 2 bucks an hour back in the states. sure, things are a little bit cheaper here, but still, that's not very much.

Well, next week is transfers! I dont know if I'll stay here, or be transfered. all the elders say you never know what President Probst is gonna do!  My click day is on the that will be 2 months on mission! but I've been out in the field for a month! im not gonna lie, it sometimes can seem a lot longer than that! but then other times it seems to have gone by fast.

I love you!!! thanks for all your love, prayers and support!!

Elder Haws


  1. I hope you don't mind if I comment frequently! I have waited my whole life in hopes I would have a son serve a mission. You have one. And what an incredible son and missionary he is! I love reading his letters and sharing in his experinces. I really look forward to Mondays and checking in to read the letter :).

  2. I try to comment also :) It is wonderful to have a missionary and I love reading Dusty's letters.

  3. Thanks for sharing Dusty's blog with me - it is great! I look forward to keeping up on his mission experiences.