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Monday, June 4, 2012

I feel so blessed to have been able to serve in such cool of places

Heyyy family!
Sorry, this letter is going to be super short. We've been too busy today taking pictures of giraffes and wildebeest and springbok and baboons, etc. We went to a mini game was just a warm up though. We've got plans to hit up a sweet one up north. Sorry I can’t send any pictures at the moment. FHE starts really soon. Basically, today was sweet!
Mapani worms
The week was also a very busy one. Lots of teaching and testifying. We've got a baptism coming up this Saturday. Some people called us false prophets in the prayer at the end of the lesson. I ate these things called mapani worms. They’re like caterpillars. Yum.  One of the coolest things that happened this past week was when we got to go to an orphanage and teach some of the kids there about Jesus Christ. It was an incredible experience. I'll send a sweet picture home next week.
Namibia Hero's Acre
At sacrament meeting, we had 2 of our investigators bear their testimony. It was powerful!  One weird thing I've realized recently is that Namibia never has any clouds, especially at night. It’s not super-hot though. perfect weather.

I normally write down all the things I wanna say to you guys, but I don't have that paper. I'm trying to remember what I wrote, but I'm failing.
I feel so blessed to have been able to serve in such cool of places, and experience the things that I have. Namibia is the promised land.
Just know that I'm having a blast as a missionary, especially here in Nam.
Elder Haws
Safari Lunch, with the Smith's

See ya


  1. Very, very cool pictures except for those bugs he ate - gross!!!!

  2. I'm with Lisa. No way I'd eat those thing! But the giraffe picture is cool!