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Monday, June 11, 2012

Yeah, I ate many of them worms!

Family -

Yeah, I ate many of them worms!  Mommy, we need your famous chicken enchilada recipe!!! Sister Smith is gonna make it for us! Send it please.  Daddy, I was thinking about Brother Platte this morning. Tell him I say hi, and I love him and loved seminary sophomore year.  Thanks for the email. I’m glad Elder Smith sent those pictures to you guys! Aren’t the Smiths great! I love them, they feed us lots.

We didn’t drive around in a truck on the safari. Maybe the other game park will be like that.   Hero's Acre is just where they bury famous people I guess haha.

So things here are great! A sweet member who served in this mission 2 years ago took us out to a nice lunch!! We ate at this fancy Portuguese restaurant! It was delicious.

The orphanage we went to.
We kept ourselves pretty busy this week, teaching lots and lots. We went fellowshipping with the branch missionaries. It was relaxing, and I guess a preview for when I go home and go out with the elders. Sure I’ll read a scripture or pray or share my testimony! ha-ha It'll be fun to do missionary work back in San Diego.

It’s getting a little bit chilly here...just in the morning and in the night. Maybe its cuz our boarding is all tile, and shaded by a tree. It is still amazing that there are never any clouds here. haha.

Yesterday at church they had to go and get more chairs cuz there were too many people there! In total, both of the branches combined had 23 investigators at sacrament meeting! That’s unheard of!

A  highlight was the baptism of Monika!! It was sweet!! She chose me to baptize her, and I was soo honored to be able to do so. Everything went just dandy! It was perfect. She was, and is soo happy! She even fasted and paid her tithing before she was a member, and then the Lord blessed her with a job here in Windhoek that she was hoping to get. Nice!

In my Book of Mormon study, I’m in Mosiah! It just keeps getting better and better!

Big Daddy sand dune
Another sweet thing that happened this week was when I clicked 21 months as a missionary!! There’s no way that I only have 3 months left. Ahhhhh.   FYI Namibia has the world's biggest sand dune, called Big Daddy or Dune 7!

2 scruptures = 2 Nephi 25:23,26 and 1 Cor 9:10

That’s all for this week! Things are just fun fun fun here! The work is rolling along!

Elder Haws

Running again in Namibia...

Another beautiful Namibian sunset

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