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Monday, June 25, 2012

I think I will always remember that example of love.


First off, I need to apologize to my daddy! Daddy, last week I was soo rushed I totally forgot to wish you a happy father’s day last week! I realized it like 10 minutes after I finished emailing. you know I was thinking about you all that day and how many thousands of sacrificed, seen and unseen that you've done for me, and will continue to do for me, throughout my 21 years on this earth. You better have kept that list of fun things we're going to do! Plan it out for when I get home. If you fail to plan, plan to fail hahah. Sorry about not wishing you a happy father’s day last week. You’re still the world’s greatest daddy!!!!

By the way, if my memory serves me right, that scripture is Mosiah 28:3. Am I right?! I love that scripture, that’s why. Yeah I wanna do some yoga when I go home. Yoga and lots of other things! And I’m not too sure about thanksgiving quite yet, but you know me, I’m not fussy.  That’s funny you saw a drunk guy passed out on the street...sadly I see that quite often. Either passed out or wandering/staggering in and out of the street. sooo dangerous.

Lots of things to report on this week! We played basketball at the Windhoek chapel last week, which was fun. We did service again at the library, but this time the librarian had us sort through German newspaper. I guess the Germans first settled this area back in the day. One of our investigators who is famous got married. He’s like a singer and a performer. I love that guy. We were too busy so we didn’t get a chance to attend.

Sister Smith made a wonderful lunch of meatloaf! It was good. The Smiths are the best. My old bishop from Mowbray came up. He works for the church as the seminary and institute coordinator, so it was good to see him.
Driving our fellowshippers around

I interviewed a nice somewhat quite girl for baptism, and she passed with flying colors, but then it was funny, later that night I saw her at her branch talent show and she was up there singing her heart out and dancing like BeyoncĂ© and the small audience went wild ha-ha it was funny.  We’re working a lot with this family that is preparing to go to the temple! It’s been sweet to see their progress and growth!

The branch watched the movie Saints and Soldiers, nice movie! I think I’ve seen it before. We finished going through the branch list, and it's finally complete. We went through each person and now it’s more accurate and up to date.

Guess what, I finished reading Jesus the Christ, yeah all 800 pages! I knew, but now I really know, that Jesus is the Christ, the immortal son of God that reins from all eternity to all eternity.

I saw a great example of true love this week. A mother was baptized in February and her year old daughter went into the hospital all last week because she was sick. And this dear mother stayed with her the entire week in that small room, in an unreal African hospital without a bed for the first few days and chose to sleep in the tiny crib with her child. Eventually she got a small blanket to "sleep" on but she said she didn't sleep much because she was too busy just staring at her baby and making sure she was okay. It was nice to see her Book of Mormon there as well. When we visited her, she looked exhausted, but still was so caring for her baby. I think I will always remember that example of love. And plus, her baby is the cutest little thing on the planet! I’m taking her back with me on the plane. I’ll send a picture home of her soon.

This upcoming week is going to be epic! The assistants are coming up tomorrow to go on exchanges, then later in the week President and Sister Wood are coming up for zone conference and interviews! It’s going to be great. Round 2 of sock wrestling! Ha-ha we'll even invite President ha-ha. I told President I need to renew my temple recommend. Nice!

Alma 13:24, 27-29

That’s all for today! Lots of love from here in Namibia!
Elder Haws

yeah we had some extra matresses....

Old picture, but we were bored on the plane

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