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Monday, May 28, 2012

The best was zebra!

Dear family,

Cool! Yeah I checked my blog up here. Thanks for doing that daddy. It is pretty sweet. I didn't go on a safari quite yet. We for sure will though. Maybe even go on 2 up here. Yes, I get grandmas letters, and you better believe I would be keen to go on a cruise!! Sign me up!

And yeah mommy last email I did send it at night cuz we had just flown up from Cape Town, but normally, like today, we email in the morning after we 're done studying. Ohhh yeah, big Derek is embarking on the greatest adventure of his lifetime. Tell him I say what's up and good luck. I know he's gonna be one heck of a missionary.

So as for the week, it was amazingly fast and fun! I cant believe that last week at this time I was in Cape Town. Its good to be back in Namibia. That made the week go by very fast. The AP’s were here all week and just left yesterday. They just stayed at our boarding cuz it is soo massive and we have tons of matresses for them to sleep on..but bad news cuz we would just stay up late every night talking…and one night wrestling! Man, that was fun. It was nice to have Elder McDonald up here cuz he knows where all the cool places are and showed us around. That guy is soo funny and fun to be around. I love that guy. And Elder Doxy is super sweet as well. Both powerful elders.

So we went to the legendary Joe’s Beer House. That place is awesome! Don’t be deceived by the name. the place is legendary. Its like on the top 20 things to do/visit in the country of nam. There was only one thing we got on the menu. Meat!! I ate chicken, kudu, zebra, crocodile, ostrich! Serious! Crocodile tastes like fishy chicken (nice) but the best was zebra!!! Soo delicious. But it did cost N140…so im gonna be eating like bread an peanut butter all week haha. But it was totally worth it. Then , we sock wrestled. It was epic! All you do is try and take off the other persons sock. Simple enough. I wasn’t very good, but I did beat Elder Giles. Haha I was sore and tired the next day. The other guys were too tired to go home, so they just slept over! Haha.

Then, the next day, a member invited us to this place called Capanas. Its like a big braai place! I ate soo much meat. It was delicious. And free for us. Haha.

On the spiritual/missionary side, the real reason I'm here, the work is just rollin’ along. Busy busy days. We have 2 solid people prepared for baptism and will have their interviews this Saturday. They both come to all the activities and institute, read the Book of Mormon, and just know its true and desire to be baptized. So we are excited for them.

Our next 2 days are booked with people to see. I love when missionary work goes like this. I just feel a lot more effective and its just more fun that way! The spirit is pumping in your veins, people are learning and accepting the gospel, and you know the Lord is pleased with your service.

I feel like sometimes don’t include all of my spiritual experiences that I have. If I did, I’d have to be here typing for like 5 hours. We teach so much. We visit so many people. Each day, Elder Morris and I record the various maricles we’ve witnessed and been a part of. And trust me, there are many! Mission is the best. Straight up!

Sorry for no scriptures to feast on last week. Heres some from this week…1 Timothy 4:16 and D&C 123:17

I got a “special” email today. The sisters in the office needed to know my information for my departure..ahhhh!! not good. Haha. That means that soon enough I’ll get what we call our “trunky papers” basically, its our flight plans for when we go home. Nooooo!!  I’ll be home soon enough. Until then, I will labor and work! And just enjoy every second of every day!

Miss you lots! Think of you often!

All the best!  LOVE,

Your missionary son,

Jet ‘aime!! (I love you in French)
Sock Wrestling!!!

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  1. Trevor ate some of that stuff on his mission as well. Aren't you glad you have an adventuresome boy? :)