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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Now it’s back to work!

Dear family!!
View from above of Namibia
Thanks for all your help daddy getting my visa so I could experience Nam! I guess you never complained or told me about all that stuff you did..only my mommy! Haha. The chapel is near the map you sent, we work mostly in Khomasdal, look up that haha.  No safari yet mommy. But you better believe we’re going to go on one, or two, or three! Haha I’ll keep grandpa in my prayers, he’s tough as nails!
Cool picture…made me so homesick!! Haha and tell sister Sexton thank you for such a lovely note she wrote to me. Loved it!
Sorry I couldn’t email you on Monday. We were at zone leader council! We flew down Sunday night, and just got back tonight. All the zone leaders from the entire mission came, so there were 18 in total, along with president wood and the assistants. We stayed at the mission home. I love that place. But basically, to be short in writing, we had an epic p-day together, and went on a hike with president, then came back, ate lunch and played sport, ate again, then that night watched some church clips together, and oh yeah ate lots of dessert. The next day, we had an amazing breakfast, and then mainly talked the whole day about cool stuff. President did some training and taught us cool things. The assistants did some training as well. But we also had time to talk like about mission policies and problems and lots of things. I took tons of notes, and now we have to report back to our zones about the things that were spoken about, so that will be fun. Then, last night, we all stayed up late and wrestled! We did it in a room furthest away from president’s room in the mission home so that he wouldn’t hear, but he so did! Haha we put mattresses down and tried to take off the other person’s socks. It was very entertaining! And of course, got fed out of our minds! An amazing lunch, but dinner was the best…stakes!!! Ohhh yeahhh. And dessert was out of this world.  Breakfast this morning was good, and so was lunch before we left. President had some funnyyy moments. I love that man. Basically, as you can tell, zone leader council is pretty much a time to relax a little bit, and is a reward to us for all of the hard work that we’ve done in our mission. Hard work does indeed pay off. I had soooo much fun! Just flying to and from Cape Town was sweet. But now it’s back to work in Zion! 
Our FHE we had
Things here are still powerful! The week was just a blur. I can’t even remember what occurred.  We taught and taught and taught! Days go super fast when you teach and testify the entire time. We had an awesome fellowshipper to help us.

We did some training for the branch missionaries to help them understand their role in the work and how we can help them improve their skills. That was fun. Have I told you that elder Morris is freakin' powerful. Such a master teacher. I've learned a lot from him. He’s good at what he does. Our companionship studies have been amazing sharing insights with one another and learning together and planning how to take this area to new heights.  This Sunday was a good day at church. It was packed! they had to go to other rooms and get more chairs for the chapel cuz it was too full!! you don’t see that every day. Then I had to teach gospel principles class on the gifts of the spirit. It went very well I thought.

Well, I could just go on and on and on about how much I love this, my last area...or how much I freakin' loved zone leader council! I think I might get to go to another one before I leave. That would be sweet. The assistants are up here for a few days, that’s going to be fun. I love those guys.

Man, I am still soo full. I ate a lot of food the past 3 days. I still am at the same weight though..90 Kg' 200lbs. I really cannot wait to go home and gym! Really looking forward to that...and going to the temple, but most of all, seeing my mommy and daddy and sister and the rest of my family!!! but until then, gotta work!  Talk to you next week!

LOVE always,
Elder Haws

"You're not much to look at, but you're all the Lord has"  -President Wood

I was cleaning the dishes at the mission home, and president came up and said "If I’m ever poor, I’m going to take you out with me to dinner so you can do the dishes for our meal" haha
'Mormons are full of rumors'

Hike at zone leader council

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