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Monday, April 2, 2012

Lots of new faces

Hello family!

Sorry it looks like the pictures I sent last week never made it home. I just re-sent them! Hopefully they'll make it this time. They were powerful. I didn’t get to watch conference. We’ll watch it on the 14th and 15th of this month. Can’t wait!! YES, I got my package!!! Man, you guys are good. That’s probably the best package that I’ve gotten so far! You packed that thing to the top! Thank you so much. It totally made my day.  I know you're not kidding about the cake, but I’m still waiting for that package to be paid for, so I’m not planning on using my home account for a cake. 21...big deal. I’m here to do missionary work! Nothing about me going up to Namibia, Elder McDonald is the new AP so I get to see him often.  Yes mommy, we get lots to eat, don’t worry about that.  Shame to hear about the ducks in the pool. I cleaned out the leaves of a pool of one of the members and she was like wayy impressed at how good I was, and I just told her that my mommy forced me to always clean my pool.  It felt good to do.  Wow daddy, the Stormers are here in Cape Town! Just 2 nights ago we went for this appointment and drove RIGHT PAST the stadium where the game was being played. Newlands stadium. It was madness. So many cars and people wearing jerseys. I could hear the roar of the crowd. We had a very nice lesson, even though it would have been nice to watch some rugby. Another good team from Jo-burg..Blue Bulls!!

Now for a report on my week! It was sweet. We had Elder Sheppard with us last week, and we went to a restaurant called Spur last Monday with Craig to celebrate with him for his baptism. I bought his food. I love that guy. Then on my last day in Meadowridge we taught some lessons and said some goodbyes. I was happy that I got to say bye to the people I wanted to. It wasn’t that painful because I knew there was a good chance I would see them all again. Elder Sheppard was tagging along with us just for the day, so he was our photographer ha-ha.

Then it was transfer day! Always hectic! We got to the mission home early to drop off elder Sheppard. We had a nice breakfast from Sister Wood! We left, and came back a few hours later. I got to go to the airport to send off some elders. Shame, 3 of the greenies missed their flight because the mission messed up. Oh well. They just flew out the next day because they missed their later flight because of a miscommunication. Bummer.

Legandary MIKE in Hout Bay
My first few days were okay. I’ll be honest, I was shocked when Elder Rogers and I held weekly planning and we talked about the area and the area book and I discovered that there are only 2 investigators here. Wow. That’s not very much to work with. Ha-ha but that’s okay, we have things to do. But check this out. You probably don’t remember, but I baptized a girl in MD named Heike. She was sweet! Then, she moved here to Cape Town, in this my new area. So I was soo happy to see her again and see that she is very active! Nice! But it gets better...she has a sister who is just as powerful and wants to get baptized as well! She has been coming since the start of the year and is almost done with 2 Nephi! So that’s pretty much the bright spot of our area.

Yesterday, church was pretty sweet. It just so happened that President Wood and Sister Wood showed up! It was great to see them. Mowbray is their ward, but they travel soo much, it’s like they're less active. So yeah, they were there, and also the stake president, President Giddy! That man is sweet, and he also travels a lot on assignment. But as most new elders in an area, myself and the 2 other new elders to the ward bore our testimonies. It was great. Elder Wolfgramm, remember him?! He’s in the ward as well! I love that guy! So church was good. Lots of new faces, but I’m sure I’ll get familiar with all of them.

Life as a zone leader is epic. So far, I love it. Our boarding is a step up from my last one! It has a nice view; I’ll have to send you a picture next week. I can see Cape Point! But there are lots of flies there for some reason. Maybe cuz its 3 floors above the garbage! Ha-ha. But the best part is that we have a small modest gym that we can use! It’s not very fancy, at all, but Elder Rogers is trying to get in shape before he goes home so we wake up at 6am and lift! It’s pretty nice. I’m very very sore ha-ha.  Last night the AP's called and took our report. That was cool.  Yes the car is a manual and I’m a pro at driving. Basically, to sum everything up, things are awesome! Yeah the area has some work to do, but we're gonna do it with a good attitude and with a smile on our face!

D&C 98:11-12
11 And I give unto you a commandment, that ye shall forsake all evil and cleave unto all good, that ye shall live by every word which proceedeth forth out of the mouth of God.
12 For he will give unto the faithful line upon line, precept upon precept; and I will try you and prove you herewith.

Alma 57:19-21
19 But behold, my little band of two thousand and sixty fought most desperately; yea, they were firm before the Lamanites, and did administrater death unto all those who opposed them.
20 And as the remainder of our army were about to give way before the Lamanites, behold, those two thousand and sixty were firm and undaunted.
21 Yea, and they did obey and observe to perform every word of command with exactness; yea, and even according to their faith it was done unto them; and I did remember the words which they said unto me that their mothers had taught them.

Love you all very much! Miss you bunches. Talk to you next week!

Elder Haws
Cape Town at night

The wonderful Daubney family

The Futter family! They rock!
Lots of elders on P-day

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