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Monday, April 23, 2012

This past week was a very memorable one.

Dear Haws Family,

Before I start typing, mommy, you've lost weight!! Serious!  Are you sure you didn’t run that big long race ha-ha. I sure hope those pictures I sent made it home. I sent them again just in case.  I just cut my hair myself, can you believe that?! It’s not that hard. Just clip on a 3 and go to town! Ha-ha but it doesn’t look as good as when you do it mommy, that’s a fact. Remember that one time you weren’t thinking and used a 2 on part of my head, and then didn’t tell me and think I wouldn’t notice?! hahah. Yes my shoes will be more than fine for the next 5 months or whatever I have left.  awww, did Sister Henderson or sister Oldham phone you from the mission office?! Those 2 senior couples I literally love with all my heart and soul. They are the best ever! They take such amazing and wonderful care of us...we're practically their adopted kids. I sure hope the celestial kingdom is full of people like the Henderson’s and Oldham’s and Woods.

My week was pretty hectic, to say the least! soo much has gone on here in Cape Town. I don’t even know where to begin! Let me see here, so last week Wednesday Elder Rogers finished his mission and flew home the next day. I miss him, but he was more than ready to stop being a missionary. He served faithfully for 2 years and is now brother Rogers. But I’ll be honest, being with the stud of a man people just call Elder Morris has been a breath of fresh air! Man, he is sooo sweet!  That last day, Elder Rogers had a little extra cash so he took me and another missionary out to eat at this legendary little hold in the wall burger shop called sticky fingers! The food was divine! He spent like R400! It was soo good. Then he bought some meat and that last night together we had a lekker braai (BBQ) with a few other elders. Man! sooo good.  Then it was dumb, elder Morris’s companion left a big mess in their boarding so poor Elder Morris and I cleaned till like 11pm, but it is spotless now! I’m not worried; they'll be accountable one day for leaving such a mess hahah.
On top of Lions Head

On 18 May, the young ambassadors from BYU are coming here to Cape Town to do a performance at this famous opera house. What a perfect chance to get the lovely people here in Cape Town more familiar with the church. It’s a musical, so nothing churchy or gospel related, but still good nonetheless. we had a meeting the other day and were assigned to go to like 3 of the big high schools and personally give the principle an invitation and answer any questions he/she may have, and also ask if we can put up a poster at their school. The mission is going to like 22 schools here in Cape Town, but we were just assigned to 3 of those 22. So that will be exciting! But then president called us into his office and said there was going to be some changes in his original plans that he had. He said that this Tuesday I’ll be getting a new companion for these last like 2-3 weeks, and so will Elder Morris! Crazy! It’s just one thing after the next. So I’ll go to the airport on Tuesday and get Elder Brerton! I don’t know much about him, but he is sweet!   and president told us that he will fill us in on more of the details of what is going to happen on like Friday, so that will be nice to know what is going on.
This Friday I got to attend district meeting in Khayelitsha! It’s like the 3rd biggest township in SA and a very dangerous place. Lots of shacks. But that day I also did a baptismal interview! It was sweet. He was totally ready.  The next day, Elder Morris interviewed mike and rose from my last area, and they passed! I was so happy, but I knew that they would. They’ll be baptized this Sunday, so after church in Mowbray, I’ll make the 15 minute drive to the Meadowridge chapel so I can watch! Yes. But then, after those 2 interviews on Saturday, we drove to Guguletu to conduct some more interviews! I did 2 that day, and passed them both. The elders did a great job teaching them. Man, I really love doing baptismal interviews! Just to feel of their spirit and hear of their testimony and really, in a way, act for the Lord to discern and decide if they are prepared to enter into the kingdom of God. it was awesome to be able to do that.  Just to see their faces and excitement when I told them that they passed and indeed would be baptized! Ah, it was a special moment.

Sunday was ward conference. So the stake presidency was there and lots of high council people and stake people were there. And believe it or not, I had to sing in the choir! Hey, tell Brother Peterson! hahah that was the first and last time singing in choir. And the crazy thing was that we couldn’t make it to the practice the night before cuz of all the baptism interviews, so we kinda just winged it up there, and dang we sounded good ha-ha.

Helga's baptism!
After church, Helga got baptized! It went so perfectly. Heike, who I baptized last year and who is Helga's sister, gave such a wonderful talk at the service, and was just soo happy to see here sister get baptized! I was happy as well. The spirit was so strong. Helga shared such a sweet, heartfelt testimony afterward. Those 2 girls are so special. I just love 'em!

I had to get all the reports from the zone on how each companionship was doing and their stats, and report that information on to the assistants. It wasn’t too bad actually. Normally 2 zone leaders do that, but not this week for me.

Scriptures = Joshua 3:5 and D&C 133: 57-59

This past week was a very memorable one, and I’m sure this week ahead will be just as powerful! being a missionary is the best! Few words can describe what its really like. I guess it’s one of those things in life you just have to experience for yourself...but everyone that has knows what I’m talking about!

Thanks again for all the love and support! Just know and always remember how much fun I’m having and how much I love you guys! You always say you love me lots, miss me lots, and lots of prayers coming my way...well, right back at you!

Talk to you next week!

Elder Dusty Haws

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