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Monday, April 30, 2012

Let’s just say, it’s going to be amazing!

Hi family!

Thanks for the email. Time is short today for emailing. But I have to say I did NOT forget mommy's b-day on the 24th! I wrote it down in my planner to tell her last Monday, but I just didn’t remember to type it last week. Sorry! I promise I didn’t forget. Hope you had a wonderful birthday mommy! 39 and lookin good! hahah. Yeah Kelly sounds like she is excited to go home. Yeah, my little fingers right now are cold, but the work must go on. I’m just glad I’m not walking like I was last year in Mdantsane. It’s heaven on earth being in a car. The work moves so much faster and we can cover more ground and get things done.

This week was POWERFUL! Last Monday Elder Morris and I went to Rhodes memorial. It was cool. We had 2 different DA's with the awesome senior couples in the area. The Henderson’s and Oldham’s. It literally was a taste from home! They can cook. It was so nice of them to so that for us. I can’t wait to be old and help other missionaries on my next mission. We visited those 2 schools and told them about the young ambassador’s thing, and they were excited to go! I mean, why would they not be! We gave them a free ticket to attend a sweet show. Hopefully they'll go.

On Tuesday Elder Morris and I got to go to the airport and pick up our new companions. It was cool to be able to do that, cuz normally it’s the AP's or president. My new companion is Elder Brereton from Lewiston Idaho! up in the styx! hahaha he is soo sweet! So humble, nice, and a hard worker that never complains. he really likes cars and is good at driving stick. I’ve got to teach him the area and introduce him to people.

This week we had a surprise party for Elder Pearson. He has been having some health problems, so hasn’t really been able to do much missionary work for the past like 6 months, and recently contracted the measles! Poor guy! He got the shots before mission, but his body was weak and contracted it. So we surprised him and ate some pizza. it was fun and hopefully lifted his spirits a little bit.

This week we visited each companionship to join them for companionship studies! Surprise! The zone leaders are here! We for sure caught them off guard, to say the least. hahah. It was fun, and also good to show Elder Brereton the zone.

A highlight was that after church we drove down to Meadowridge so that I could witness the baptism of rose and mike! They were so happy and I was just glad I could be there. It was also way cool to be able to say hi to many of the Meadowridge members, who I love!

This week was exchanges with the AP's...Elder Thole and Elder McDonald! Elder mcd and I stayed up late catching up, and then woke up early so that he could work out in the little gym near our boarding. He is soo buff! hahahaha then we taught some nice lessons during the day. I love that guy!

We had a cool experience this week. The office got an email from headquarters about a referral that lived in our area. She is a librarian and learned about the Book of Mormon somehow and requested that we went to teach her, and her family! They live in humble circumstances and stay far from the chapel, but the Lord has prepared them, so hopefully they can progress.

I must say, the highlight of the week was something I am not permitted to tell you. President said! Sorry! He did call Elder Morris and our companions in and told us what was happening next transfer!! AHHHH!! If only I could tell you!!!! Let’s just say, it’s going to be amazing! Stay tuned next for next week! You’re gonna wanna know! I can say I will be leaving the Mowbray ward..... I AM SO EXCITED!!

Sorry no pictures this week.
Gotta go!
LOVE, Elder Haws

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