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Monday, April 9, 2012

Well, it’s been an amazing 21 years on this earth. I am SO blessed.

Hello wonderful family!

So I’m glad you got the pictures last week, but this email shop is ghetto and run by people from DRC and I can’t send pictures home, but next week I’ll make a plan and send some home. But I don’t even have many to send. Sorry.

Shame to hear about the truck. Thanks for putting the money in my account. Yes Aunt Nancy, Aunt Julie, and grandma Strang sent awesome packages full of love! They are great.  That’s a bummer about your eyes daddy! I’m glad that it wasn’t anything serious and that you're back to your normal sense again. we need our lives to live, huh?! good to hear South Africa is getting some love in the world of golf. My poor Padres. Bummer. Good Mitt Romney! But always keep your eye on the prophet.

Heike sister is doing very well. She is soo ready to get baptized. Yeah most mornings we exercise. And mommy, of course I miss the Easter bunny coming! I remember a long time ago I was sleeping in my room but you had forgotten to get the stuff out sooner/before, so you trying to be very quiet, but I soo heard you! I literally thought the Easter bunny was coming in through my window! ha-ha funny.

Yeah the week has been great. Last week we had lots of fun playing volleyball with some other missionaries! it felt GREAT to smash some balls. Coach McLaughlin would be proud, I called every ball! We had so much fun, I think today we're going to do it again! Also last week we carved a fetchin Watermelon! Serious! ha-ha it was epic. Ever thought about that?! I’ll send a picture next week. Next Monday, we're going to attempt to do the unthinkable...CLIMB ALL 3 PEAKS!! Lions Head, Devils Peak, and Table Mountain!! Can you believe it?! Elder Rogers wants to do it, so I’m down. But if you never get an email from me again, you can just be assured that I died trying to climb all 3 mountains in one day hahaha.

We had FHE with the Mowbray bishop and his family. They are so nice. For dinner we ate only fruit! apples, grapes, salad, bananas, bread and a little soup..Shared 2 of our favorite scriptures. I really enjoyed it.  We also did some nice service, helping a less active and her active son fix a roof. I learned a lot, and enjoyed serving. Well I better enjoy service because I’ve been called to serve. This week we'll do some more service. Build some trust and love with the members here. Referrals will follow (hopefully. that the plan.)

We contacted this one nice colored lady and she invited us back, and we taught her a normal lesson, but before we left, she fed us lots of food, and dessert! It was very nice of her. Bless her heart. she is very strong in her church, but just such a nice lady with a good heart. The Lord will bless her.

I went on exchanges with Elder Eddington in my old area. It was awesome! It was nice to see some of the people there, even though I’d only been gone for about a week. That area is powerful. Craig is still doing well. ha-ha.

Yesterday was a day to remember! It was Easter in Cape Town! What a wonderful day. Church was good. Elder Rogers and I taught gospel principles class that was fun. Then we got invited to a feast for lunch! Man, colored people can cook! They always cook soo much. We ate a lot, and it was good company. We went to see Heike and Helga and had a nice lesson, then they said elders, we have some food for you. You shoulda seen the look Elder Rogers and I gave each other. ha-ha. They went out of the room and we asked each other how in the heck we were going to eat more food. ha-ha we somehow finished the plate, and that was in the afternoon yesterday, and I haven’t eaten since ha-ha. it was powerful to say the least.
Today is my 19th click day! Man, I’m getting old on mission. What I really can’t fathom is that today is the last day I’ll be 20 years old. it really feels like yesterday I was back in East London just about to turn 20. Time goes tooo fast sometimes. As for my 21st birthday celebration plans, we have some service to do tomorrow morning, and only 2 other set appointments, other than that, nothing too fancy. The Scheeper family SMS'd me on the zone leader phone and invited us over tomorrow night! Elder Tiwtchell must have told them that it was my birthday and gave them my new number. Nice.

Other than that, not too much more to say in this email today.

D&C 115:4-5. booyeah!
4 For thus shall my church be called in the last days, even The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
5 Verily I say unto you all: Arise and shine forth, that thy light may be a standard for the nations;

Well, it’s been an amazing 21 years on this earth. I am SO blessed.

Love you guys!!
-Elder Haws

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