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Monday, January 9, 2012

He's an Aggie! from LOGAN UTAH!

Hey family!

Well, last week Kelly didn't email me, and now at the moment it looks like you have forsaken me! Having too much fun in SD without me I see! haha. but, since I have no questions to answer or anything, I can get to the good stuff and tell you all about my week here as a missionary in Cape Town South Africa! man, that just never gets old saying. and as a matter of fact today marks 16 months of saying that! click click click! snap your fingers! haha

This week was transfer week! Those are always hectic. Monday we went to that place to buy you guys some stuff, but come to find out that it was a public holiday, and that there was a massive festival going on downtown, where those nice shops were. I guess you could compare it to Marti Gras in New Orleans, minus all the inappropriate stuff that goes on there. This festival was awesome, and the best part was that we didnt plan to be there! It basically was a parade, and all the people dressed up very flamboyantly and danced and sang and partied in the streets of Cape Town! There was a lot of people there. the parking was horrible, but we finally found a spot and walked far to get to the shops, only to see/discover that there were none that day! They are just like portable stands that people put up, and everyone knows about it so they are always up, but that day there were none. So basically we went through all that working for nothing! haha oh well. We still gotta see that cool parade. Man, a LOT of people in Cape Town smoke. Its disgusting. We shoulda had some Word of Wisdom pamphlets to pass out huh?!

That was fun. but we finally found out why Elder Nzuki and a few other missionaries were here...they are training brand new missionaries! I guess they're doing a new training program, and so they all met in Cape Town with their greenies and then flew together to their areas. On Tuesday him and another missionary climbed table mountain in the morning. It was like their only chance they were going to get because both of them are going home pretty soon. Elder Giles and I had the lucky chance to go pick them up from the base of the mountain. We got there a few minutes early and just looked out over the beautiful view, even though it wasnt as good as it was from the top.

On Tuesday morining, the assistants to the president phoned me and gave us out transfer news! Elder Giles got called to serve in Mdantsane! can you believe it! he's in the 3rd ward..the only ward that I did not serve in. but I kinda know his area, and some people in his new ward. His new companion actually served here in Meadowridge at the beginning of his mission. As a matter of fact, he probably sat on this exact computer! haha anyways, Elder Giles was excited to go to the Eastern Cape and learn some Xhosa! Too bad he doesnt know much and cant even click! haha he'll be okay. My new companion is Elder Twitchell!!!! He also served in the Mdantsane 1st ward for the first 6 months of his mission! I knew him from before. basically, to sum up Elder Twitchell, he is EPIC!!! You wont believe where he is from..zion...LOGAN UTAH! He's an Aggie! He went to Logan High School. oh my goodness, its going to be a fun transfer. Every night that we've been together so far we've slept past 12 cuz we've just been chatting up a storm! Not only about Logan and USU, but also his last area! Its fun to hear how my recent converts are doing and to hear about other people in that ward. I served with Elder McDonald and also Elder Barlow in that ward. Elder Twitchell stays in Cliffside! He knows the Island Market and I even directed him to grandmas's how and also to Aunt Julies & Uncle Shauns and he knew where they stay! ha! He said one of his sisters lives there in River Heights! Small world huh?!

Soo on Wednesday morning we went to the mission home and got a wonderful breakfast! All the time in East London I would hear about these darn breakfasts from the elders that flew in to East London got to eat, and now it was finally my chance to see and know what they were talking about! Nice pancakes and eggs and muffins! yum! but I said goodbye to Giles and also got to see lots of other elders. Elder Twitchell didnt get in until the afternoon, so I just hung out with Elder Wilson and we did some things before he got here. We went back to the mission home and had a nice lunch! It was amazing. I got to see even more elders, and of course President Wood lives at the mission home. It was a fun day!

I've been introducing Elder Twitchell to the members and people here and showing him the area. He was excited to get out of East London/Mdantsane after 6 months. Hold on, wait a second, I was there for 13 freakin' months! Sorry bru, I have no sympathy for you! hahaha he is way pumped to be in Cape Town, and so am I! One thing that is nice is his music. I was getting sick of listening to the same 4 CD over and over and over again, but Elder Twitchell has some nice music, and lots of it! Since we've been together I dont think I've heard the same some twice! We went on a run this morning, and that fetcher beat me! haha. He is athletic and gots long legs. I was so used to having Elder Giles be wayy far behind me. It was nice.

As for the week of missionary work, it was good. some people we were planning on progressing, have not! None of these people ever come to church, gosh dang. Its not that hard haha. Heck, even members are lazy or come up with lame excuses. Shame. Their loss. I guess I love them if I'm caring and sad when they dont come. We're just going to keep being obedient, and work hard and know that the Lord will bless us and with His assistance we can take this area to new heights!

The 2 scriptures are Mormon 7:7 and also 4 Nephi 1:16

Family, you are the greatest! Never forget how much I love you! September will be here soon enough! Thanks for all the prayers. They all get answered, did you know that!? :)

LOVE always,
Elder D. Haws

Elder Opolot..he replaced me in Mdantsane

Some people sometimes have horses. TIA

Elder Twitchell and I
The legendary Scheeper Family!


  1. What a great letter! And what are the chances he has a companion from Logan?? Seriously?!

    I never get tired of seeing that boy's smile!

  2. I agree with Tricia - a great letter and a companion from Logan - wow!!