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Monday, January 16, 2012

Have like 7 people who I think can progress...

Hey family,

Thanks for the email(s) I got them. no worries about last week. i know you didnt forget about me. and yeah, I check the blog once and a while but I dont need to look there to see how freakin hot it is here. this gosh dang email shop doesnt have any fans or AC, so I am like sweating here in this shirt and tie! Goll its hot. Thank goodness our car has AC! Our boarding has a fan, but that doesnt really cool down our boarding, but I'm not complaining!

Yeah for a CD just put some nice songs on there. I was just thinking for my next package in the future some more vitamins would be nice, and some american stick deorderant would be nice, just like the stuff you sent in the last package! Yupp I'm a healthy boy and have had not too many problems with fleas, the other day there was one crawling on my revelation table (the desk I study on) and I smashed it...referral for the spirit world! haha

I smiled when I heard that grandma went out and met the Twitchell family! I'm sitting right next to him right now and his family told him she visited and contacted him! Thats awesome.

For the week of misisonary work, it was just alright. the assistants to the presidents showed up at our boarding to join us for weekly planning, which was a pleasant surprise! We also had to go the doctors office to get some like chest x-rays for our visa's to Namibia. president just wants everyone to be able to go to namibia, so thats why we went. it took like freakin 3 hours haha.

I went on exchanges with the one and only Elder Staheli! We had a blast, even though all the lessons I scheduled fell through and we drove around a lot.

We didnt have anyone at church this week, which was a bummer. We tried our best to get them there. we even texted them to remind them, but none of them showed up. I have like 7 people who I think can progress...all of which we have appointemts to visit this week. So hopefully they will start progressing and coming to church.

We taught this new guy we met on the street and it was a powerful lesson on the restoration, but then he brought up a concern about not adding to the bible. blah blah. We told him thats fine, but we're gonna come back and resolve that concern.

We also did some service for this old bed ridden lady in our ward. She is very soft spoken, but she really appreciated it and hopefully it brightened her day!

This week we have interviews with President Wood! That should be fun.

Well, time's up!

The scriptures are Mormon 8:22, D&C 62:5 and D&C 45:71

Sorry theres nothing really new or exciting to report on. no news is sometimes good news, right?!
Love you all very much!!

Elder Haws

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