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Monday, July 16, 2012


Hi family!

Daddy you're the best! And mommy, you're awesome. Your emails always make me smile. Even though I’ve been gone for quite a while now, I still look forward to them every Monday morning. But I’ve really missed the last 2 weeks emails from my one and only sister.
Sister Koppa
I have no clue where I wanna stay up at USU. and heck yeah you should buy a condo up there. Or even better yet. A CABIN! That would be sweet. Man, life is going to be sweet when I get home, I hope! It will. And it sounds like everyone wants a piece of Connie Haws at their dental office! My teeth need a cleaning, but you'd be proud of how I’ve taken care of them.

Let’s see, time to report on my week. It seemed to me like the theme of the week was going to the temple! Taught it a few times throughout the week, and all it did was make me miss the temple even more than I already do. But it was wonderful to see the excitement and desire for these faithful Namibian saints to so to Jo-burg and attend the temple. I wish it was more convenient for them.

We did lots of service this week. We were in Katutura and all these small kids after school came over and were watching these 4 white boys out in the sun in the middle of the day, digging in the dirt. They must have thought we were crazy. These older ladies even came up to us and asked what in the world we were doing. Normally, when you see like a construction place, all the black people are working and slaving away while the 1 or 2 white people supervise. ha-ha.

We took Lukas fellowshipping this past week, which was cool. It makes a missionary feel good when you see someone you taught bear testimony and say that 'he knows' something about the restored gospel is true. It’s a good feeling. Also, Francoise the other recently baptized member, taught gospel principles. Even though he has a PhD, he still was learning how to teach about the gospel, cuz it’s different than normal things at school. He did a great job though.

This past Saturday morning we played soccer at the Windhoek chapel with the elders quorum. Man, I am SO out of shape it’s not even funny. I could barely breathe. We played in the smaller cultural hall and had a blast. My legs are still sore.

The NAM CLAN!! See the shape of Namibia
We set 2 solid baptism dates for the month of august, so we're excited for them. Yesterday I gave a talk in church! It was for 10 minutes about, what else, missionary work! I think it went very well. I focused on how important it is to do member missionary work and a spoke directly to those who wanted to serve missions, and those people who were not thinking about serving. I rebuked the entire congregation! haha jk. I just bore my testimony of the importance of missionary work and deciding to serve full time for 2 years and how epically awesome and rewarding it is. The branch has a lot of potential to just pump out elders and even sisters. A sister is leaving soon for Jacksonville Florida. Heck, the next talk I’ll probably give is my homecoming! Ahh.

I saw a cool thing this week. We walked past this shack, and instead of using a normal washer for the screw, they used a freakin bottle cap! haha it was funny, but I guess kinda smart. They sure do have plenty laying around  haha.  A classic Namibian thing to drink is a thing called Oshikandela! Basically, it’s yogurt, but really tasty and people here love it!

Rich people are soo poor all they have is money!  Sister Smith told us that she saw people during "opening exercises" doing literally exercises! Like stretching and stuff haha.

Today is Elder Farley’s b-day, tomorrow is Elder Sheppard’s and Wednesday is Elder Morris's! partyyyyyy. The Smiths are taking us out to a buffet later today. Have I told you how much I love the Smiths! They are like the best senior couple ever! Even though they young and not very seniorly haha

Scriptures - Alma 34:32-33 and Mormon 7:8-9

Nothing more to report from here in Windhoek, Namibia! All is well, all is well.
Miss you all! It’s been tooooo long since I’ve seen you guys.

ONDIKUHOLE!! (I love you, in Oshiwambo)

Elder D. Haws

Thats Ohamisa! Cutest girl everrr

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