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Monday, July 9, 2012

Mission life is the good life.

Dear family,

Shame to hear that Independence Day was cloudy. Bummer. Here is was a perfect day! haha that’s funny what happened on the barges. How embarrassing. Sure, I’d be honored to give a talk on my wonderful sister’s birthday! If she emails me! haha yeah that’s fine. Could you maybe tell me the topic so I can brew over it and make some plans hahaand I have no clue what classes I’m going to take or what my major is going to be? And how and why do you have 3 cars parked in the driveway now?!  Don’t get any ideas about me being a choir singer. Come on now. Don’t push your luck haha
Man it sounds like you guys had a party at the house! Wish I coulda been there, wait, missionary work is the best. Glad you had a wonderful anniversary at the Hotel Del Cornado. Wanna know something weird...I was in the shower and I saw the travel shampoo elder Morris uses, and you won’t believe what it said...HOTEL DEL CORONADO!! hahah I laughed. He’s been there before. Recently his family has been down to San Diego from Valencia.

Thats what we ate on the 4th! NAM style

I guess you can record some of the good stuff of the Olympics for me? It’s going to sit on that TV for a long time, and I don’t plan to be a couch potato when I get home. I got places to be and people to see haha.  Mommy I’m glad your procedure went well. I knew it would!!

This week was fantastic as usual. The 4th of July was great here in Namibia! it actually was very busy with teaching appointments. We started at the library again sorting newspapers and the lady called us angels for helping her out so much. We taught and taught and taught from 2pm to almost 9pm. a solid day.  and in every one of our lessons, I made certain that they knew it was America's birthday! haha. Not many people knew, but now they do! We capped it off at the De Sousa home and ate goat head. I've eaten it before back in Cape Town, and this time it was just as good. I ate the eyeball, nose, and tongue. It’s not as bad as it seems. yumm.

The Baptism!
I went on exchanges with my former companion, Elder Giles! It was SO fun! We stayed up wayyy too late, which seems to happen a lot on exchanges, talking about Meadowridge! Man, good times. It brought back great memories and we talked about like every member in the ward and the fun times we had.

We did some nice service for the former relief society president. She was, and is soo faithful, I’m glad we could lend her a hand. She lives just with her son, so she really appreciated our help and was always like okay that's enough for today haha and we just ignored her and kept going and serving. at church, our 2 recent converts, Lukas and François got ordained to the Aaronic priesthood. It was fun to be able to teach them about the duties and responsibilities of their new assignment. François is teaching gospel principles class this Sunday. He’s going to rock it up there.
ohh, last night a member from the Windhoek branch invited all 6 of us elders over for supper and guess what, there were 2 American girls there! AHH! They are here to like study or something, from BYU, and it was weird to see them and hear their accents and stuff haha. But the food was great and I cleaned all the dishes. Nice.
Do you know what today marks?? 22 MONTHS AS A FULL TIME MISSIONARY. It’s my click day. Wait a minute, if my math is correct, I have 2 months, or round about 60 days, till I come home! AH! noo. haha. I’m proud of myself cuz I don’t think about home too much. Poor Elder Morris. He dreams about it every day! Haha

Well, thanks again for the wonderful email. i still look forward to it every Monday morning.
Scriptures = Alma 31:5, 34-35 and D&C 93:1

Things here are great! Loving the work and the people. Mission life is the good life.
Elder Haws

Clean up helpers
Zone Conference

Zone Conference

Our FHE last Monday..that girl is soo cute!

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