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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

mekusuvera!! (I love you - in hererro)


Short but sweet email. I loved it! yeahh we drive a car all day every day. Right on. What's up with PQ2 softball. That was a dismal performance. You guys are better than that. Where do you play?! Hourglass? I bet you've grown hair daddy since I’ve been gone. Ha!  Comeee onnn, Namibia has 13 fine athletes competing!! South Africa has a lot...we're winning gold’s...that’s what’s up! Mommy, I will gladly wash and vacuum the cars once I get home! You know I will!

Just hangin' out in
My week was great, as usual. Except for yesterday. We hit a dry spell for like 2 hours where NO ONE was home or they didn’t want to see us so we just drove around for what seemed like forever. But then, the Smiths inexpertly invited us over for dinner with the other elders, so that made up for everything! All’s well that ends well!

Did lots of teaching this week. Found another solid person who has a desire to be baptized, and shows that desire! It’s one thing to say that you wanna be baptized, and another to keep commitments and make things happen.

We met as a zone/district and chowed on all you can eat pizza for N60! YUMMM.  One of our recent converts, papa Fran├žois got smashed on his head with a beer bottle, shame. He’s okay though. He is the sweetest guy, I don’t know what those drunken people who did it to him were thinking, and well obviously they weren’t.

Alright, I have to tell you the transfer news we got from president wood this past week!! so most missionaries like to, what we call, "speculate" ha-ha but President Probst called it a practice of the devil ha-ha. I don’t do it, like at all, but it’s entertaining to hear elders brainstorm what is going to happen in the next transfer with who is going where and who their companion will be. I just laugh cuz it NEVER happens the way they think! ha-ha. Anyway, the same thing happened. No one saw what was coming! okay okay okay soo a sister in the office booked Elder Morris’s plane ticket back down to South Africa on like august 15th, so we all thought he was going to finish his mission up here, until president phoned and told elder Morris that he should pack his bags cuz on Wednesday he is flying to Cape Town to finish his mission with another missionary there in Cape Town who is going home with him in the middle of the transfer so they can attend school. I’m soo sad Elder Morris is leaving me! :( He has been one of my favorite missionary companions, defiantly one of the most powerful ones and dedicated servants I’ve served with. Such a great love for the Lord and His work. I’ll always remember his example. But shame he's going to BYU. and there were like 21 in my group when I first came on mission, 1 got sent home early, so now out of the 20 left in my transfer, about half are going home early. Dumb! ha-ha. But that is a real bummer cuz a general authority is coming, and they won’t be here! A member of the area presidency is coming,,,the one and only Elder Carl B. Cook!! He gave the talk about how he was in an elevator with President Monson and he said it’s better to look up! Remember that talk?! Yeah that guy is coming here. I cannot wait!

Anyway, back to the transfer news, Elder Sheppard is going down to cape town to serve, so that means that there will only be 4 elders here in the entire country of Namibia! THE FINAL 4 baby!!! So Elder Twitchell and Elder Giles will be companions in Windhoek, and Elder Farley will be my new companion!! I am sooooo excited for that! We will just combine our areas and just be super busy for these next 6 weeks! Instead of having 4 elders in the branch, now there are only 2. niceee. More work for us to do.   But it will be my last transfer on mission. Number 17! I’m old. The only bad things is, is that I am not going to see all the elders that are going home this week! Shame. Oh well. I’ll probably see most of them back in the Promised Land.

Elder Smith gave a powerful talk/lesson during the 3rd hour on Sunday. That guy is amazing. Heck, all senior couples are amazing! I don’t know where the work would be without them. Elder Smith invited us to sit in with him and the branch clerk to do a membership audit! haha it was pretty sweet. Basically we just told him all the people in our area that we checked and found out if they still stayed there and stuff. It made me gain more respect for the faithful clerks in the church. It was cool to take an inside look at how the church is run. it is simply amazing!

Well, this week is going to be very hectic! Lots of planning of how we're gonna work together in our new assignment. It’s gonna be sweet. Elder Farley is like the coolest missionary ever.

Scriptures - Ezekiel 20:20 and D&C 6:16

We’re planning on going to a game park today. Nice!Till next week!
mekusuvera!! (I love you - in hererro)

Elder Haws

PS mom, what is flossing?

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