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Monday, March 19, 2012

Man, it’s been a great area!


Yes, you were right! Lots of kisses! And nope, didn’t get your package quite yet, but I’m sure it'll get here. Shame to hear about the rain. Whets up bad San Diego weather! Come to Cape Town! Yes mommy, the week was very lekker! I’m always safe in all the things that I do, you know that. I hope you liked the pictures. Yeah our sweet investigator is going to take us to Hout Bay, but we had to get permission from president to ride in his car and today president said yes, so sometime this week hopefully we'll go! It’s just going to be hard squeezing him in...because so many other members want to have us over for supper, there’s just no time to go to Hout Bay! But we will just have to make time, now wont we! We’ll make a plan. I just think it would be lovely to watch the sunset! I’m excited for that, but also for him to get baptized in April! Even though I most likely won’t be here. So next week is transfer week! Since I’ve been here for 6 months now, I probably will be transferred. Man, it’s been a great area, and will be sad to go. Just like in life, all good things must come to an end sometime....but not eternal marriage!! That’s for sure.

I’ll have to agree with you mommy on the typing skills, mine have improved as well. Cool to see those pictures from Eric! Man, he hasn’t changed a bit, but good heck, his sisters sure have! That’s great that those 2 girls are getting married this summer. Good for them. Wowo is right about the truck daddy! You must get that thing sorted out. Smart to get a second opinion. Hey is it bad to pray for a car?! haha. No I don’t tell anyone about my blog. No I don’t know how to connect the dots of that thing.

Oh man, you shoulda been there the other day when I was on exchanges in Fish Hoek. You know Elder Mamaia, how he is such a jokester and like to play pranks...well, he got me! Elder Park and I had gone on a run and were walking back to their boarding, and they stay on the bottom floor of their apartment, and so without me knowing, Elder Mamaia was on the floor above us and POURED a massive bucket of water on me! Fetcher! Ha-ha it was funny, and I chased after him. We all laughed. Now I just gotta think about a way to get him back ha-ha. Man, Table Mountain last week was a killer, to say the least. I’m still trying to recover! Ha-ha not really, but my legs were a little sore for the entire week, and I guess going on exchanges in a walking area didn’t help. I went to Masiphulelele in Fish Hoek with Elder Mooki. We had lots of fun! It actually felt really good to walk again! I miss it. It was a warm day, and we were pretty busy. They’re on special assignment there to work with the many many less actives. They got lots of work to do. But when we were walking, we saw a dead person! Serious. They were just laying on the side of the road with a blanket over them. Shame. The people standing around said that she was walking to work and just collapsed. I also saw other crazy things that can only be found in a township in South Africa. It just amazes me that people can live like that. I am soo spoiled.

I also went on exchanges with Elder Burton! a greenie! Man, can you believe that he goes home in 2014! Long time from now. He’s from the small town of Tallmadge, Utah. He is such a farm boy! Ha! We stayed up late chatting all about his farm and stuff. He plans to go to USU when he gets back and just farm the rest of his life! As for him as a missionary, he is super. I was impressed with how he taught. Just needs to work on some minor things that will come with time and experience as a missionary.

As you can see from the picture, we went to the all you can eat pizza place! It was way fun. I was smart and didn’t want to show off or get sick, so I just downed a modest like 10 slices, while Elder Mamaia took the championship by eating like 14. It was a good district bonding. All for R50!

When we were walking, this random guy stopped his car in the road, asked who we were, then shouted that we needed to be born again and that we should go to hell! hahahaha can you believe that!? Then he just sped off. We all were just laughing. Let them be haters, it won’t slow the work down, not even a little bit.

Yesterday we got up a little bit early and went to PEC at 7am. it was good to be able to report on our labors and inform the leaders of the people that were baptized last year so that they were up to date. Elder Twitchell had to give a talk, and poor Elder Chikara had to give an impromptu talk! Poor guy. It was only like for 5 minutes, and I guess I was got lucky I only had to bless the sacrament. The guy who normally like changes the hymns and does other things wasn’t there, so the hymns were all wrong yesterday and it wasn’t a smooth sacrament meeting I guess you can say. But then during priesthood meeting, the 2nd counselor let us (really the ward, not us elders) have it! No mercy! Ha-ha I had never seen Brother Futter that upset and disappointed before. He had good reason to be, those guys needed a kick in the pants. but then it was funny...he rebuked everybody, then just before he ended, he mentioned D&C 121 about showing an increase in love after disciplining, and so he said "but I love you brethren. Now lets separate to our quorums" ha-ha

My email wouldn't be complete if I didn’t mention something about Craig! Man, that guy! He like SMS's (text's) us every day and just loved church and the Book of Mormon! Yesterday he was on 3 Nephi 18. He said that he wants to finish the entire Book of Mormon before he gets baptized, and he is well on his way. He passed his interview and so this Sunday he is going to get baptized!! I guess the best part is that he asked ME to do it. What an honor, I’m so excited for him. He is so ready.

The scriptures are D&C 138:55-56 and D&C 124:49

Thanks for all of the continuous love and support and prayers and encouragement and just everything you give to me! I couldn’t do it without you guys cheering me on. You’re the best!

Elder Haws

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