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Monday, July 25, 2011

Patience is a process of Perfection!

Whats up best-est family in the world

Man, sometimes it seems like yesterday I was in this email shop typing an email to you! time flies! To answer some of those questions....I cut my own hair, havent gotten the package yet, I did get transfer news, shame that guy got bit by a lion, my supply of my "eternal underwear" is just fine, yeah its mid 40's at night, I'm better at K's and Celsius, Yeah daddy shoulda packed that letter with stuff, shoes are fantastic, and I just heard it was Mandelas b-day but no celebrations! I think that answers all of them!

Okay, so on Tuesday morning, literally 15 seconds after the alarm at 6:30 went off, the phone rang, and it was President Wood! Transfer news! I talked to him first, and he informed me that I would be training a new missionary straight out of the MTC!! Elder Wolfgramm! He also said that being a trainer was a big responsibility and I would be expected to train him well and be obedient and work hard. your trainer plays a very big role on what kind of mission the person your training will have. If you 2 don't work, and just jack around, that will affect his entire mission! I feel the pressure on my shoulders, but I can handle it. President said that he wanted a baptism this transfer too! I'll see what I can do.... soo Elder Grow went to Queenstown. He actually phoned me this morning and said that there was like 2 inches of show on the ground! crazy! Elder Grow was ready to leave Mdantsane. I miss him! but, I'll be staying in East London for the first year of my mission! yahoo!

Alright, missionaries have their own lingo. so when a person trains a missionary, he becomes his Father, and then the greenie becomes the son of this trainer. So Elder Aires was my dad (trainer) and I'm his son. So it looks like I'm a DADDY now! haha. His name is Elder Wolfgramm, from West Valley, Utah! His parents are from the island of Tonga! He was born in the states though. He graduated in 2010 and played D-line at Snow college! Basically, he's legit! A big boy at 295lbs, but soo humble, so loving, so teachable and awesome! But he is for sure a greenie! Doesn't know anything about life as a missionary, so I got to teach him everything I know! There's a boat load of things to learn about life as a missionary, but so far so good. The only down side, I guess, is that he SNORES!! He said he got in a fight and broke his nose, so he snores like a freight train at night! haha Elder Staheli hooked me up with some ear plugs...yeah, they don't do a darn thing! haha and he like falls asleep fast (probably cuz I work him soo hard) so I just am going to get used to sleeping with a companion that snores! haha.

It was funny, Elder Staheli decided to go to the store before he got here, and buy green things for dinner! haha we had like salad, green pepper, cucember, green  jello, green cookies, green cool drink, green peas and made him drink out of a green cup! haha it was funny.

I love him to death, but I'm not gonna lie, his knowledge of the gospel and the things we teach is for sure at a greenie level! haha in all the lessons, I literally have to do all of the teaching! Like I just have him read the scriptures I tell him to, and maybe if I'm lucky he'll bear his testimony at the end of the lesson! haha its cool. I'll teach him how to be a powerful teacher! Just give me some time! I'll shape him into a masterpiece! and I wont lie, I was probably very similar at the beginning of my mission! but no joke, I've taught the entire Restoration lesson and Plan of Salvation lesson! haha its hard work, but I can do it. The good thing is, is that he loves mission so far. (ha, just give it a few weeks, it'll be hell) hahaha jk

But I, not gonna lie, it would be nice to be serving somewhere else! haha nahh, I love East London. I'm spending my 1 year of my mission in the same place, even though I've served in 3 areas. It was actually kinda strange, I got a new planner this transfer, like every transfer, and a missionary had already written in it "patience is a process of perfection" hmmm, interesting. it was totally unplanned and just mere coincidence

This morning, President Wood called us and told him that my companions uncle passed away. He had cancer, and Elder Wolfgramm knew his time was coming, but still, he was kinda sad this morning. I gave him a big hug and we talked about it a little bit, and he'll be fine. he's tough as nails!

Yesterday, he had to bear his testimony in sacrament meeting, and I kinda coached him up on the main things he should say, and he went up and NAILED it! I felt like a proud father.

I have to talk so much, I honestly get sick of hearing my own voice! haha

We got a pretty busy week ahead of us. Lots of walking and teaching.
Heres some scriptures for ya...2 Cor 4:14

Knowing that he which raised up the Lord Jesus shall raise up us also by Jesus, and shall present us with you.

and D&C 88:22

For he who is not able to abide the law of a celestial kingdom cannot abide a celestial glory.

and 105:4-5
4 And are not united according to the union required by the law of the celestial kingdom;
5 And Zion cannot be built up unless it is by the principles of the law of the celestial kingdom; otherwise I cannot receive her unto myself.

Miss you all SOO much! Thanks for all of your love, support, prayers and encouragement! Means a lot to me and keeps me going!
Elder Dusty Haws

Its not the best picture, but if you look closely dad, you can see the kids flying kites made of black garbage bags! haha They were having the time of their life!

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