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Monday, May 2, 2011

I am SO SO SO excited to talk to you guys in 6 days

Dear Family,

To answer your question, yes we will be getting a new president in July. I actually heard this morning from our landlord that Bin Ladin was dead..sweet! Havent played squash since, I'm a pro at clicking, havent gotten my speakers yet, the CD player does work, and I havent gotten any other packages yet.

Well, my companion is already done on the computer, so he's just waiting for me right now, so this will just have to be brief.  Do you like those pictures?! I hope you do. I love South Africa!

This week was sweet. I had to make 2 trips to the airport on transfer day..which was cool. It was really nice to see a bunch of other missionaries and talk to them and match names to faces. Elder McD left without really even saying goodbye at the airport :( oh well, he was kinda in a rush I guess. So far Elder Barlow is pretty cool. but to be honest, he is like the opposite of Elder McD. He just seems more relaxed and laid back for the work, whereas elder McD would work work work all day every day. His spirit for the work rubbed off on me, so now I'm putting Elder Barlow to work! haha its fun. He is not a very powerful teacher (with all do respect) and has even told me he sometimes doesnt know what to say. So basically I'm like the senior companion. I talk a lot! haha. But this past few days my throat has been a tad bit sore, so my voice was kinda gone, but I survived! I think it might have been from the change in the weather. It was kinda chilly here for a few days, but today is a normal beautiful day in East London.

My driving skillz and confidence have greatly imporved! I've driven like 600 K's this past week. we always just go from teaching appointment to teaching appointment! At the end of the day I am physically and mentally exhausted, cuz Elder Barlow doesnt know the area or people, so as of right now I have to do more of the work and take on more repsonsibility, but thats fine! I like it. its fun.

I am SO SO SO excited to talk to you guys in 6 days..and to wish my mommy a happy mothers day. I'm sorry I dont know any of the call details, but I have grandma's number and will call probley sometime in the morning. cuz heres the thing, theres 6 missionaries here that will probley have to use the same phone in the bishops office, so I wont know the exact time. I'll call you, then you can call me back on that number...just like last time! it's gonna work perfectly this time, and I dont mind saying hi to grandma and Aunt Julie or whatever, but I want to spend a majority of the time talking to the people that I LOVE the most...more than any people on the face of the earth! Mom, Dad, and Kelly! cool. well, TALK to y'all on Sunday!

Elder Haws

Dad, you never hooked your son up with that mormom message thing by Elder Holland :( next week!

Just Beautiful

gorgeous south the morning 

Mongezi is funny...but Lwazi got baptized! (like my tie?)

friends forever!

look at those eyes


this family was just baptized yesterday...that girl won R5000 for being SO cute!


  1. Elder Haws is awesome! He is a great senior companion, even if he isn't the senior comp yet! Thanks for sharing his letters! Oh, and I can't wait to hear how the phone call goes. So fun!

  2. I just love reading our boys letters! His pictures really are beautiful.