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Monday, April 25, 2011

On April 21, 2010 was when I got my mission call...

Hey family

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY MOMMYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was thinking about you a lot yesterday! You didn't even mention it in the email...hmmmm...testing me to see if I remembered, huh?! haha. to be honest, I cant remember how "young" you are. Isn't it like 35 or something like that. dang, you look good for your age! hahah.

Good news, I finally got the package! YES. It looked like it had been beaten up, but it made it! wow, what a POWERFUL package. The belt is perfect, I noticed dad is wearing MY winter jacket, sweeeet tie and MAP, the USB thingy is nice, good vitamins and candy...but yessie I have enough Q-Tips to last a lifetime! haha. but one thing...we're not allowed to listen to music with headphones..cuz it isolates us from our companion..

Yeah, I got sister Clarks email, I got grandmas address, my $14 tennis shoes are fine, the food here is still good...and yeah that like 30 seconds in grandmas car didn't do to much haha.

Last week was hectic. major car problems. the car is old, like you guys, (haha) and has like 98,000 K's on it. on tuesday night when we were going to our last appointment of the day, in a rough area of the township, right next to a tavern (bar) Elder McD said to me "elder, something bad just happened" and said the car key BROKE! dang it. We got everything eventually sorted out, but we just had to sit for a while and wait for the zone leaders to drive back into town (20 minutes one way) and get the replacement keys. Then drive back to give them to us. We didnt get home till a little after 10, and still had to write in the area book, plan for the next day, and eat. then, the next day, steam was like coming up from under the hood...and we discovered a pipe had a leak. later that day, we were told to come back into town and get it taken care of. long story short, that day we only taught 1 lesson and came back from the area at like 4 o'clock and just hung out the rest of the day, but we did missionary work and studied and stuff. the next morning the car was back into working condition, but it for sure needs to get serviced sooon.

Oh, I almost forgot...we got our TRANSFER NEWS this morning! very unusual, but good cuz now I know that I'll still be here, and that will make shopping today easier. So Elder McD is going to Namibia! Good for him. My new companion is Elder Barlow...from Detroit. he's in my transfer, meaning he came on mission the same time as I did, so I know that chap. He's cool. I'm excited! Sooo that means I'm gonna be doing a boat load of driving! yahoo. haha. Its getting more comfortable to drive a manual, so im not dreading it. I'll be a pro in no time. They really celebrate Good Frinday here. They had like an activity and stuff at church...aka free food for the missionaries! haha that was nice.

Had a good Easter yesterday. No easter bunny though haha. Church was pretty much normal, and so was the rest of the day. Just going around doing missionary work and teaching people the gospel. Lwazi got baptized yesterday! that went well. he was excited and happy to get baptized.

This morning we woke up a bit early, scooped up the other elders, and drove over to the beach for our morning run! It was kinda cloudy, but still gorgeous. Its neat to see the sun RISE up over the ocean, rather than SET like it does back home.

Man, I'm gonna really miss Elder McDonald. the guy is a work-horse, and knows how to have fun! always pulling pranks on people, always happy, always being a missionary. Good thing we like each-other, cuz we're been together alot. Before mission, in the same room at the MTC, the one night we stayed at the mission home we were in the same room, same plane to East London, saw each-other most every p-day, and we were side by side and within sight and sound for 6 weeks! Man, good times!

On April 21, 2010 was when I got my mission it has been one year since that day I opened my mission call. seems like yesterday.

I got lots of pictures I would like to send home, but today I couldnt get a cord/camera to plug into the computer so that I could send them home...hopefully next week! I know you like pictures, but sometimes they take a longgg time to upload.

Well, thats all from here in the mission field. another 6 weeks living in East London and working in Mdantsane. man, I know this town like the back of my hand...but I love it here!

Talk to you next week

Elder Haws

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